How can I make thunderbird use firefox?

I went to the control panel and made FireFox my default and tried everything I could find on the internet to make the default for FireFox to Thunderbird, but Thunderbird is still using IE 8. How can I fix?


Are so you're saying that you can actually open links from emails in Firefox?

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  • How can I make Thunderbird start car with windows startup

    How can I make Thunderbird start car with windows startup

    You can by placing a shortcut in the startup folder of windows, just like any other windows program.

    However if you do, you are likely to encounter problems such as downloading email while still load the antivirus and the network is busy, announcing the arrival of machines on the network (which can be a network a) and any other program of a dozen are loading is heavy risk of timeouts and disconnections of the server as well as error messages that make little sense because they are something that still load.

    The bottom line is so safe that you can, but if there are any questions bring her out of there first.

  • How can I make best use of Windows XP wireless connect?

    This may seem Basic, but I want to understand all aspects of the configuration of my PC of course. As long as I connected to the wireless Web, I used a software provided by Netgear, that makes the wireless adapter. When I moved into an apartment, the ISP technology who set up my wireless modem could not get Netgear to "discuss" the modem, so he opted for the default Windows software. I'm not real surprised because Netgear has always been a little bug. However, I know the zip on the Windows login. Is it as simple as right-clicking on the icon in the status bar system and by taking my selection of disable, status, repair, view available wireless networks, change the settings of Windows Firewall or open network connections? Are there additional features? Y at - it online a tutorial on the use of Windows for my wireless Internet connection?


    Some of the additional ' features can be found here. "

    Examine the properties of the wireless connection. In the left panel of the following screen shot notice the wireless tab.


    Click on the tab and you will see the Windows Wireless Manager from scratch. Aka WZC


    Sub menu look like this.


    It's all pretty self-explanatory.

    Away from the Authentication tab and leave it unchecked. It is designed for the wireless network commercial special known as RADIUS server based.

  • How can I make Thunderbird store a value over a week of deleted messages?

    I want to keep all my deleted messages. Under "account settings > settings > Message storage server," I unchecked "emptying the trash at the exit." But only a week value of deleted messages are kept. The missing messages are not under "Archives". I use an IMAP via Inmotion.comserver.

    personally, I doubt inmotions assertions that their imap server is not configured to delete mail from the deleted folder after a week, after all the people who use Outlook appear in forums with exactly the same problem of inmotion.

    This is an experiment. Instead of delete archives (press instead of delete.) and see if the mail disappears from archive after a week. My bet not.

  • How can I make the work/look like a Thunderbird 2 Thunderbird?

    I used Netscape/Mozilla/Thunderbird Mail since the middle / end of the 1990s and was disappointed by the changes after Thunderbird 2, so I went years of Claws Mail, but it is not enough for everything. How can I make Thunderbird current work/look like version 2? In other words, I would turn off the tabs for messages & research, including all traces of what it looks like a label, or space curved GUI / additional shadow separated, so also have only a single search box that will search and display in the current folder box and keep the menus easy to use (with shortcuts that appear when you type) standard for GUI programs While getting rid of the imitation chrome button. I guess that the tabs are okay for things like dealing with Add-ons, but that's all. Maybe there are other things I can think. I know that most/all this can be done in terms of configuration and I think a lot of people would like that there is a full article on it. Virtually everyone, many people that I talk about e-mail also let Thunderbird for all these reasons, of it being too influenced by web browsers, and the IRC channel is virtually dead, so I came here, hoping that this place is not as dead with what happened with the project (announcing that no major update will be When most of the people preferred it maybe before the latest GUI major updates)

    Seriously. You're in the minority, I think.

    No one took the trouble with this stuff since V3 came out. but I wrote a blog postabout this 5 years ago and Mozillazine did a knowledge article database that went further than my blog post. But I wanted to just my menu bar headings message and back small Mozillazine entered CSS change and I think some that can be made obsolete by Australis was two years ago. But if you want to go.

  • How can I make online games access the internet through a proxy server?

    I currently have to use a proxy server to access the internet. I changed my browser settings to do this, but I can't play a game online that I instaled because they are not defined for internet access via the proxy server.
    How can I make games use the proxy server to access the internet?
    Help, please. See you soon!

    You will need to have the proxy server configured to allow ports looking for the game or, if the game has the option, you can put in your proxy server information in the parameters of the game.
    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Firefox keeps displaying old site, ff mobile detects the new site. How can I make Office go to the new site?

