How can I increase the video RAM on Satellite 1800?

I want to increase the ram video shared in (Trident cyberblade Ai1 vga) from 8 MB to 16 or 32 MB. My laptop is Satellite 1800-804. I'm not able to see the configuration of the BIOS for this module.

Can anyone help?



Hmm, maybe I m wrong but as far as I know this laptop supports only 8 sheared MB memory graphics card. I did not found anything about 32 MB.
In any case, if the BIOS has no option for memory sheared increasing so be it s is not possible or you should check the properties of the graphics card of the art.
There, you should check the performance tab.

But as I said above, it of possible that the graphics card is supported only 8MB

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    Thanks in advance guys.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. There is not an option where you can change it manually. It works automatically.

    With more RAM, more memory will be used for graphical operations.

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    Yes the PC controls the amount of system memory that is shared and there is no way for the user to control this feature.

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    As much as I know the of A40 Satellite Pro supports the Intel 852GME shared memory graphic card.
    S control Intel cards automatically memory allocation.

    This means that if the graphic card must more 16 MB of memory, the graphics driver will share the part of main memory!
    The whole process runs automatically and you do not need to change anything!

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    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.


    I found some info that your laptop has graphics UMA (Unified Memory Architecture). This means that the GPU uses system RAM instead of having there own dedicated RAM. They are fine for the use of the web, watching movies and so forth, but don't not to play or using video graphics performance of publishing applications.

    As I know there is no way to manually set. Everything works automatically and depends on the RAM used in Notepad.

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    Close the preferences window and perform analysis.

    Kind regards


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    Here is the solution.

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