How can I get the driver for Windows 7 software?

Trying to find how to get to Driver software on my PC. I have Windows 7. Thank you

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If you are looking for an application named "Driver support", you're better if it has been removed from your computer.  You don't need third-party 'support' for drivers.  You should never pay for a driver update.

In general, you need not - and should not - update drivers unless (1) you have a problem and you know a updated driver has a solution to your specific problem or (2) want or need some added functionality that is provided by an updated driver.

If you need to replace or update a driver, you should get it (for free) on the site of the manufacturer of your computer or (if you have a custom computer or your computer manufacturer is no longer in business) from the Web site of the manufacturer of the hardware device in question.

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