    I moved my site from the old host of godaddy. updated the dns at On my phone android with firefox, I can see the new site, after I dropped the wifi and went to the data. On my desk and my husband two computers, we can only see the old site, even after clearing cache. How can I make Firefox displays the new site?

    You can reload webpages and ignore the cache to refresh potentially stale or corrupt.

    • Hold down the SHIFT key and click the Reload button
    • Press 'Ctrl + F5' or 'Ctrl + Shift + R' (Windows, Linux)
    • Press 'Command + shift + R' (Mac)

    You can delete all data stored in Firefox with a specific area through "Forget this Site" in the context menu of a history entry ("" history > view history "or" view > sidebar > History "") or via the subject: permissions page.

    Using "Forget this Site" will delete all data stored in Firefox in this area as bookmarks, cookies, words of past, cache, history, and exceptions, so be careful and if you have a password or other data from that domain you don't want to lose then check that back up these data or make a comment.

    You can't recover from this "forget" unless you have a backup of the files involved.

    It has no lasting effect, so if come back you on such a 'forgotten' site, then the data of this Web site will be saved once more.

  • On another PC I want to save my favorites, but my browser Firefox does not work how can I make the backup, before I reinstall Firefox

    On another PC I want to save my favorites, but my browser Firefox does not work how can I make the backup, before I reinstall Firefox.
    Firefox cannot renew its tabs and now won't run and let me do a backup

    This may be considered to be solve my problem.
    I decided to uninstall the rogue program Firefox download and reinstall the same version (No. 8). I used Windows XP Add Remove programs who asked if I wanted to save the settings of Firefox until I uninstalled Firefox. I said yes and operated with the uninstall. I couldn't find a Firefox 8 so I went for the 12 version and installed on the laptop. This version 12 now works with all the passwords one favorite of the uninstalled 8.
    Thank you for all your help and advice.

  • How can I make firefox forget my password of facebook so that when I open facebook my password is not already typed?

    I accidentally told firefox to remember my password instead of click do not remember. How can I make firefox forget?

    Hey xlucy-

    Go to Tools-> options and on the Security tab click on passwords saved. This will give you a list of sites that you have saved a password. Just find Facebook and delete this entry.

    There are a lot of useful information in this article on the Firefox Password Manager. He should answer any other questions you might have.

    I hope this helps!

  • How can I get Thunderbird to switch to a new tab immediately as I can with Firefox?

    Everytime I open a new tab in Thunderbird, no matter how I do it (menu, double click, etc), it opens the content in a new tab, but keeps the focus on the current tab. How can I get Thunderbird to move immediately to a new tab when I opened a? It is quite annoying to have to mouse to the list of the tab and click the new each time. It's SO easy to set up in Firefox, but seems to be completely absent in Thunderbird. Weird.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter,

       Scott Lindley
    1. Press F10 or Alt to see the menu bar
    2. Click the Tools menu > > Options > > Advanced > > General
    3. Click the Config Editor button
    4. Get mail.tabs.loadInBackground set its value to false
  • How can I make Yahoo my homepage in Firefox?

    How can I make Yahoo my homepage in Firefox?

    I already thought about it. Thanks anyway.

  • How can I determine what profile Firefox 5 is currently using?

    How can I determine what profile Firefox 5 is currently using?

    Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: opens showing the file

    Copy and paste this code in the Code field in the ' tools > error Console " and click on evaluate to see the location of the profile folder.

    alert(Components.classes[";1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIProperties).get("ProfD", Components.interfaces.nsIFile).path);
  • How can I make Foxfire quit gives me the message Firefox prevented this page from automatically redirecting to another page?

    When I'm on some sites Firefox gives me the message Firefox prevented this page from automatically redirecting to another page? and then I have to click on allow. This happens on every page on some sites. How can I make this stop all together?

    Tools-> options-> advanced-> general, then uncheck the warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page

  • How can I make Firefox automatically show my homepage when you open a new tab (instead of a blank page now)?

    How can I make Firefox automatically show my homepage when you open a new tab (instead of a blank page now)?
    (version 3.6.6 on Windows7 64-bit platform)

    New tab homepage extension:

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    In my laptop, when I open the itunes window there is an option 'Internet Radio' to listen to the different type of music. This "Internet Radio" function can be used on my iphone 5? And if so, how can I make it work?

    No more. It merged with the Apple's music.

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