How can I limit a particular user account without knowing them?

I need help and do not know too much about computers!

I need help, my old duaghter of 13 year think she's 20 and go to chat rooms and such. I've set up the parent control and activity control what I need assistance is as follows. Under its ICON is the user displays Windows Live Family Safety. I don't want her to see it as she knows that something is in place. She knows more about computers that I do. I am admin controller and I have change my password all the time. I don't want just her knowing dad look at what she does. Can someone help please!

Put the computer in a public place in the House and always look when she uses it.  13-year-olds should not have an expectation of privacy.

Alternatively, you can use OpenDNS ( to control what it can see.

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    How can I permamnetly delete the user account in Windows xp?

    1. 1

      Go to the control panel. There are several ways to do this, but the most common is to go to the Windows Start menu and click on "Control Panel" on the right side. Follow whatever it is more convenient for you.

    2. 2

      Click on "user accounts" in the window that appears. Or, you see the standard view (with lines of icons) or the display of the categories (which is explicit). Both have a shortcut to the user accounts Control Panel.

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      If a control panel is not yet made, click the 'user accounts' Panel at the bottom of the window. If so, you can skip this step.

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      Click the link you want to get rid of any user account.

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      The next window will have a list of actions you can do for the user account, one of which will be "remove account". It is the action that you'll want to click on.

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      The last window that you will see will ask you if you want to keep the soon-to-be-used user represents the files in a folder on your desktop. It's your choice here.

      • If you have already backed up all important data on this user account, you can safely click on 'delete files '.
      • If you do not, you must click "keep files".
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    Amith Malherbe
  • How can I reset the administrator user accounts?

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    If you have AN administrator account on your computer then the answer of Joel help at all.

    You cannot change a user account Standard on an admin on another account Admin account (AFAIK)

    Try this:

    Boot from your Windows repair disk (you DID make a?) and use system restore to set Windows to a point before it happened.

  • How can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone

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    Depends on how you put Photos in place, and where is that you remove them.

    You have iCloud as library lit? If you do, then the answer is no.

    If you do not have library on iCloud and if you try to delete your photo stream, then no..

    If you try to remove the film, then Yes, you can do it.

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  • How can I find my lost user account password__

    How can I find my lost account password

    How can I find my lost account password

    Is the password, a password for the Admin?
    In the affirmative. We are not allowed to help for fear that somebody wants to break the password of admin for ill intentions.
    It is the rule of the forum. Violation will result in being excluded from this forum.

    If your lost password is just a standard user account, you can log on to the Admin account and create a new password.


  • How can I permamnetly delete the user account in Windows 7?

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    How to remove a permanently in windows 7, users of the system

    The steps that you must follow depends on whether your computer is on a domain or a workgroup.
    See the article below to delete the user account in Windows 7.
    Delete a user account

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • How can I make the biggest user account icons, they are too small?

    I can barely see the names in the user accounts on the computer. Can I enlarge the icons? It is the screen that appears when you turn on the computer.

    Hi ToniBialek,

    Follow the troubleshooting steps in this thread to adjust the size of the icons for your user account.

    Let is know if this helps.

  • How can I recover my hijacked user account and e-mail?

    My user account has been hijacked and changed the password.  I can't open an account or access my saved emails, etc..

    What mail service? If Hotmail/MSN:

    Windows Live Hotmail and other Windows Live services - what to do if you think your account has been stolen: MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • How can I create a new user account any movement towards it and delete the old

    Win7 need to create a new user ACCT. move all the Info for it because want to rename the computer, and then delete the old user account

    To create a new user profile

    To create a new profile, you must first create a new user account. When the account is created, a profile will also be created.

    1. Open a user account by clicking on the button start , by clicking on the Control Panel, click user accounts and family safety (or by clicking on user accounts, if you are connected to a network domain), and then clicking user accounts.

    2. Click on manage another account. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    3. Click on create a new account.

    4. Type the name you want to assign to the user account, click an account type, and then click on create an account.

    To copy files to the new user profile

    After creating the profile, you can copy the files from the existing profile. You must have at least three user accounts on the computer to perform these operations, including the new account that you created.

