How can I move virtual machines from a local data store for a new iSCSI SAN?

Hello guys,.

Now that we have a new iSCSI SAN market how can I tranfer all the virtual machine to a local data store for a new SAN? Can I stop the VM in the host, and then copy the DataStore files with all the info on the new volume?

Thank you



Alternatively, you can use VMware converter or cold Migration / Storage VMotion if you have the appropriate licenses.


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    The most accurate way would be to calculate the total space used by the virtual machine files in the data store.

    Connect to the service console

    Navigate to the vmfs volume

    Navigate to the vm folder


    This will give you files for this particular virtual machine related to the amount of disk space used by all the vm


  • Clone the virtual machine to the local data store

    Hi all

    I'm looking to automate a task daily (or almost) of my friends with a small script with powercli.

    I'm trying to "backup" or to clone a virtual machine, I work in a storage of one of our servers.

    The servers are managed by a 5.1 vCenter and the machine is on a shared storage.

    From time to time, I clean, stop the machine, remove all snapshots and clone the virtual machine to one of the local server as a backup storage. So I put together a small script which almost works. It works as long as the target data store is a shared storage, but not with a local storage.

    I get always an error that claims it can not access the local data store and is not a permissions problem...

    Given that I can accomplish this via the customer without problem I thought it is possible via powercli too, or I'm wrong?

    My Script up to now:

    # Variables
    $VC = "" #vCenter Server
    $User = "domain\user" #User
    $Pass = 'test123' #User PW
    $VMName = 'scripttest' #VM
    $BackupSuffix = "backup" #Suffix to add the name of VM to mark this as a backup
    $VmHost = "".
    $Datastore = 'ESX2-LocalData' #Datastore
    $BackupFolder = 'Backup' #Folder the VM gets classified

    # Register cmdlets to VMware

    If (-not (Get-PSSnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core - ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) {}

    Add-PSSnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core


    # Connect to the server

    SE connect-ViServer $VC - user $User-password $Pass

    # Remove the old clone

    $OldBackups = get - VM | WHERE {$_.} {Name: corresponds to '$VMName - $BackupSuffix'}

    If ($OldBackups - don't "")


    If ($OldBackups.Count - gt 1)


    Write-Host "better check! "Found several results:

    Foreach ($VM to $OldBackups)


    Write-Host $VM. Name



    on the other


    Remove-VM - VM $OldBackups - DeleteFromDisk-confirm: $false



    # Clone VM

    $VMInfo = get - VM $VMName | Get-View

    $CloneSpec = new-Object Vmware.Vim.VirtualMachineCloneSpec

    $CloneSpec.Snapshot = $VMInfo.Snapshot.CurrentSnaphshot

    $CloneSpec.Location = new-Object Vmware.Vim.VirtualMachineRelocateSpec

    $CloneSpec.Location.Datastore = (get-Datastore-name $Datastore |) Get - View). MoRef

    $CloneSpec.Location.Transform = [Vmware.Vim.VirtualMachineRelocateTransformation]: sparse

    $CloneFolder = $VMInfo.Parent

    $CloneName = "$VMName - $BackupSuffix".

    $TaskCloneID = $VMInfo.CloneVM_Task ($CloneFolder, $CloneName, $CloneSpec)

    # Check if the task is completed

    $Check = $false

    While ($Check - eq $false)


    $Tasks = get-job | Select State, id | Where {$_.} State - eq "Running" - and $_. State - eq "pending"}

    ForEach ($Task in $Tasks)


    If ($ - eq $TaskCloneID)

    {$Check = $false}

    on the other

    {$Check = $true}


    Start-Sleep 10


    # Move clone to the backup folder

    Move-VM - VM '$VMName - $BackupSuffix' - Destination $BackupFolder

    # Disconnect

    Disconnect-VIServer-confirm: $false

    Can you show us the complete error message you get?

    BTW, the clone step can be replaced by the New-VM cmdlet with the setting of the virtual machine.

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    Special note: You must choose the same amount for the initial size and maximum size. This will stop your CPU from the pagefile evolving. "(found in the link above)

    I hope this helps, if I can be of further assistance, you can try to join the

  • How to move a virtual machine to a different data store, preserving its ID

    I would like to move a virtual machine to a different data store.

    Because I use 3rd party software that identifies a virtual machine by its ID of VirtualCenter, I'd like to preserve the ID, and I also want to preserve the name of the virtual computer.

    If I clone the virtual machine, I lose the ID and name.

    I can clone a second time to restore the name, but the ID is always false.

    I know that I can use vmkfstools-i to copy the entire disk.

    Is it possible to copy the entire VM?

    I am currently on ESX 3.0.2/VC 2.0.2

    The operation that I describe is available in 3.5.x/VC ESX 2.5.x



    Don't use EVER of CP to copy a VM, VMDK move/copy should be used in conjunction with vmkfstools as best practice.


    You can manually make a copy using the CLI interface or use the VI Client and browse the data store and to copy and paste in the appropriate data and as suggested Andre store, when you switch on for the first time, you should say 'keep' when asked if you want to update the virtual machine UUID.

    Another thing, you could do, is if you've enabled for vMotion, you can actually use Storage vMotion which will migrate directly from your virtual machine to a different data store, it's less effort on your side and you can count on Andrew Kutz sVMotion plugin:


    William Lam

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    repository scripts vGhetto

    VMware Code Central - Scripts/code samples for developers and administrators

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    Maybe it's the best guid for upfrading to vSphere -

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  • Rename all the virtual machine files in the data store


    We have renamed one of the name of the server of our virtual machine running on esx3.5. In addition, we have renamed this server in VC to reflect the new name of the server. Please tell us how we can rename all files in this virtual machine residing in the data store to reflect the new name of the server.

    Appreciate your quick response.

    Thanks in advance...

    You can use sVMotion and move it to another data store or migrate from cold.  Two tasks will rename the underlying set of files.

  • List not updated virtual machines after the migration of the virtual machine to a different data store

    My vSphere infrastructure 5 uses several data stores.

    Two data warehouses are associated with NFS on different NAS shares.

    I migrate VM to a data to another store.

    The navigation data store, I see that the files are moved from the old data store to the new and that no file belonging to the migrated VM still does exist on the old data store.

    If I look at the list of VMs on the old data store, I still see the old VM.

    I see it in the list of the virtual machine on the new data store as well.

    I checked that no .iso no pagefile is in the old data store.

    How can I update the list of the virtual machine on the old data store?

    Above all, how can I safely delete the old data store by ensuring that the virtual machine works very well on the new data store and I don't lose anything?



    This use of data store 'Phantom' is usually observed, if the current configuration of the virtual computer points to the 'old' data store (diskette, CD-ROM) or the virtual machine contains snapshots where - at the time where tone have been created - the VM has had these references. Once the snapshots are deleted from data store 'ghost' will go away from summary of the virtual machine.


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