How can I get the status bar of firefox to view more details url from left to right?

The part of the poster for details display in url text status bar from the chops on the middle and displays more than left to the far right information. I don't like on the right side - I need to see more text from left to right. I am able to view either the left side as much as possible hiding the right side, or am I able to display a certain way full status bar information?

This change seems to come when I upgraded from v.4 to v. 7.1. (I'm running it under Windows).


Your description is too ambiguous, but Status-4-Evar extension restores the use of the features of status bar in the bar of replacement modules, explicit directions in this page of mine. The arrangement of its parts is customizable.

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You can make Firefox 7.0.1 look to Firefox 3.6. *, see numbered items 1-10 of the next topic difficulty Firefox 4.0 UI toolbar, problems (make Firefox 4.0 to 8.0, resemble 3.6). If you make changes, you must be aware of what has changed and what it takes to use changed or missing features.

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    I want to get the status bar at the bottom of the web page so that I can slide from left to right, if an article is too large for my monitor. I got it this morning 05/01/15. After Thunderbird as an option for my email, the bar disappeared after uninstalling Thunderbird. I know hovering on the web pages I have on my menu bar, but I'd rather have the bar all at the bottom of the page.

    The gray bar appears in my email only. I would like to have it on all my sites.

    Thank you.

    I guess what you mean in the bar of horizontal scrolling if you want to be able to scroll horizontally.
    Firefox will normally only show the bar if content extends outside the browser window.

    You can have zoomed pages by accident.
    Reset the zoom of page on pages that are causing problems.

    • View > Zoom > reset (Ctrl / command + 0 (zero))
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    Code like the following seems to work for me.

    VFM VerticalFieldManager = new VerticalFieldManager() {}
    {} public void paintBackground (Graphics g)
    int backgroundColor = 0x0000FF00;
    g.setBackgroundColor (backgroundColor);
    g.Clear ();
    VFM. Add (new LabelField ("Test", LabelField.USE_ALL_WIDTH));
    this.setStatus (vfm);

    I agree that areas of status and title screen behave a little differently - for example the background of the title area appears to be black and white text by default.  But I never had no problem bringing they way I want by forcing the specific colors I wanted.

    In short, yes the title and status probably behave a little differently if you may need to replace the default color of treatment for these areas.

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    This is not a built-in function. Are you positioning the mouse over the taskbar Windows XP, or if it displays on the bar of Firefox Add-on?

    For the Windows taskbar, if a ToolTip shows in a few seconds, I usually the mouse on something else and then try to return to it to see if it works on the second...

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    The beta version of Firefox 29 has interface Australis which seems different from the UI in Firefox 28 and previous versions.
    The Firefox menu button has disappeared and you have now the three Menu button at the right end of the Navigation bar on the bar.

    You can install the extension Classic theme restaurateur to restore some of the features that has been lost with the arrival of the Australis code in Firefox 29.

  • How can I get the scroll bar of firefox on the right side of my screen to stay?

    The scroll bar appears, but he goes with this version. I would stay permanently.

    On MAC OS X

    SYSTEM Goto PREFERENCES > GENERAL > display the scroll bar > choose "always."

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    If you want to learn the basics try this interactive and video tour

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    Found.  View > toolbars > Document.

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    One of the developers has been around the forum recently try to answer some of these questions then I quote the developer

    For the entire quote and useful links for corrections and explanations please see

    Each setting you see in a computer program you use requires work; when a developer wants to build something new or improve something, he or she has to go through each related (hidden) setting and test if it still works like before and do that on each platform Firefox runs on. That's Apple's Mac OSX, various flavours of Linux and various flavours of Windows, including Windows XP. This costs time, lots of it, and that amount grows exponentially with each setting that's added. This comes on top of our work to continuously fix, improve and innovate Firefox.
  • How can I get the address bar does not redirect me?

    Since the recent update for Firefox 36.0.1, a URL typed on the address bar is now taking me to a website where I can buy this unused domain name ( This is not where I want to go. I have no intention to buy a domain name; I don't particularly appreciate receive advertising in response to my fault for typing. What I would like is a good, not old Error 404 to tell me that I looked for something that didn't exist. How can I prevent the address bar to send me off, in the arms of the advertiser, but get just a 404 instead of this message?


    I have to fully understand and appreciate the magnificence of a 404 error. He immediately told you what you wanted to know - that the site is not found!

    What you see is where the registration and ownership of the site was passed to the registry which is owner of the domain. The site is located, it is just acting as an announcement of the person who is the owner of the URL so that they can sell or resell.

    The address bar works as it should - it displays the URL as requested - it's just not the preferred outcome. One way you can get around this is use a parental control addon and include the name of the registry in the watchlist (or edit list so that it is the only entrance). She stops at the page to display. (Link) is an example of the kind of addon, that you could use.

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    You are welcome.

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    Thank you.

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    You can set the pref browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled false on the topic: config page.

    To open the topic: config page, type Subject: config in the address bar (address) and press the 'Enter' key, as you type the url of a Web site to open a Web site.

    If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access this page.

    • Use the filter at the top bar of the on: page config to more easily spot a preference.
    • Preferences that have changed see the bold (user set).
    • Preferences you can restore the default value or change via the context menu.
  • How can I get the menu bar on Internet Explorer

    My menu bsr is gone! How can I get it back?

    Right of the mouse on top of IE / menu bar

  • How can I get the navigation bar on the Page under NavigationPane

    How can I get a sort of Navigationbar thing like in the application settings (attached screenshot) on a page without making a sheet?

    If you mean the thing that you framed in red, it's a title bar, not a navigation bar... it isn't really you can navigate anywhere but a few labels on the page.

  • How can I remove the status bar?

    I just updated Firefox and I noticed the status bar in the lower left corner of my window. I find this bar to be extremely annoying and I can't find the activate option off as in the old Firefox.
    Where can I disable this feature?


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