How can I have my trash on the Photo for undelete as Iphoto?


I'm looking for my trash can.

I read on different forum in "files" we should have this Option. but I didn't and I can't make it appear?

If anyone can help me?

PS: Sorry for my English, I write the same thing in french below, it may be easier.

I'm looking for how to put in the trash in Photo. I read on different in to Forum to 'file' and it should be the but I have nothing.



Photos for Mac has an album "Recently deleted" instead of a trash can.

You can see the "Recently deleted" album in the sidebar, if it contains pictures that can be recovered. The name of this album will be differnet in French, but the icon should be the same.

Select any photo you want to recover from this album, and then click on the "Recover" button

To bring up the sidebar with the albums, if it is not displayed, enter the ⌥⌘S key combination.

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