How can I make F3 does not bring up the search function

I don't want windows to bring up the search function whenever I hit F3. How can I change the windows keyboard shortcuts so I can get him to stop?

I; m do not know how in Vista, but the following program claims to be able to remap existing keyboard keys and can help you remove the F3 function or at least let you change to another function.

Here is another free software that claims to be able to do the same:

I'm not sure that these programs actually work with the F3 hotkey and since they are 3 third party programs, use you them at your own risk.  I suggest the creation of a restore systemm point and back up the registry before you try both methods to be on the safe side.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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    Why not just remove the offending part of the path? Move the curvilinear straight ends or use the scissors tool to cut what you don't need.

  • How can I make and delete a snapshot of the command line in ESXi 4?

    How can I make and delete a snapshot of the command line in ESXi 4?  ghettoVCB4i does, but I need unusual behaviour for two virtual machines.  I need to be able to save only one of the two virtual drives, not both.  So I can't use this script here.  I need to write a script that will:

    1 copy off the .vmx

    2 make a snapshot of a virtual computer running

    3 use the vmkfstools command to clone the vmdk in the backup location

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    vmkfstools is a tool for working with VMDK, has nothing to do with stereotypes. In the Busybox unsupported console, the only tool that you can use for some of the management of the virtual computer is vim-cmd , which is about a wrapper for VMware vimsh, take a look at our site for more information:

    Basically, you're going to do something like the following:

    vim-cmd "vmsvc/snapshot.create XXXX FIRST_SNAPSHOT MY_FIRST_SNAPSHOT_1"

    where XXXX is VmId to the virtual machine that is retrieved from vmsvc/getallvms, then you are going to deliver the snapshot.remove

    Here are some other useful commands dealing with snapshots:

    Vim - cmd vmsvc/snapshot.removeall \[VmId]

    [[[vim - cmd vmsvc/snapshot.remove \[VmId\] \[removeChildren\] \[snapshotLevel\] \[snapshotIndex\]

    Vim - cmd vmsvc/snapshot.get \[VmId\]

    ghettoVCB4i uses vimsh to do these things as well.


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009

    Scripts for VMware ESX/ESXi and resources at:

    repository scripts vGhetto

    VMware Code Central - Scripts/code samples for developers and administrators

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  • How can I make photoshop usable for users of the guest account?

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    Hi vinturs,

    · Was there a prompt during the installation of Photoshop in what concerns users?

    · You are unable to use Photoshop in the guest account?

    Any program installed on the computer must also be available to be used by the guest account, unless as otherwise modified during the installation.

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    "Auntentication with the server failed.

    Hi HelenTL,

    You did changes to the computer before this problem?

    If you have any software security & firewall installed, disable them temporarily and check if the problem persists.

    check to allow them back on the computer after you complete these steps.

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • My laptop can open internet explore properly, the cursor may work when you tap the address space to type a Web site, but the site it does not point to the search space to find anything except the right button

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    When you try to search it's inside Windows or Internet explore?
    When is this last work fine?
    You did changes to the computer?
    Has it worked before, then you can try to run the system restore and check if that helps


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    This Microsoft Information should help you with your problem:

    See you soon.

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    Audio playback when the assigned object with the audio appears. That's why hear you when the button appears.

    Try to assign audio instead to the object that is displayed when you click the button. Perhaps the legend.

    See you soon... Rick

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    I have images that zoom slightly when the mouse passes over them, but I need a title text on them. When the mouse is over the text, it prevents the zoom effect doesn't happen. Is there anyway to make the "invisible" to the cursor text and does not interfere with the effects of overview below? I know that I can make the text in the images, but I don't want the text to expand it, just the image.Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 8.59.42 PM.png

    You can use a button on the State.

  • How can I make my Windows Media scramble to the top of my playlists so that they are not executed in alphebetical order?

    I have a Windows Vista system. How can I make my Windows Media read something other than the alphebetical order music? It is very annoying to listen to the artist even twenty times before it goes to someone else! Help?


    It should provide useful information.

    Shuffle and repeat items in Windows Media Player

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    I hope this helps.

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    I want as the mc to play the main script not his own screenplay

    Thank you for your time

    address thr main scenario as 'this ._parent.

  • File is present, but does not appear in the search

    I have occasionally to store a pdf file, I received as an attachment to e-mail and discover that the file does not appear in a search, even if it is in the directory, and I have no problem opening it. I can solve the problem by renaming the file, and then rename it again, back to what it was originally.

