How can I go directly to the desk top when switching on my XP dell

How can I go directly to the desk top when switching on my XP dell


Launch MSCONFIG, and then click the Startup tab.  Uncheck anything you want except your antivirus software.  To run MSCONFIG, click Start and type MSCONFIG in the run box, and then press ENTER.


I suspect that Hula_Baloo might have misinterpreted your question. My interpretation is completely different.

Hula_Baloo instructions above will be stop all programs that run at startup, some of which may obscure your office.

My interpretation is that you don't want to have to click your user icon and enter your password to connect to the computer. If my interpretation is correct, then this should help...

.. . If you are not comfortable editing the registry then choose the Fixit option.


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    Hi Ed

    See the following for the patch thread.

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    Hi carlk91869849,

    Once a file is converted to excel format, you can select the columns and press the delete button to delete their data.

    If I misinterpreted your question, I would ask to provide more details.

    Kind regards


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    Well my WLM goes to the Inbox automatically. That said, a solution I found on the internet, Google is your friend, is to add the should switch to the chain of command. See this illustration.! 387 & Thierry = 25AB668DA65C8FBE! 118

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  • How can I connect PC to the PID block when there is no block to HAVE?

    Hi, I've just started using NOR-FBUS (NI USB-8486 with Configurator OR 4.1)

    for my device configuration, there is only block AO, tuberculosis, RB and PID.

    Question 1.

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    Have Weiwei VALUE should follow the change in TB after adjustment. But you couldn't change it manually.

    Here, I've prepared a PPT on how to create a PID loop.


    Good luck.

  • How can I get rid of the security warning when viewing Web pages

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    Hi Elizabeth,.

    I don't know why he suddenly began occurring - maybe it was an update or something you have installed.  It may be a corrupted system file or maybe even malware. It is very difficult to tell without extensive trials.  But let's focus on the most likely solutions.  Later, if you want to go back to the 'why', we can make some procedures to test potential causes (although if the problem is resolved, it can be very difficult to identify the cause because it can be fixed or repaired money) - but I'll be happy to go there with you, if you want to.

    In Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options / Security / Internet / Custom level / then highlight near the bottom in the section, until you get to "Display mixed content".  My guess is that it is defined at the command prompt (which is the window that you see).  You have three choices: you can leave things as they are on command prompt and decide in each case what you want to do (which is how I have mine set up - it really is not so common).  You can click on Enable and IE automatically displays pages with mixed content and no prompt.  You can click on disable and IE will display not these pages (and will probably give you a screen indicating the reason and you must then choose somewhere else to go or perehaps click on the back button to go to the page that brought you to this page to see if there is no indication to choose one type of content and avoid the problem (although I've honestly never seen such an option).)

    For what it's worth, I almost always approve unless I'm on an unknown site where I already feel uncomfortable for a reason-so I can choose to refuse to approve and give up everything I did and move on (but it happens so rarely I honestly don't remember not that last time who had held-) It has been several months at least.

    If this does not work (or it has not been set to prompt), do you know where this problem started?  Try a system restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem started.  Here is the procedure:  Don't forget to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points.  If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two.  NOTE: You will need to re-install any software and updates that you have installed and uninstall any software that you have removed between now and the point of restoration, but you can use Windows Update for updates.

    I hope this helps.  If this isn't the case, after return and, if you can provide me with some links to these sites (I don't remember those where it happened to me) so I can further research and to test the results.

    Thanks and good luck!

  • How can I get rid of the hand spanking when I try to log on to a Web site

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    Find a web site, how, with what?

    "spanking hand '? -I will refrain from the obvious inflicted :)

  • How can I disable overview of the hidden regions when you drag an image into the image with the direct selection tool?

    CS5, don't know how that Word...

    In the previous version of ID, if I had a graph in a framework, I could drag the image around inside this image with the direct Selection tool.  I can always do with CS5, but he seems to want to show the entire image in a manner of ghosts that is outside of the framework.  Is there a way to disable this type of song look as if it was in previous versions?  I want sound slow down my computer to the low bigtime because I am facing a large image.  Whenever I click to drag, everything slows to a crawl and unusable.

    Go to the preferences and delayed the Live Drawing screen value.

  • How can I view all of the file name when you download a file as an attachment under the surface of windows 8 pro

    I want to see the name of a file before I download it as an attachment, but the names of files in the file download blue box only see the part of the name. I click on "View files flaps" but who only works in windows Explorer. I need the full name in the window of blue line screen upload. How then can I list instead of several columns of short filenames?

