How can I make audio recordings using my Apple iPhone 5s?

How can I use my Apple iPhone 5 s for audio recording?

You can use the voice memo application that is already installed on your iPhone.

Otherwise, tell us exactly what kind of audio you want to do.

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    How can I make the best use of a new external hard drive and a new catalog full of photos just loaded into Photoshop elements 14 Organizer?

    Keep all the files on external hard drive image?  Nothing else and no pictures on the desktop?

    Keep all image files both places?

    What is the best way to go through thousands of images in the Organizer to identify and place them in files?

    Once I've placed a file, I just leave it in the entire catalog or a way indicate to me that it has been sorted?

    As overwhelming, any tips/shortcuts/schemes, you can offer are welcome!

    As I only have the version of the EP, here is some info on the organiser:

    Independent of how this feature works, you want to have your photos in one place and have a backup (second copy) somewhere else. All hard drives will not be successful at some point - some more early, some late - never trust to have your files in any safety devices if they are on a single disc. Once you have your sorted, it would be useful that you will organize/name/tag new photos immediately if the task is relatively short and simple. I copy my photos on my internal hard drive for my camera, take a quick look with preview to see who needs some changes and then decide where to put them - either drop them immediately after naming them or bring in an editing application and then file them away.

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    Sorry if I can't give full detailed descriptions Im new to XP.

    When the computer starts, press the right key combination.  Check the manual of your computer, or see the article by Michael Stevens' Access/Enter motherboard BIOS .

  • How can I make Firefox never use plug-ins without my direct approval? (Take 2)

    As my old topic is "archived" and told me to ask a question, I'll do exactly that.

    As I asked here & s = & r = 0 & s = as I need a way to control what does my browser and what is not. Because I treat PC as my property, no not being a sentinent who can do things on his own and tell me what I can or not do with it - like, "you have no right to delete this file" or "it is protected by XYZ".

    It comes with Firefox get plugins installed that I don't want and I can't delete them. It is not adware or spyware or malware, I wish not install false programs or cracks, play poker or watch porn movies. It's legit... plugins that I don't always want!

    For example, I don't want a Nvidia 3D plugin. I do not if it is safe or not, I don't want Firefox to slow even a millisecond for something I DO NOT want TO EVER USE. Not to mention, I don't have 3D nor will I ever. I'm not as Google Update of Microsoft Office or any other plugin. I need flash and only flash and everything else should never appear in my browser.

    I don't want to look constantly after Firefox to check if it has acquired some new plugins for me to turn it off. Because I am not a servant of my PC, am I?

    But the main problem is: I can't DELETE plugins! I can't! I can't seem to "never activate" them, but I can not remove. No option is there! Why? Why is there no option to remove a plugin? Why not at least tell me where is the resident plugin so I could wipe it?

    When I asked this before, I was told that something is in the work to counter that "later this year". Yes, is there an update? I don't think, because I googled and found nothing of all kinds (and plugins keep popping in my firefox plugins Panel).

    At this point, I'm open to any form of hack to deal with. I'm a programmer myself so I can handle a simple background or a custom Launcher firefox.exe application. Is there a place where he explained where the list of plugins is stored, so I could just write a program that erases everything I don't want him every time I run firefox? I can do something to prevent the installation of new plugins, programs or which intercept and delete them? No matter what?

    Thanks in advance!

    Ah. Thanks Philipp!
    Thus, in order to post the exact asnwer it here (in case someone else need), information is stored in one of these places:

    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\MozillaPlugins\plugin-id
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\MozillaPlugins\plugin-id
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MozillaPlugins\plugin-id
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Mozilla\Firefox\Extensions
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mozilla\Firefox\Extensions

    I tried to destroy the unwanted plugins (they were found in the first and second entries above) and it worked!

    So, all I need now is to write a small program that keeps track of the list of plugins that are allowed and wipe everything at startup of the system (or on request)

    PS: I have to mention, it's really crazy that I have to write a program to do something should have the built-in default browser. It makes no sense to go a big effort in preventing users from accidentally install modules ("someone you do not trust") when all executable code can easily and silently install a plugin without knowing user... It is really a huge security hole... And a nuisance as well.

  • How can I make the matrix using numbers

    Yes, for now I'll try to find out how to use the numbers to do the multiplication of matrices

    Something like that?

    In cell A1, filled to the right and downwards:

    = SUMPRODUCT (Matrix 1::1:1, TRANSPOSE (matrix 2::A)))


  • How can I make book content using script?

    Hello world

    I guess that a script can do:

    When I open an indesign book, then run the script,

    I get a pop up text file with a list of the contents of the book and page numbers

    for me making content easily

    Idea inspired by this link:

    How to write a script to report to the page number in a book?

    Thank you


    Hi, VK,.

    Try this,

    var book = app.activeBook,
        _content = "";
    for(var i =0;i

    Kind regards


  • How can I make audio files on my SD card appear on the list of ringtones and notifications?

    Hi all

    I've had my Moto Droid for a few weeks now and am loving every minute!  It's a little heavy, but the thing is as strong as a brick with the right case and screen protector.

