How can I make Windows Media Center play 21-2 (CBS)? He gets full signal on the search, but does not play.

The station sister 21 - 1 plays very well. He asks to "frequency" add channel, however, I can only assume that the frequency of 2 numbers is the same 21 found already. Now what? Microsoft sent to HP, which has no support for WMC questions... by their staff in India.

It's Windows 7, Windows Media Center, the TV Tuner Hauppauge USB Q 950 running.

I am in Dallas, Texas. The station reads like T2D KTXA and KTXA DT 21-1 to 21-2... which is what WMC pulls upwards with you run the installer for my zip code.

However, 21-2 is in the CBS reality, KTVT, 11.

There is some confusion in my mind, as to what the frequency should be, having once been 19 and then received 11 temporarily, etc..

I tried to get 21, 19 and 11 as the frequency, but WMC will play whatever it is facing 19 or 11 and will play again only 21-1 when I get 21 as the frequency for 21-2 (when I try to add it).

I don't know what the reason for this problem, but I know there are across the country, in other markets, with WMC did not play all of the signals that it recognizes, even when they are large network signals OTA.

I hope anyone in the DFW area, has experienced this problem and know the exact fix so I can view the CBS programming, for which I seem to have perfect signal, but can not get of WMC to play.

Thank you!
~ Tex

I checked with a contact at Microsoft, and they suggested to try another
tuner. (If it were me, I'd buy one from a vendor with a massive return of rock
policy).  The list of compatible tuners is
I don't know if this will solve the problem, but should continue, IMO.
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