    1. Log on as a user other than the new user that you created or the user that you want to copy the files.

    2. Open Documents by clicking on the button start , and then clicking Documents.

    3. Click on the Tools menu, and then click Folder Options.

      If you don't see the Tools menu, press ALT.

    4. Click the view tab, click hidden files and folders, clear the Hide protected operating system files check box, and then click OK.

    5. Find the C:\Users\Old_Username folder, where C is the drive that Windows is installed, and where ancien_nom_utilisateur represents the name of the profile you want to copy the files to.

    6. Select all the files and folders in this folder, except the following files:

      • Ntuser.dat

      • Ntuser.dat.log

      • Ntuser.ini

    7. Click the Edit menu and then click on copy.

      If you don't see the Edit menu, press ALT.

    8. Look for the C:\Users\New_Username folder, where C represents the drive Windows is installed, and New_Username is the name of the new user profile you created.

    9. Click the Edit menu and then click on paste.

      If you don't see the Edit menu, press ALT.

    10. Sign out and then sign back in as a new user.

      If you have messages in e-mail, such as Windows Mail, you must import your e-mail messages and addresses to the new user profile before you delete the old profile. If everything is working properly, you can delete the old profile.

  • How can I transfer the Favorites of EO without cancel them in OE. IE I want to keep my favorites in OE

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    Outlook Express is an e-mail client and has no Favorites. If you want to say the import from Internet Explorer, see importing bookmarks and other data from Internet Explorer. Import the Favorites does not IE remove them.

  • How can I start with administrator user accounts in Win 8 if I have the standard account?

    I have a standard account and an active account manager. I need administrator privileges to manage some apps, such as Iolo System and so for...

    I would like to know how to access this two accounts alternately.

    Thank you


    Please go back and let us know the status of the issue.

    Your Microsoft account is an administrator account or a standard account?

  • How can I close my XBOX live account without owning an XBOX?

    I'm trying to close my hotmail email account and I can't do it until I have cancel my points microsoft associated with my account.  I have an Xbox live account, but I do not own an Xbox. How to close account XBOX?

    I'm trying to close my hotmail email account and I can't do it until I have cancel my points microsoft associated with my account.  I have an Xbox live account, but I do not own an Xbox. How to close account XBOX?


    You will need to contact XBox support for these issues.

    Directory of Xbox Forums -

    Contact us -


  • How can I connect to my Yahoo account without automatically bringing my ID and password too? __

    I don't want my email address or password is displayed when I go to my email account.

    When you go here, you are automatically logged in Yahoo? -Mail .
    If Yes, click logout in the top left of the page.
    Next time connect you to uncheck the box under the username and password field that States ' Keep me signed. "

    If this does not resolve the issue you suggest that contacting Yahoo help as this has nothing to do with Microsoft or Windows XP.

    Expert MowGreen Windows IT Pro - consumer safety

  • How can I change the height of text without converting them vectorised text?

    I work in a sign company and often need to put in place the text in a specific size. When the text is CAPS, it isn't so bad, but in the case of title case, it can be a pain...

    For example, if I need letters 2 "high, it would generally be compared to the uppercase version of the first letter of the word (no matter the ascending and descending).

    A few times I need to make several at once, so change them individually are very tedious when I cPV every word to outlines, then aletters of each word to make up for the ascendants and descendants of aresurrection.

    I wonder if there is a faster way to do this without convert curves?  In addition, I notice that when I change the size of the font (in the character palette) to 2 ", for example, when describing the text is actually smaller.

    signguy (There),

    You can:

    (1) tick Edit > preferences > General > use overview of limits;

    (2) select the Type and the effect > path > describe the object.

    Which will reduce the Bounding Box to the real limits of the letters and keep the editable Type.

    Don't forget to uncheck the Edit > Preferences > General > use limits Preview until you get a reverse problem.

  • How can I remove photos from the iCloud without deleting them on my macbook

    I try to delete pictures off my iCloud, but leave them on my macbook? I deleted them on my iPhone, which is synchronized with the cloud, and they immediately disappeared from my macbook.

    If you synchronize the photo library on your Mac and your iPhone with iCloud, the two libraries will be always the same.

    Create a second library of Photos on your MacBook, that is not synchronized with iCloud. This library allows to keep the photos, you do not want to synchronize on your iPhone.

    See this help page:

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