How can I get the shuffle function works?

When I select shuffle songs, albums or playlists, my ipod continues to play the same song again and again.  How can I mix between songs (it's the third ipod I had and it has always worked before)


There is a separate parameter called repeat (unrelated to the Shuffle setting).  It can be set to Repeat OFF (no repeat) Repeat ALL (repeat current list) or Repeat ONE (repeat current song).  I think you have to repeat the value Repeat ONE.

This setting is on screen Now Playing on the iPod to an iPod with a touch screen.  Tap the screen to see repeat the setting button.  It looks like two arrows in a loop.  This time, it is probably blue with a little "1"; Tap change setting repeat (by blue without the '1' or not blue).

See the user guide iPod nano, page 19 for more details

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