How can I move a file to another AI work/text in Illustrator 4.1? ART EXPORT and IMPORT ART and ART of the PLACE do not work.

How can I move a file to another AI work/text in Illustrator 4.1?  Using the art of export, import or the art of the place don't give me image.  What transfers is a rectangular box with a big X in it.  Illustration of the song gives me only a distorted picture.


If it really is version 4, it is 25 years old. I'm surprised you have install much less run. Then copy and paste does not work? These files generated in V4 or newer files? The really only files up to V8 may be opening in V4. After that, the format of file completely changed.

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    The task bar is the horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen time. In contrast to the office, which can get obscured by the windows on top of it, the taskbar are visible nearly all the time. It includes four main sections:

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    NOTE: The ability to move the programs in the taskbar is not possible in windows Vista but the same functionality is available in Windows 7. Please see the link below.

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    Maybe you want to make the trip in IDE, not by the program...

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    1. Simple click on the header of a message to select it.
    2. CTRL + F3 will highlight all.
    3. Right-click on highlighted messages and drag them to the new folder.
    4. Release the mouse button and select copy here.
    5. If the move is successful, delete the original folder if you wish.
  • I'm trying to install Acrobat 8 Std on a laptop computer that was in need of a restoration.  He asks the file AdobePDF.dll since my Vista CD - I do not have.  How can I get this file or another which will allow my Acrobat 8 work on this laptop with Win 8

    I'm trying to install Acrobat 8 Std on a laptop computer that was in need of a restoration.  He asks the file AdobePDF.dll since my Vista CD - I do not have.  How can I get this file or another which will allow my Acrobat 8 work on this laptop with Win 8.1, which she did before restoring?


    AdobePDF.dll is in the file Mine is located in C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Acrobat8\Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional\ You need to extract the file "AdobePDF.dll_64" from the .cab file. You can do this with WinZip or 7-Zip. Everything you need to extract is this file, nothing else... Once you have extracted it, remove the _64, so the name of the file is AdobePDF.dll. Then place the file in any location you want and run the program it when asked. For a file location, I suggest to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Acrobat8\

    Hope that helps.

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    you are allowed 2 activations with your license.

    then, install on your new system and then activate.  If you do not want your previous room set up to count as one of your two activations in your old computer in a bright room, click Help > deactivate.

    If you can not activate on your new system because you get a warning that you have exceeded your authorized activations, disable on your old computer, and then try to activate on your new computer.

  • 1720 smart hard drive detects imminent failure. do backup - how can I move my files when I get a new hard drive?

    Hi, I have "1720 smart hard drive detects imminent failure" made a backup, Gather I have to get another drive. How can I transfer my windows vista / files to new drive? Help, please.


    There are different ways to do

    and these methods depend on your hard drive work

    hard drive manufacturers will normally provide the cloning to move your operating system software from the old to the new drive hard If your old hard drive still works

    Search for information on this subject on their Web site

    If you have vista business or ultimate, you can use the builtin vista complete PC Backup to move

    read the information below

    or if you have vista home version you'll need 3rd party software

    link below is an example of this:

    also to put your machine how you bought:

    1. If vista is preinstalled, you should have a recovery on your old hard drive partition

    You can recovery disks to reinstall on your new drive hard If the old drive still works

    ask the manufacturer of the machine how

    2. contact the computer manufacturer and ask them to send you to vista recovery disks to reinstall the operating system back as it was when you bought it

    they do it for a nominal cost of $

    3. or borrow a microsoft dvd vista

    Make sure that you borrow the correct 32-bit or 64-bit microsoft dvd to your computer

    they contain all versions of vista

    This is the product key that determines which version of vista is installed

  • Win7: How can I move user folder to another drive

    (with all its tentacles of registry supported)

    Related to this issue but a little different (using Win7 RC)
    I would like to move the folders from the user for all members of the family to E:\
    What is the best way?
    When I cut and paste, I am warned a bunch of system folders. In addition, I don't see the LOCATION tab when I click on properties.

    When you create a clean installation, using the combination of a system SSD drive and a conventional disc, such as a data reader, there is a way to 'move' the users folder (normally, C:\Users) and the hidden ProgramData folder (normally C:\ProgramData) for the conventional disc, or the data reader, using an answer file, or an unattend.xml file for an unattended Setup, as mentioned above.

    For a person making a unique, one-time Setup, trying to figure out how to create an answer for fully automatic, just installation file to accomplish this small one, is average, far too much trouble.  It is also not necessary.

    It is possible, during an installation of conventional and interactive disc installation or USB thumbdrive, to enter what we call, 'Mode of Audit', until the computer is called or a created user name and perform the necessary reallocation.

