How can I get the addon "Colorful tabs" to work with the addon "classic restaurateur theme?

I have the colourful tabs addon. But after the addition of the addon Classic theme restaurateur (to retrieve my tabs on the bottom), the color tabs addon does not work. My tabs are now all the same color work addon of the tabs colorful so that all tabs are different colors, so to say to which tab is the one that you use the right then the active tab puts a thin line on the tab bar of the same color as the active tab. So if you have 5 tabs open and they are all the diffierent colors, whether the tab your page in the Green, then you will see a thin green line on the screen (sort of like a horizontal border line). I can see a colored line (different from the color of all the tabs are now) under the tab bar. If I click on a different tab, change the color of the line. I can't tell what color my tab SHOULD be if it was just work, so I know that this addon is installed and working, but not to the poster for a reason any. Is it possible to fix this?

I'm under Win 8.1 (64) and 30,0 FF. Thank you


If you only use the extension of the CTR for the tabs at the bottom, then there are other ways like code in userChrome.css or an extension like tabs on background that might work better.

You can move the tabs on the lower position, just above the navigation area without the use of an extension cord with code to userChrome.css that basically, you just give the tab bar a higher value of - moz-box-ordinal-group (most toolbars have a default value for - moz-box-ordinal-group: 1 to show them in the order of DOM).

@namespace url(""); /* only needed once */



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