How can I get the update for bios on my Pavillion m9500y UEFI

System model NC683AA-ABA m9500y

I installed Win 7 and need W8 but W8 Advisor said that I need the Bios which supports UEFI followed by the v2.3.1 Errata B and has the authority of Certification Microsoft Windows in the UEFI signatures database.

So, how can I get the new BIOS?


Thanks for your reply.

You're right, MS Win 8 update Advisor said that I had to have this update to install W8.

However, secure boot will not work without it. So, since you say that HP does not BIOS update more than a year, it means that this PC does not have a secure boot. Built in obsolescence.  I hope just as malware ladies keep looking for rootkit stuff and do not rely on MS to keep safe.


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