How can I get the 'most visited' icon back on mt toolbar... I accidentally deleted.

I accidentally deleted the "Most visited" icon my toolbar. How can I get it back?


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  • How can I get the volume control icon back?

    For some reason any volume control icon does not appear on my bottom right hand more.  How to get back?

    Right click on the taskbar. Select Properties. Check tab Notification area make sure to select the Volume icon.

    If that doesn't fix it, make a system to a restore point when the icon is displayed.

  • How can I get the internet active icon to reappear in the taskbar

    How can I get the internet active icon to reappear it wont despite doing everything to get him to reappear such as notifications of the tick, display in the task bar and turn into network connections for notification, nothing works.  It has disappear intermittently, but came back he refuses now to reappear

    Hi Andy MWR.
    -Remember to make changes to your computer before this problem started to happen?
    Try the methods that are listed in the article given below to resolve this issue:
  • How can I get the most recent copy of the SAS 70 of EchoSign reports?

    How can I get the most recent copy of the SAS 70 of EchoSign reports?

    Hello Emilyp96102994,

    I recommend to open a ticket with the support that they can provide more detailed information about:

    Support | services of Adobe eSign


  • How can I get the most out of my battery?

    This video can help get the most out of your laptop battery.

    I hope this video helps to get the most out of the battery.

  • How can I get the volume level bar back which was above my bar spots?

    I had this working OK last week, but I have changed a few settings. In fact, I got someone on this site to help me to restore the Volume control icon in my taskbar. I must have done something to remove it when I did my clean install of Windows XP and more.

    So there is a little volume thing that appears above the taskbar when I clicked on the volume upward or down arrows on my keyboard. But for some reason, which does not appear now. I know I messed with all my volume settings a lot so I could keep my volume high enough to listen to music on my pc, but not to blow up with Bang and pc sounds.

    I even had someone here teach me how to adjust each individual windows sound on my Cigma such C - Major Audio to control panel > sound & Audio Devices > sounds. I put them all at ZERO for a while, but I turned their back on now since I missed them too!

    So, how can I get this small volume return display?

    Open Control Panel and click on the sounds icon. Now you can activate the option to display the Volume icon in the taskbar.

  • How can I get the font size 14 back in option?

    My font sizes, when you send an e-mail, is no longer supply 14.  How can I get that back as an option?

    Try just typing the value rather than trying to select from a list. Most fonts sets will support it.

  • Just updated to Bing 7.1. How can I get the old Bing bar back?

    I don't have the bing bar in my browser, do not run on my desktop when I don't have even pulled up.  I went to my tools and tried to re - turn on the Bing bar, but I get an error message that says, "this add on can cause Internet Explorer to stop responding or crash.

    How can I get rid of the floating bar and back just have it on my browser?

    Hey Maher,

    This problem can be caused if the Bing toolbar is corrupted.

    I suggest you to remove the Bing toolbar from the control panel.

    a. click Start, click Control Panel.

    b. click on uninstall a program.

    c. Select Bing , and then click Uninstall.

    For reference:

    Uninstall or change a program:

    I suggest you to install the Bing toolbar from the link below:

    Install Bing Bar from the links below:

    Let us know the status of the issue. If you need help, please after return. We will be happy to help you.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how can I get the rear lock icon?

    Like many people, the x.607 OS update caused some problems for me.  Anyone know how to recover the lock of the home screen icon?  I know you can physically hit the real key on the device, but I want as a virtual lock icon.  Someone at - it understand this?

    Sorry, just noticed you're referring to the storm.

    The lock button is what you get for the locking of the keyboard.

  • How can I get the most out of my 24 - bit audio?

    We recently did a project where all our audio has been sent to digital recorders to 24 bits, 48 hen k. I import the files in the first it does not appear that all of the problems, but I can't find the settings when creating a new sequence which allows to use the 24-bit audio (only 12 and 16-bit). If someone could help me understand what follows I would be very happy:

    1. are there parameters of use of 24 - bit audio in a sequence? If Yes, where?

    2. If there is no setting of 24-bit, does this mean that my project is about the original high quality file even if the sequence is fixed at 16 bits? Or is my 24-bit audio being changed to 16 bits when I drop in the sequence?

    3. I guess the main question is: is it worth for me to use 24-bit audio in my projects?

    Thank you very much for the help.


    For the standard output formats of PrPro, Audio will be sous-échantillonné to 16 bits. Now, when you import, PrPro must respect these files to 48 kHz 32 bit floating point (in format CFA) for editing.

    Other than an editor audio, such as Adobe Audition, I think that the 48 KHz 16-bit will be as good as it gets.

    Good luck


  • How can I get the most recent email at the top of the list?

    My most recent email comes at the bottom of the list. I want it to appear at the top. How?

    Click on the heading of column titled Date.
    By clicking on any header indicates that the sort column. Clicking the same header again reverses the sort.

  • How can I get the most important police on my Outlook Express?

    Yesterday, I was on my Outlook Express email... I don't know why, but the police became very low. I can't figure out how to make a larger font so it will be easier to read.

    Hello, try pressing ctrl + 0 ("zero") while you are on the page to restore the zoom level or where it does not browse other troubleshooting procedures common to the Web sites look bad or appear differently than they should.

  • How can I get the random desktop icons by dragging them to a post? They break back to the default positions. I want what they spreadout to a location on the desktop.

    reorganization of my office.

    Right-click on an empty area of the desktop. You will see an entry to rearrange icons in the menu you get. Slide your cursor over him and a submenu opens. Click on "arrange automatically" * to turn off this feature and you will be able to place icons anywhere.

    * Do not remember the exact text, but it is obvious when you see it. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • firefox 38-how can I get the box options old back and NOT a browser with the orders page?

    I want to go the pop up box that opens when I go to TOOLS - OPTIONS and NOT a web browser page. How do I do that?

    The browser.preferences.inContent is no longer supported in Firefox 42 and later is not possible to open an independent window by setting this pref to false.
    Bug 1140495 - Remove glass preferences support

    Optionally, create a button on the toolbar of bookmarks for the subject: preferences and hold the Shift key and left click to open the page in a new window.

    You can watch the extension Classic theme restaurateur.

  • How can I get the sound to come back to my mac pro?

    I followed the 'aid' on getting no sound and I don't not what they say will be displayed on the output. Only Optoca; digital output port is

    Try holding the "Option" key and clicking on the speaker in the menu bar. Make sure your speakers are checked. In addition, it's silly, but make sure they are plugged in and turned on.

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