    Thank you

    Bess in Carrollton, Texas

    Hi Bess,

    It would be better that you could provide more information on this issue.

    What application you are trying to download the file? Is any e-mail Application or SkyDrive?

    If you try to upload a file with a long file name to the SkyDrive or Mail application, it wouldn't show the full name of the file when the download of the file. It shows only a part of the name of the file. It comes to the design of these applications.

    To find the full file name, the only option is to rename the name of the file to a short name and then download the files on the machine or SkyDrive App.

    I hope this helps.

  • How can I do to block the main thread when to display a dialog box

    I have a problem to block the user interface main thread when to display a dialog box (the dialog was created by the main Application), and when the dialog box is closed, the main Application can go to the next step.
    Here is my code:

    SerializableAttribute public class TitledPaneExample extends Application {}
    instance of TitledPaneExample private;
    StackPane mainModalDimmer;

    * (non-Javadoc)
    * @see javafx.application.Application #start (javafx.stage.Stage)
    public void start (point primaryStage) bird Exception {}
    instance = this;
    primaryStage.setTitle (this.getClass () m:System.NET.SocketAddress.ToString ());

    final StackPane layerPane = new StackPane();
    layerPane.setDepthTest (DepthTest.DISABLE);
    layerPane.setStyle ("background - fx - color: BLACK ;"); ")

    Vb VBox = new VBox();
    vb.setStyle ("background - fx - color: BLUE ;"); ")
    vb.getChildren () .add new (Label ("1"));
    vb.getChildren () .add (Label ("2")) new;
    vb.getChildren () .add new (Label ("3"));
    vb.getChildren () .add (Label ("4")) new;

    Bt1 button = new Button ("bt1");
    BT1.setOnAction (new EventHandler < ActionEvent > () {}
    {} public void handle (ActionEvent event)
    System.out.println ("bt1 trying to the new dialog box > > >");
    Dialogue di = new dialog box (instance, "some trick here!");
    System.out.println ("bt1 dialogue again successfully, try to show");
    di. Show();
    System.out.println ("bt1 dialog hide? < < < < ");"
    vb.getChildren () .add (bt1).

    layerPane.getChildren () .add (vb);

    mainModalDimmer = new StackPane();
    mainModalDimmer.setId ("MainModalDimmer");
    mainModalDimmer.setMaxSize (Double.MAX_VALUE, Double.MAX_VALUE);
    mainModalDimmer.setVisible (false);
    mainModalDimmer.setStyle ("background - fx - color: RED ;"); ")
    layerPane.getChildren () .add (mainModalDimmer);

    Scene sc = new scene (layerPane, 800, 600);
    primaryStage.setResizable (true);
    primaryStage.setScene (sc); ();


    * Display the node given as a floating dialog on the entire application, with
    * the rest of the application grayed out and blocked from mouse events.
    @param message
    {} public void showModalMessage (message from node)
    mainModalDimmer.getChildren () .add (message);
    mainModalDimmer.setOpacity (0);
    mainModalDimmer.setVisible (true);
    mainModalDimmer.setCache (true);
    . Create()
    () .keyFrames
    new KeyFrame (Duration.seconds (1),)
    new EventHandler < ActionEvent > () {}
    {} public void handle (ActionEvent t)
    mainModalDimmer.setCache (false);
    }, new KeyValue (mainModalDimmer
    . opacityProperty(), 1.
    Interpolator.EASE_BOTH))) infrastructure)
    . Play();

    Hide the any modal message that appears
    public void hideModalMessage() {}
    mainModalDimmer.setCache (true);
    . Create()
    () .keyFrames
    new KeyFrame (Duration.seconds (1),)
    new EventHandler < ActionEvent > () {}
    {} public void handle (ActionEvent t)
    mainModalDimmer.setCache (false);
    mainModalDimmer.setVisible (false);
    mainModalDimmer.getChildren () .clear ();
    }, new KeyValue (mainModalDimmer
    . opacityProperty(), 0,.
    Interpolator.EASE_BOTH))) infrastructure)
    . Play();

    @param args
    Public Shared Sub main (String [] args) {}

    Dialogue/public class extends TitledPane {}
    private owner of TitledPaneExample = null;
    instance of TitledPane private;

    Dialogue (owner of TitledPaneExample, String message) {}
    This.Owner = owner;
    this.parentThreand = Thread.currentThread ();
    This.instance = this;
    this.setExpanded (true);
    this.setText ("Dialog");
    this.setMaxWidth (400);
    this.setPrefWidth (300);
    this.setMinWidth (200);