    (1.) a conventional facility.  If you are using an SSD, at the point the installation process where you are asked where you want to install Windows, you must use disk Options to delete all partitions on the SSD drive, before you select the SSD drive as a target.  Do not manually partition or format the drive before installation.  Windows 7 will do and must do, because Windows needs to align the logical format with the characteristics of the physical drive, and, also, Windows wants a small system partition for its own purposes.

    2.) when installation stops, waiting for you to give a user name and a computer name, the computer are not!  Press Ctrl + Shift + F3, and the computer will restart in... (wait for it!) "Audit mode '!  Basically, Windows create a disposable administrator account and log in, as this disposable administrator.  Hurt you, with regard to this temporary user survive complete the installation, but the computer works normally, and you can install the drivers and software.  Every time that the computer starts in Audit mode (you are allowed to restart), a version of Sysprep.exe GUI will pop up, offering to restart the computer in OOBE (out of box experience).  OOBE is where you were a moment before - that is to say, where you create a username and computer name and installation is complete.  Do not restart in OOBE, until you are ready to complete the installation.

    3.) he should know what drive letter (or the location of the folder) will be assigned to your disk Datadrive.  So, it's time, in audit mode, to understand this.  If you need to partition or format the datadrive, do so now.  On the Start Menu, right click on "Computer" and select Manage from the context menu, go to the computer management console.  In the management console of the computer, storage/disk management, you will find tools to change drive letters, partition, etc.

    4.) you need only a minimal answer file.  It is an xml (text file) file created in Windows System Image Manager application.  You can call what you want.  I would say: folders.xml.  Here are the contents of a folders.xml file, which is re - locate users and ProgramData to D:\



    I'm going to imagine a scenario where you make this file on another computer, and transfer to the computer when the installation is done using a USB key, which, when it is connected to the computer in Audit Mode, is attributed to the extra drive letter:

    You could probably just copy the text above into Notepad and save it as a text file with the .xml extension and be good to go, as long as you wanted to use d:\Users and d:\ProgramData as your Datadrive locations.  (I used this answer file, with success; I do not guarantee that it will work for others.)

    5. to use the folders.xml, located in the root directory of your flash drive, plugged and visible under U:\ form, you must open a command prompt, access c:\windows\system32\sysprep and give this command:

    Sysprep.exe /audit /reboot /unattend:U:\folders.xml

    This will cause the reboot of the computer, but you will end up right back in Audit Mode.  As long as you're still in Audit Mode, re-location of these dossiers is not complete, because the temporary administrator useraccount still has his stuff in C:\Users and there are still a few active databases in C:\ProgramData.

    6.) now, you need to say goodbye in Audit Mode.  Remember that a graphical interface for the use of Sysprep to initialize the OOBE appears whenever you re - boot into Audit Mode.  "So after restart you 5.) you will have your chance to run it.  (If it comes to your personal computer, do check the box "Generalize" in the GUI of Sysprep).

    7.) finishing your Windows installation, create a permanent user name and giving the computer a name, etc.  When you're finally running, go get to C:\  C:\Users should have disappeared.  C:\ProgramData is probably still there, but it is normally hidden, so you won't know, until you go to Folder Options and check Show hidden files and folders.  D:\Users and D:\ProgramData (hidden) must also exist.

    8.), I like the idea of using junctions to intercept any program crazy enough to hardcode to c:\users or c:\programdata you will need to delete or move C:\ProgramData, before creating a junction to C:\ProgramData pointing to D:\ProgramData.  The command line tool, mklink, is useful here.  Open a command prompt, and then type mklink /? to get instructions.  If you want a right click GUI tool, you can check:

    After you create junctions, I think you could use regedit to edit the ProfileList key to the locations of origin C:\.  Folders.XML will have changed the Folderlist key, so that everything points to D:\ instead of %systemdrive%\ or C:\   I'm not sure what would be the point, but you couldn't.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

  • How can I move media files & media players to external hard drive

    My internal hard drive is "full" and showing less than 10% free space.
    I presume that it is slow, because there is not enough space on the hard disk to be used as temporary storage.


    Thank you

    On Friday, June 14, 2013 15:21:11 + 0000, C.Duckster wrote:

    My internal hard drive is "full" and showing less than 10% free space.
    I presume that it is slow, because there is not enough space on the hard disk to be used as temporary storage.



    Three points:

    1. software (Real Player or any other) should generally not be on
    external hard drives. It can cause problems. So you shouldn't do it.

    2 move a program from one drive to another (external or not) is
    difficult. This is because besides that the software itself, there is
    usually many references to it and its location in | Windows, in the
    Registry and elsewhere. Search and replace all of these references is
    very hard. There is a software that is supposed to do, but in my
    experience, none of this works perfectly. I recommend strongly against

    3. move media files is easy. You can move the files to a disk
    to another exactly like you would move them from one folder to another.
    There are several ways, but cut-and - paste and drag - move are the
    may be simpler and more common. If you do not know how
    write again for more information.

