How can I move the Virtual Mode of Windows XP hard drive to another drive

How can I move the Virtual Mode of Windows XP hard drive to another drive?



Hi Benyl,

The vhd in programfiles basis cannot be moved or renamed, if done, xp mode stops at the start.

To move the files under c, first to boot xp, instead of save mode the machine virtual., turn it off. (settings to prompt the user for action narrow close). Close the machine virtual., and then choose stop. This will remove the vsv file. Do not delete the .vsv file because it contains data if you have not registered in the virtual machine.

Now, move it "C:\Users\CHRIS.domainname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows virtual PC\Virtual Machines\Windows XP Mode.vhd" to a desired location.

Parameters of xp mode open, go to the hard drive 1 setting and reposition the hard drive to the new location of the vhd. You should now be able to start the virtual machine.

Thank you, and in what concerns:
Shalini Surana - Microsoft technical support.
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    When you received your entry door, it came with a CD or operating system recovery disc. If you no longer have that (or has not made a recovery disc set a utility included), contact Gateway to buy a set of recovery disks. It is normally fairly cheap. Then install the new hard drive and booting with the recovery disk to restore your computer to the factory State. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    I am running VMware Fusion on OS X Yosemite (and the virtual machine is Windows 7).

    You can keep your virtual machines anywhere you want. Here are the steps to move:

    1 exit VMware Fusion. You can stop first of all of your running virtual machines.

    2. drag your virtual computers folder or the individual VM "files" where you / them. Filenames usually end in ".vmwarevm". There is no need to call the new folder "Virtual Machines" - you can call it anything you like.

    3. Launch VMware Fusion. If the library of the Virtual Machine window is not open, open it (Windows menu-> Virtual Machine library).

    4. ensure that all of your icons for the virtual machine are light gray and say "file not found".

    5. right click on each virtual machine in turn, and select Remove. When you are done, leave the window of Machine virtual library empty open.

    6. in the Finder, drag the icons of file virtual machine in their new location and drop them in library of virtual machines VMware Fusion window. Drop them one by one in the original order, you got, or rearrange icons later.

    7. run your virtual machines as before.

    When you create new virtual computers, navigate to the desired file before the Save.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you your folder of Machines ~/Documents/Virtual excluded from backups Time Machine, don't forget to change the exclusion to the new folder.

    Time Machine backups are not reliable for virtual machines. You must have another strategy. (I shut the virtual machine down, compress the 'file', and then move the compressed file to a folder that is included in the Time Machine backups. This isn't the only strategy, but it works for me.)

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    There is no easy way to move files from your C to D drive program.  When you install programs on your computer, registry entries are usually made with the specified full path.  The most reliable way to do this would be to uninstall the application from your computer (using Add/Remove programs in the control panel) and then re - install them specifying that you want to install them on your D drive instead of your C drive.


  • How can I remove the recovery partition from a corrupt HARD drive that I replaced in a laptop?

    I replaced a HDD corrupted in the laptop of a friend and you want to reuse. How can I delete the recovery partition? When I try to use my Windows 7 computer management tool, it will not access? I did a complete player wipe (twice) what the partition is still there and I can't remove it. It's 14 GB of space I want to retrieve and use the HARD drive in another system at a later date.

    Thank you

    Try the command line option:

    Start cmd.exe as an administrator, then inside the window cmd, type


    then, type diskpart

    list disk

    take note of the correct disc ID to clear


    Select disk x

    (where x is the ID of your disk to erase)



    your HARD drive will be erased completely

    or you can try the magic of partition:

    or if it does not work:

    Hiren's boot cd and gparted tool available.

    You must create a bootable CD or USB pen as media.

  • How can I move media files & media players to external hard drive

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    On Friday, June 14, 2013 15:21:11 + 0000, C.Duckster wrote:

    My internal hard drive is "full" and showing less than 10% free space.
    I presume that it is slow, because there is not enough space on the hard disk to be used as temporary storage.



    Three points:

    1. software (Real Player or any other) should generally not be on
    external hard drives. It can cause problems. So you shouldn't do it.

    2 move a program from one drive to another (external or not) is
    difficult. This is because besides that the software itself, there is
    usually many references to it and its location in | Windows, in the
    Registry and elsewhere. Search and replace all of these references is
    very hard. There is a software that is supposed to do, but in my
    experience, none of this works perfectly. I recommend strongly against

    3. move media files is easy. You can move the files to a disk
    to another exactly like you would move them from one folder to another.
    There are several ways, but cut-and - paste and drag - move are the
    may be simpler and more common. If you do not know how
    write again for more information.

