How can I get the homepage where all sites are in boxes on the first screen?

Firefox continued to run slowly and websites was jerky. I tried a bunch of '' correction '' of the others and as a last resort, replace Firefox to its original settings. Now, I lost the start page and can't find how to get it back. I don't want tabs at the top of my browser - just the boxes with all the sites I had before. Where can I find the answer?

Then you which means the page new tab where it shows the 9 most visited sites? You can set your home page in the window of Options of Firefox in about: newtab. Are you meaning?

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    You have a specific question for HP, it may be better if you ask in the Forums of HP's Support.

    See you soon.

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    Help--> see the tip of the day or similar... Depends on what program you use exactly...


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    The resolution of the screen goes up to 1280 etc. but the minimum samsung is 1440 x 920 (ish I forgot).
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    Have you tried to update the display on your laptop driver? Check the Toshiba site for an update: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    In addition, it would be interesting to know if you are running the factory settings or you have installed your own version of Windows?
    And what operating system are you using? Have you installed all Windows updates?

    For external LCD, monitors, you must set the screen refresh rate of 60 Hz.
    And if you want to change the resolution of the screen, you must select the second monitor in the graphics options on Windows.

    Good bye

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    Hello clay Spinner

    Try this and see if this helps you

  • How can I get the Photo screen saver to use sub folders?

    In XP, it would display all the photos on the hard drive, or if I chose "My pictures" he would use all the photos in this main folder, as well as all photos in sub folders. With Win7 I can't get to use the photos in a specific folder. IIRC, in XP, you can even select the files to include and exclude?

    My HD is partitioned and I use C: for OS and programs and D: for docs, FYI.

    It's working now. I have a click with the right button on the D: drive, wriggling on "Include in the library" and clicked on "Images". Not positive this is what fixed it, because I'm not sure how to UN - include it in the Library A - b test. But as long as it works...

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    Funny how not book them a computer I mention this button.

    The Print Screen (only or ALT + PRTSCR) button does not actually print.  What it does is copy the screen to the Clipboard.  Then, you paste in a graphical application (paint, which comes with XP, works) and print from the graphical application.

    You can also use IrfanView, an application that, among other things, free viewing of files screen captures and prints them out then.

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    I have subscribed to a trial subscription.  I think I downloaded successfully the first pro - there is at least one message on the initial screen of .saying what he is up to date.  However, there is no place here after the Premiere Pro icon where you can click to open, as shown in the tutorials.  What I am doing wrong?

    This is the reason why you are unable to start. First pro is compatible with 64-bit computers only.

    You can check the link for more details below:


    If the processor is 64-bit, and if you had installed 32 bit OS, format it and install 64 bit OS.

    If the processor is 32-bit, you must get the 64-bit processor.

    or you can download version CS 4 and use it as of the trial that is compatible on 32-bit computer. However, it is not available for purchase.

  • How can I get the same screen on extra a vga monitor? I have a zd8000

    There is a photo on the two screans during the boot, but not XP

    Have you tried the F4 key?

    Normally in order to control what screen gets the video signal. Continue to press F4 for laptop, monitor or both.


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    I created a style of paragraph indented on the first line of each paragraph. In most of the books, at the start of the first line of a chapter, this line is not indented while the rest are. Is there a way to set up in InDesign CS3? Is the only way to make this work is to manually go out the tab at the start of each chapter?

    2 paragraph styles.

    1 paragraph style has no dash

    2nd paragraph style has dash

    set "next style" in 1st paragraph for paragraph 2e style style

    the "next style" value in the style of paragraph 2 to "even".

    Existing text.

    Select all of the text

    Right-click on the 1 paragraph style and select apply style then next style.

    New text (typeing)

    Start typing with the selected 1 paragraph style. When you press ENTER to start a new paragraph, the style will switch automatically to the 2nd paragraph style to what manually enable you return.



  • How can I get the first row in a cursor when I arrived at the end?

    is it possible to set the cursor in the first line, when I reached the end of it?

    Thanks in advance

    "... but very likely" dbms_xmlgen.restartquery "closes and reopens the cursor under the hood...".


    SQL>  declare
       cur   sys_refcursor;
       t     timestamp;
       n     integer;
       ctx   integer;
       open cur for
          select systimestamp t, 1 n from dual
          union all
          select systimestamp t, 2 n from dual
          union all
          select systimestamp t, 3 n from dual
          union all
          select systimestamp t, 4 n from dual;
          fetch cur into t, n;
          exit when cur%notfound or n = 4;
          dbms_output.put_line (t);
       end loop;
       dbms_lock.sleep (2);
       ctx := dbms_xmlgen.newcontext (cur);
       dbms_xmlgen.restartquery (ctx);
       dbms_xmlgen.closecontext (ctx);
          fetch cur into t, n;
          exit when cur%notfound;
          dbms_output.put_line ('Second run: ' || t);
       end loop;
       close cur;
    07.05.09 10:31:58,153181
    07.05.09 10:31:58,153181
    07.05.09 10:31:58,153181
    Second run: 07.05.09 10:32:00,155158
    Second run: 07.05.09 10:32:00,155158
    Second run: 07.05.09 10:32:00,155158
    Second run: 07.05.09 10:32:00,155158
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

    If it was the same cursor timestamps should be the same :(

  • RH9-how can I specify the first page to display when I generate WebHelp?

    I use RoboHelp 9.

    When I generate WebHelp, first point, I've specified in the table of contents is not the first screen. How can I specify the first screen to display when the poster of WebHelp?

    Thank you.


    Unique recipe Source presentation settings, expand the categories of content and click on the category that you use. Then click on the button select and propose a new topic to be the default value.

    See you soon... Rick

    Useful and practical links

    Wish to RoboHelp form/Bug report form

    Begin to learn RoboHelp HTML 7, 8 or 9 in the day!

    Adobe Certified RoboHelp HTML Training

    SorcerStone blog

    RoboHelp EBooks

  • When you press the new tab, how can I get the homepage instead of the history of tiles?

    When you press the new tab, how can I get the homepage instead of the history of tiles?

    You can try this.

    Instead of the parameter mentioned pref in about: blank, you can enter any site of your choice.


  • Ieyboard is now locat ed in the middle of the page that makes it almost impossible to see what is typed. How can I get the keyboard down where it can be?

    On my iPad Mini 2, I use a split keyboard, which I like, but the keyboard is in the middle of the document I'm working on. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to see what I'm typing. How can I get the keyboard to the bottom of the page where once stood?

    Press and hold the keyboard icon in the lower right corner, then drag your finger to select 'Dock '.

  • How can I get the new tab to open all the way to the right when I use the link open in a new tab?

    How can I get the new tab to open all the way to the right of the tabs old when I use the link open in a new tab?

    Set the pref browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent false on the subject: config page.

    To open the topic: config page, type Subject: config in the address bar (address) and press the 'Enter' key, as you type the url of a Web site to open a Web site.

    If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access this page.

    You can use the filter at the top bar of the on: page config to more easily spot a pref.

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