  • IX4 - 300 d / General SIN: How can I move large files between different folders?

    Hi @all.

    My new IX4 - 300 d arrived yesterday

    After doing his RAID-things all night, now I want to move my files from my old NAS to this one.

    I do this using Copy-supported by the ix4 - 300 d, which work fine.

    A big problem for me: I want to reorganize some large files / directories (> 200 GB), so I have to cut and paste the files from one folder to another (all on the ix4 - 300 d, but with different user groups).

    When I move files between subfolders in a folder of the sin, it works fast enough - I think here that the transfer will be treated directly by the nas server.

    When I do the same thing between subfolders in different folders (which appear as various network drives in windows Explorer), it seems that the transfer is managed by my pc or laptop - and it is very slow...

    I tried to move the files on my network environment (all folders are subfolders of a server: ix4 - 300 d) because I thought the problem was in my network mapping, but it does not work faster.

    How will I know my ix4 - 300 d to move the files directly (without the "help" from my pc)?

    Another idea for me was to do it via ftp, but my ix4 - 300 d only refused my connection (have to try a little more)

    Please help me

    I "solved" the problem by creating a copy of the temporary employment with the manual removal of duplicates once the task is completed. The copy job run all night.

    For future problems, I must think of an another "file management".

    Thanks for your response!

  • How can I move specific files according to date to a new drive and recreate the folders that they were originally in?

    I would like to take I have saved a search to sort by date and then move them to another drive and also preserve or recreate specific subfolders, in that they were originally of specific files. How do I do that? I found an and only a third party program which claims to work with the copy of the files and other. It is called "Copywhiz" but I don't think that it has this ability account required from what I've seen of him. I looked up information about the xcopy command, but his date setting allows only a specific date, not a date range. What is the best way to do it if possible? Otherwise I'll have to go through the TEDIOUS process of your time to copy all the folder and its subfolders to the other drive, looking all over again for a date range and delete these files and not in the range of dates, I want to be in the files in specific folders. I hope it is clear to you because I have no other way to explain. The specific details of the project are that I have a bunch of psd files in many subfolders based on the object. Of these files, I want those who are previous to the year 2009. I want to have the records that those displaced persons files were to be preserved in their new location. Essentially, I want to replicate the folder structure that only selected files to the new drive.

    I could get this link to work, so I downloaded from

    I tried it and it worked and it was relatively simple.  He did the directory and the structure of the subdirectories as well.

    In my view, is the command you would use in command prompt:

    ROBOCOPY sourcedirectory *.psd /E MINAGE:20081231 destinatiiondirectory

    I think that's all there is to it.  It worked for me when I did something similar with all .doc files in the My Documents folder.

    WOW!  It was fairly easy and well obviously the solution.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck.

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  • How can I move video files in windows Explorer without losing metadata in windows media player?

    I'm under WMP 11 Vista.  I have a folder that contains the files in my video (AVI for example).  I organized videos in WMP by manually changing fields of tag for ratings, artists, genre, etc.  I would like to move some video files around in Explorer Windows (in the same drive that is monitored) to arrange my training and records.  When I do this, WMP loses track of the video file as the path is no longer correct, so I would like to add back to the library to help add to the library.  When I do that, the video appears in its new location, but all the metadata is missing.

    Is it possible to move my AVI files to another directory without losing all the metadata, or are never supposed to video files be moved once their metadata has been published in WMP?  Can I enter the new path to the file in WMP or something and have it keep its metadata?  Or is there a way I can get WMP to store metadata on the AVI files as it does with WMVs?

    It seems that there is something missing if metadata of media management is a core feature of WMP and be able to move files autour is a core feature of Windows Explorer, yet the two are not easily compatible.

    I want to just move my video files without losing the work that I put in the metadata.

    Also, what is the reason have advanced tag editor for music files and video files are not?

    Thanks in advance.

    It is not possible.

    You can leave your comments here:

  • How can I move user folders to another drive

    My C: drive is to fill to the top and my drive H: is almost empty.  I would like to move all my pictures and music on the H: drive.  I can do this in an eay way?

    "Move your files and user files to another partition.

    The tutorial above should help you solve the problem.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How can I move motion 5 to another computer

    I have 5 Motion on a Mac and I would remove it and use it on another Mac. How can I transfer the software?

    Thank you

    To remove 100%, download the app free "FCS Remover" of digital rebellion (dot com) and use it to delete the application.

    To install it on another Mac, launch the App Store, go to the Store menu and connect to your iTunes/App Store account.

    Go to the section purchase, then click on the install button to the right of point 5, or any other application purchased through the App Store.

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