    Label the tx = new Label ("message");
    tx.setTooltip (new Tooltip (message));
    tx.setWrapText (true);
    tx.setContentDisplay (ContentDisplay.LEFT);

    Bt button = new Button ("OK");
    bt.setOnAction (new EventHandler < ActionEvent > () {}
    {} public void handle (ActionEvent event)

    Sp ScrollPane = new ScrollPane();
    sp.setHbarPolicy (ScrollBarPolicy.AS_NEEDED);
    sp.setVbarPolicy (ScrollBarPolicy.AS_NEEDED);
    sp.setContent (tx);

    Hb HBox = new HBox (30);
    hb.setPrefHeight (40);
    hb.setAlignment (Pos.CENTER_RIGHT);
    hb.getChildren () .add (bt);

    BP BorderPane = new BorderPane();
    bp.setCenter (sp);
    bp.setBottom (hb);

    this.setContent (bp);

    {} public void show()
    System.out.println ("dialogue show() 1 > > >");

    owner.showModalMessage (instance);

    System.out.println ("dialogue show() 2 > > >");


    public void masquer() {}
    System.out.println ("dialogue masquer() 1 > > >");
    this.owner.hideModalMessage ();

    System.out.println ("dialogue masquer() 2 > > >");


    I'm also interested in how to do this without the use of a step.

    But, if you are ready to use a step for this, you can create a useful first step (without borders) with its owner being your current stage. Then, you can call the function showAndWait on stage that allows to block the thread of your application. For example, I implemented a DialogStage like this:

    package hs.mediasystem.util;
    import javafx.animation.KeyFrame;
    import javafx.animation.KeyValue;
    import javafx.animation.Timeline;
    import javafx.event.EventHandler;
    import javafx.scene.effect.ColorAdjust;
    import javafx.stage.Modality;
    import javafx.stage.Stage;
    import javafx.stage.StageStyle;
    import javafx.stage.Window;
    import javafx.stage.WindowEvent;
    import javafx.util.Duration;
    public class DialogStage extends Stage implements Dialog {
      public DialogStage() {
      protected void setParentEffect(Stage parent) {
        ColorAdjust colorAdjust = new ColorAdjust();
        Timeline fadeOut = new Timeline(
          new KeyFrame(Duration.ZERO,
            new KeyValue(colorAdjust.brightnessProperty(), 0)
          new KeyFrame(Duration.seconds(1),
            new KeyValue(colorAdjust.brightnessProperty(), -0.5)
      protected void removeParentEffect(Stage parent) {
      protected void recenter() {
        Window parent = getOwner();
        setX(parent.getX() + parent.getWidth() / 2 - DialogStage.this.getWidth() / 2);
        setY(parent.getY() + parent.getHeight() / 2 - DialogStage.this.getHeight() / 2);
      public final void showDialog(final Stage parent, boolean synchronous) {
        setOnShown(new EventHandler() {
          public void handle(WindowEvent event) {
        if(synchronous) {
        else {
      protected void onShow() {
      public void close() {
  • How can I specify location of the control file when the manual creation of DB?

    DB version:

    OS: Oracle Linux 6.6

    The CREATE DATABASE command creates the control file.

    CREATE DATABASE command is executed once you start the instance in NOMOUNT State as shown below.

    SQL > startup nomount pfile=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/initBRCPRD.ora

    SQL > create database 'BRCPRD '.

    MaxInstances 32


    maxLogFiles 192

    maxlogmembers 3




    < snipped >

    When you create the database manually, we can define the control_files parameter in the init.ora as below and control file will be created at this location. Right?

    control_files = ("" / u01/oradata/BRCPRD/BRCPRD_control01.ctl","/u01/oradata/BRCPRD/BRCPRD_control02.ctl "")

    When I was generating the DB using DBCA GUI creation scripts, it asks to enter the location of the Online redo logs and control files.

    I entered my desired location. But, I couldn't find CONTROL_FILES parameter in the init.ora file generated the DBCA. This is why I got confused. I think that DBCA is internally somehow. So thought I'd post it here.

    Hi John, OP

    Just checked the init.ora file created by DBCA. Although the parameter CONTROL_FILES is undefined, db_create_file_dest = '+ DATA_DG1' was created. OMF default location is defined by the db_create_file_dest parameter.

