How can I get the video media. MOD in the first El 9?

Are the videos of my Canon 7 d camera and my camcorder Canon ADCHD (two SD cards). Files MOD I opened the first Elements 9 and click on GET the MEDIA and it does not recognize the files. It says that it cannot open the videos because:

"your system has no codec of compression/decompression required installed."

When I bought this software, a service representative assured me that she would take. MOD files. Why these codecs are not installed with the program? How can I get these videos with first Elements 9?

Also have assured that you have the latest version of Quicktime, as required by the program?

And, when you started your project, you selected the project settings for a digital SLR for your video card? You need to do this so that the program turn on the necessary components to work with this video.

Tags: Premiere

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