    My problem is that I read a previous posting on this forum that says to create folders on the SD card that is called:




    It was supposed to go to the Android OS to recognize some sound files that I put in the files and let me use them as ringtones, notifications, and alarms.  Once I disassembled the Droid to my computer and removed it once again on the phone, I checked the list of ringtones and none of them were there (which had no alarms or notifications).  I even rebooted the unit and that they were not yet available from the SD card.

    Any suggestions?  Note that I missed?

    I just wanted to be clear.  The DCIM folder is located in the root directory and you want the media to be in the directory folder root and not in the DCIM folder.

  • How can I make a phone call from Apple Watch after the update of the software lasted?

    I don't know how to make a phone call from my Apple Watch after this update. I need help


    Under watch OS 3, the friends feature (which was available in previous versions) comes over and there is no direct replacement for it.

    When making calls or sending of new messages, contacts instead can be selected via the phone and Messages applications or using Siri:

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    How to win points in the community of suport to apple?

    You don't really "win" - if original poster think you helped him or her, they can mark your helpful reply and you get 5 points, if they think it solved their question, you get 10. Only the original poster can assign points.

    Scoring, level and gain new privileges

  • How can I stop someone from using my apple ID and phone number to FaceTime on iPad?

    How to prevent a unknown user talk on FaceTime with my Apple and the phone number?

    The first question is: How did get your ID and password? Did you give anyone access?

  • In my laptop, when I open the itunes window there is an option 'Internet Radio' to listen to the different type of music. This "Internet radio" function can be used on my iphone5? And if so, how can I make it work?

    In my laptop, when I open the itunes window there is an option 'Internet Radio' to listen to the different type of music. This "Internet Radio" function can be used on my iphone 5? And if so, how can I make it work?

    No more. It merged with the Apple's music.

  • How can I make my audio player by default for iTunes?

    How can I make my audio player by default for iTunes?

    Simple click on your file, then info (cmd + I) and select open with and then select iTunes.

  • How can I make use of TC partitions and make sure that the file analysis is on the right partition?  I do not see the partitions that I have done in the Finder, but I can drag and drop the files in the folder 'Data' unique under Finder/Shared/TC.

    MacBook Air, OSX 10.10.3, 128 GB; 2 TB Time Capsule ME177LL/A.

    Final objective: use Time Capsule as a Time Machine for my MacBook Air and as a storage solution for large files that I don't want permanently on my MacBook Air.

    So far, I've implemented the TC and set up Time Machine on the TC.  I was able to create 2 partitions on the TC using disk utility then that TM was a backup and the disk was recognizable in disk utility.

    Under Finder/shared, I see the TimeCapsule 'airport', and when I click on it it is a file called "Data".  I was expecting to see my two partitions here.  Under 'Features' is a ' Zissou31 MacBook Air (3)"sparsebundle file and I can also create folders here and drag and drop files on the TC here.  I can see the partitions in disk utility, but how do I see/use the partitions I created in the Finder?

    I fear that this may not be set up correctly and I'm either losing on an entire partition I created or these files dragged/dropped may be at risk of overwriting of TimeMachine.  How can I make sure that the file analysis is on the appropriate partition?

    I disabled TimeMachine and go back to see if I could 'point' to one of the partitions, but the "Data" folder is the only thing that TimeMachine seen.  How do I point time Machine for one of the partitions?

    Thank you!

    In addition, in disk utility, I can see one of the partitions TC is related to the time Machine, indicated by the icon Time Machine green bottom left, but two partitions seem to fall under "Zissou31 of the MacBook Air (3) .sparsebundle.

  • How can I make sure that my kids use no other direct email addresses?

    Summary of the issue
    Other issues of Windows Live family safety

    What version of Windows Live Family Safety do you use?
    Version 2011 (15.4.3538.513)
    Choose your operating system version:
    Windows 7

    Additional details
    My son can connect to her fine Hotmail account, but it can also connect using other Hotmail or Live email addresses. How can I make sure that it can only connect to Hotmail with their family safety account?

    Hi iclay,.

    I have reproduced your concern in our end and I discovered, add other e-mail accounts that he can use and accounts already created by your son in Windows Live family safety and block the Windows Live Hotmail registration page to prevent it from creating an another workaround e-mail accounts.

    To add e-mail as child account in Windows Live Family Safety:

    1. connect your account on
    2. under Family summary, click on Add a new child.
    3. log on to the account of the child

    After that, the child's account appears as a member of the family under the new parent account.

    To block the registration page:

    1. on any computer, connect on the parent account to the safety of the family home page
    2. click Edit settings under the name of your son, and then click Web filtering lists.
    3. enter in the box and click on block.
    4. click on Save.

    Please inform us if you have any questions or concerns, we will help you gladly with him.

    Thank you

    Christian C.

  • The text in my AOL email got bigger than it used to be. How can I make it back to a readable size?

    The type in my aol email got BIG, and I can't understand how to make it back to a more readable size.

    original title: all of a sudden the guy in my aol email got VERY BIG. How can I make small?

    How do you access your AOL email? Thanks to a program or e-mail using a browser such as Internet Explorer?  If the latter, try pressing the CTRL key and less keys simultaneously. This is the keyboard shortcut to reduce the zoom level in most browsers.

Maybe you are looking for