    I decided that the file name does not begin with special characters, and the status bits seem normal. But I have two files, using the same naming format, and one of them shows up in a search, the other is not the case.

    If someone can explain to me what is happening here, I can probably came up with a remedy on mine. I'm just confused as to what is the cause.

    Hi Allen,.
    Welcome to the Microsoft community. Sorry for the delay in responding.
    The problem is specific to this particular file? Do you have problems when you use search?

    Please follow the steps in this article and check if that helps.
    Open the troubleshooter for search and indexing

    Change advanced indexing options

    Hope this helps and let us know if you need more assistance. We will be happy to help you.

  • a/o/u not used by the search function for the adobe reader

    Hi guys,.

    I tried to look up German words (which will contain a, o, u, ss pp etc.) in pdf files using adobe reader configurable search.

    Unfortunately the umlaute appear to be "swallowed" by the search function.

    e, g,

    Search /A "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Reader ' = 'C:\Users\jlangenbach\Desktop\Hessen mobile PDFs\B 456_5515887_WE 9999_Strassenstuetzwand links.pdf' Loo

    This research "L" instead of "Loo".

    Does anyone have an idea what could be going wrong?

    even if this isn't the root of the problem I now "solved" the problem by saying hosting c#-program to fill the search form the hard way by controlling the Adobe reader-popping up

  • How can I Data Modeler does not generate constraints on NNC_ tables?

    Hi all

    Unfortunately I have not found the answer using Google ;-)

    When I generate my DDL scripts on my model on some tables Data Modeler (version 4.0.0) automatically generates constraints on the columns of the table "NNC_" for example:







    Name VARCHAR2 (100),

    BZ_Bezeichner VARCHAR2 (100),

    GUI_Bezeichner VARCHAR2 (100),


    XML_Document XMLTYPE


    How can I avoid this? I like to just get something like this:




    Kilometrierung VARCHAR2 (20) NOT NULL,

    Letzte_Aenderung DATE NOT NULL,

    Knotentyp VARCHAR2 (100) NOT NULL,

    Name VARCHAR2 (100),

    BZ_Bezeichner VARCHAR2 (100),

    GUI_Bezeichner VARCHAR2 (100),

    Spurplanabschnitt_ID NUMBER NOT NULL,

    XML_Document XMLTYPE


    Thank you


    Hi Matthias,

    The NOT NULL Constraint clause appears likely because 'Not Null Constraint Name' property is set to the column.  (It is indicated on the Panel "forced by default and ' in the column properties dialog box.)

    To stop these products, you can go to the Data Modeler/DOF of the preferences page (on the Tools menu) and set the option 'generate short form of NO forced NULL.

    Note that there now is a forum specifically for the Data Modeler: SQL Developer Data Modeler


  • How can I make a top layer "transparent" for the end user?

    Hi guys,.

    You have a quick question.

    I am working on a custom map generator and I was wondering if there was any way I could keep a downloaded image editable to the end user. The end user will be able to choose which model they want to frame the picture with. The problem is, even with transparency that chose the framework acts as a layer, and once the uploaded image was placed on the area of transit, end-user lose the ability to change/scale/tilt this image. I want them to still be able to do this even with the model over their image.

    Can anyone think of a solution to this? All tips are greatly appreciated.

    You literally chop each image. To keep things reasonable update you can use Photoshop to slice the graphics, save to the external png to import into. If a picture has 4 edges, you cut out the 4 sides, import into Flash and put back together within a single Sprite or MovieClip. Any area within this sprite who does not object real is real transparency and won't call a click action.

    Don't forget, the hitboxes are rectangular. If you have an oval frame where the edges are asking you to create images with transparency on their edges, which will be clickable. If you don't immediately understand what I mean by this draw randomly just a circle in flash, convert to the clip. Now draw your cursor around what we consider the part 'top' of this frame and note how many inside you also complete capture at the same time. That will all be clickable. So that the user can 'see' their picture behind the frame, but when they click they accidentally get the framework in place.

    Picture is worth a thousand words (sharp image at random):

    If you cut the oval frame into 4 pieces (it's the top of course), the transparent area, you see in the picture will be part of the hitarea for the frame. This can be just as confusing to customers in this situation. If most of your managers have little or no transparency (very square upwards) so it will be not a problem. Just like the problem you are having now, no bitmap transparency will be clickable, even if you cut the sides to the top. The Center where there is no bitmap cannot be clicked through to mess with the photo behind the frame.

    So, this makes it a little more desirable transparency detection.

Maybe you are looking for

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