    So, I could safely use this script for the manual creation of DB, and during the CREATE DATABASE command execution, oracle will place CONTROL_FILES + DATA_DG1 using the format;


  • How can I get rid of the default sharpness when you choose the menu items?

    In addition, there is nothing else to choose. I guess I can go to the lower right corner of the program, choose the item and press DELETE. But interested Id just to change it. Once again, during a flight over a menu item, it shows a cat (as in playing cards) - I would delete what I'm doing for a client of wedding DVD menu items.

    It is the image of highlight for the menu you have selected.

    You cannot just delete it unless you do not want a nail.

    Adobe still * using Photoshop to create menus

    You can make these changes in Encore, but I prefer photoshop.

  • EXTRACT function can be used directly in the CASE statement WHEN

    I wrote the following SELECT statement. The function 'calc_time_diff' is a stored function that subtracts two timestamps and returns the result to the total number of seconds. My DBA does not 'calc_time_diff' as a stored function, then, I replaced the third line (in bold) in the SELECT statement with this:

    COUNTY ( BOX WHEN (extract (DAY OF v_end_ts-v_st_ts) * 24 * 60 * 60) +)

    (extract (HOUR FROM v_end_ts-v_st_ts) * 60 * 60) +.

    (excerpt (v_end_ts-v_st_ts MINUTE) * 60) +.

    extract ((DEUXIÈME à PARTIR de v_end_ts-v_st_ts) < 3600 THEN 1 END) less_than_1_hrs_count

    But the CASE above does not work. It returns the same value as COUNT (*). If the total number of tickets is 32 output will be

    total_tickets less_than_1_hrs_count

    32                                 32

    If I call the "calc_time_diff" then I get the correct result. What I'm doing wrong here?



    Count (*) total_tickets,

    COUNTY ( CASE WHEN END of calc_time_diff (t.created_date, h.closed_date) < 3600 THEN 1) less_than_1_hrs_count

    OF n01.cc_ticket_info t


    (SELECT ticket_id, MAX (created_date) closed_date

    OF n01.cc_ticket_status_history

    WHERE ticket_status = 'CLOSED' AND created_date > = 18 August 2013 ' AND created_date < (to_date('08/24/2013','MM/DD/YYYY') + interval '1' DAY)

    GROUP BY ticket_id

    ) h

    WE (t.ticket_id = h.ticket_id)

    INNER JOIN n01.cc_ticket_notes n

    WE (n.created_date = h.closed_date)

    WHERE (t. ticket_status = 'NOTIFICATION' t.ticket_status 'CLOSED' = GOLD) AND t.created_date > = 18 August 2013 ' AND t.last_changed < to_date('08/24/2013','MM/DD/YYYY') + interval '1' DAY);


    create or replace

    FUNCTION calc_time_diff)

    p_st_ts N01.cc_ticket_info. Type of LAST_CHANGED %,

    p_end_ts N01.cc_ticket_info. Type of LAST_CHANGED %)



    v_no_sec NUMBER;

    v_st_ts N01.cc_ticket_info. Type of LAST_CHANGED %;

    v_end_ts N01.cc_ticket_info. Type of LAST_CHANGED %;


    v_st_ts: = p_st_ts;

    v_end_ts: = p_end_ts;

    SELECT (extract (DAY OF v_end_ts-v_st_ts) * 24 * 60 * 60) +.

    (extract (HOUR FROM v_end_ts-v_st_ts) * 60 * 60) +.

    (excerpt (v_end_ts-v_st_ts MINUTE) * 60) +.

    excerpt ((SECOND from v_end_ts-v_st_ts)

    IN v_no_sec


    Return v_no_sec;

    END calc_time_diff;


    You don't need a function defined by the user or the EXTRACT to find the difference between two timestamps.

    SELECT COUNT (*) AS total_tickets

    , COUNTY ( BOX WHEN h.closed_date < t.created_date="" +="" interval="" '1'=""> )

                         THEN 1


    ) AS less_than_1_hrs_count


    I hope that answers your question.
    If not, post a small example of data (CREATE TABLE and only relevant columns, INSERT statements) for all of the tables involved and the results desired from these data.
    Point where the above query is to produce erroneous results, and explain, using specific examples, how you get the right results from data provided in these places.
    If you change the query at all, post your modified version.
    Always say what version of Oracle you are using (for example,

    See the FAQ forum:

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have an abox 360 wired to the back of my pc, it is not letting me use it nor it shows right under Device Manager devices.  I reinstalled several times, and I tried this before and got the same result.  If someone could help me please.