How can I install WXP on Equium A100?

OK, I have an Equium A100, with Vista, but for me this OS is not good enough. I need to change for Windows XP Home edition.
Who can help me?

Try here

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    Y at - it a Windows XP installation special that I have to use to get this working. and could someone help me to get the appropriate disks as I'd like to get the U100 job.

    Many thanks and blessings of rain Bristol, UK


    The reason why you get the 0007B - error installation Windows XP, is that the external driver of your CDROM is not known to Windows right now.
    You can change your Windows XP and include the driver, but I suggest the following:

    1. prepare your hard disk with two partitions FAT32.
    2 copy the CD of Windows XP I386 directory on the second partition. You need to start Windows PE or BartPE to do this.
    3 boot from a floppy disk BACK and launch the installation of the first partition. Run winnt.exe from the I386 directory on the second partition.

    You can convert partitions later using command convertntfs.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you very much.


    On this forum, you will find many topics with the same question. All you have to do is to use the advanced search option. Anyway, please check this topic

    You will find some useful information for you.

    Good bye

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    The Vista installation is not difficult.
    He just put the Vista disk in the STRANGE and then start from the disc.
    The installation will start automatically.

    But this will format your HARD drive and you will lose your installed Win XP and other files.

    > How can I install back all the utilities and drivers which it came with?
    I guess you have a Toshiba Recovery disk.
    If you want to retrieve the OS installed by Toshiba, then you need to use the Toshiba Recovery for recovery disk.

    PS: what Qosmio F do you have exactly? I ask because 108 F is not known to me

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    Don t understand why you open a new topic!
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  • How can I install new windows on NB200-10z without a CD player?


    I have a mini computer "Toshiba nb200-10z" and is no more startup.
    I would like to make a recovery, but it does not work.

    I know there's a shortcut like press 0 when the laptop starts.
    With this shortcut, you can start the recovery in order to reset the software.
    But when I press the 0 button it gives me an error.

    So I think that the recovery disk/partition is lost.
    How can I install new windows on this minilaptopUri without a CD player?


    Try this procedure:

    How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure

    If this does not work, you can try to install Windows 7 with USB flash memory key.
    There is a nice tool from Microsoft called Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

    You will be able to download (you will pay for the iso file) an iso file and would be able to create a bootable USB key.

    Here's a nice instruction how to install Windows 7 on USB
    but in this case you need a new installation of Windows 7 DVD

  • Re: How can I install Vista on my Satellite P300D without recovery CD/DVDs?

    When my laptop first starts, it was puttet off all by installing vista. now, when I started the laptop another time, I can't now. He is always shown text: Please wait... Installation from my point of view some time... but nothing happens.
    How can I install vista again? Toshiba didn t deliver a recovery CD/DVD.

    Thank you


    At boot press F8 and choose the first option offered. It must be something like the repair of your computer. After doing this just follow the on-screen menu.
    When Vista starts successfully at first creating restore DVD using preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator tool.

    Bye and good luck!

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