  • How can I remove the cover protectsmart to change a hard drive damaged in a HP Pavilion dv5-2132dx?

    I have a HP Pavilion dv5-2132dx laptop. The hard drive has completely failed and needs to be replaced, but I can't understand how to access the hard drive. There is no screws on the Panel, and he said HP Protectsmart on the back. I need a video on how to do it.


    The following guide will show you how (#59 page):

    Several manuals for your machine are available on the following link: & LC = in & Product = 4317216

    Kind regards.

  • How can I change the icon associated with an external hard drive that is displayed in my computer

    When I double click the icon my computer on my Seagate external desktop hard drive does not display the correct icon. It displays a blank page with the upper right handed with a superimposed replica of a small screen.  I really want to show an icon that looks like the real thing as stated in the icons folder.

    Hi PhilipRoebuck,

    (1) do you get an error message when you try to open the external hard drive?
    (2) where there are changes to the computer before the question?
    (3) is confined to a specific icon?
    See the following:
    Method 1:
    Icons change incorrectly in Windows
    Important Before run you this difficulty, save your data and close the application. After you run the difficulty, your computer will reboot after 10 minutes.
    Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows
    Method 2:
    How to change the default icons for folders in Windows XP
    I hope this helps.
  • How can I reinstall the operating system on a new hard drive?

    I strongly suspect failure of hard drive on my old computer XPS 420. Data recovery isn't a problem. However, because the way I too lazy to buy a whole new operating system, is possible that I can transfer the installation of Windows Vista on a new hard drive? I told me that Dell will send me an installation disc to do, but how to make a record like this, and is there another way?

    I'm thinking of ghosting the HDD on another and the use of the recovery for nuke partition in a new facility, but it would even work?

    Thank you


    The simplest method, I prefer to install a replacement hard drive, is to clone the existing hard drive to the new, that will also transfer all applications and programs.

    You need an imaging utility, similar to True Image Home 2015.

    Acronis resize partitions transferred to match the size of the new hard drive.

    Hard drive manufacturers, also have their own free cloning software available, but it can be used only with their hard drives.

    First, install the new drive as the secondary and the image of the main hard drive in it.

    Immediately after the cloning, shut down the system, switch the data cable [SATA port 0] to the new disk, making the new master hard drive and see if the system boots properly.

    Start the system with only the new hard drive connected.

    Be sure to leave the original drive disconnected, until the new hard drive is working to your satisfaction.

    Before cloning a hard drive, make sure that the existing drive has no corruption or virus on it, because they will be transferred to the new hard drive.

    It will take a second SATA data cable, there should be a spare connector to SATA power inside the housing.

    What is obtaining a disc from the Dell operating system Vista OEM [If Dell still copies of this available media], but you can be out of luck unless you have a warranty from Dell, but it's worth a try to see what is happening.

    If you reside in the United States, or the Canada and are the registered owner of the computer, with an active warranty, a disk that contains the operating system specific to your system factory installed can be requested HERE.

    Note: Dell may impose a charge for the disc.

    If you do not live in the United States, contact the Support from Dell, which is located in your country.


  • How can I change the icon associated with an external hard drive in XP?

    I had to reformat etc and when settled dust that I can not put an icon on my external hard drive from seagate 1 t. It's not bad but it drives me crazy because it seems that it does not...

    Using Notepad, create a file with the following content

    ICON = localpath\iconfile

    Save the file as autorun.inf (be sure to set "Save as type" in the drop-down list for "All Files" box).

    • IconFile is a file with the file extension ico icon.
    • LocalPath is the file (or folder and subfolder, etc.), without a drive designation.  So, for example, if there is a folder in the root of the named Seagate external drive, and you have an icon named seagate.ico file, the line in your autrorun.inf file would be:

    Icon = Seagate\seagate.ico

    Note that the square brackets in the first line should be included
    The autorun.inf file is usually a hidden, but making it so is yours.

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    The Mac is a multi-user system. If you choose to create only a single user, Mac OS X does not address which as a special case.

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    / Users

    .. yourshortusername

    .. yourspousesshortusername

    .. your childsshortusername

    .. yourdogsshortusername

    .. yourseparateAdmninname (if you created one)

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