How can I open a new firefox window when the window open is only the bookmarks library?

Open a new firefox window.
Open Bookmarks window
Close the firefox window that you opened in the beginning and open the Bookmarks window.
Try again to open a new window of firefox Windows; You can't just; You must close firefox Bookmarks window FIRST, and THEN reopen.

If the bookmarks library window is open and then displays Firefox still works.

Open a bookmark, history item or this library folder opens a new Firefox window.

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    My laptop died over the weekend and is fully watered. He has been using firefox sync. I have the key of the synchronization. I want to just restore bookmarks to it on my new machine, but it doesn't seem to work at all. I entered the key synchronization, and it is not pull down no matter what. How can I do this? Why ever spend Xmarks?


    Unfortunately, Firefox Sync works as a backup service. If your data are not there, it is not that you can do at this point.

    I'm sorry.

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  • How can I get audio to not start when the button is clicked?

    I am new to adding audio to slides, buttons, click boxes.  Import the recorded voice on the overall slide of files sounds easy enough.  However, there are several buttons that display a legend I want audio to not start when the button is clicked.  I added audio just for this button, but it starts when the slide begins.

    How can I get audio to not start when the button is clicked?


    Audio playback when the assigned object with the audio appears. That's why hear you when the button appears.

    Try to assign audio instead to the object that is displayed when you click the button. Perhaps the legend.

    See you soon... Rick

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  • How can I get a new firefox profile?

    My firefox was working properly before, I made a few bad decisions (I deleted a bunch of stuff, I know now that I shouldn't have deleted) and now when I try to open it, I get a pop up window that says:

    'Missing profile '.

    Cannot load your Firefox profile. It may be the mission or inaccessible. "

    I came to the conclusion that I need a whole new firefox, I'll miss the old favorites, but I don't need them. Please could someone explain how I can create a new firefox profile? I love using firefox and I don't want to use a different browser. I'm on a mac.

    This article describes how to create a new profile: use the Profile Manager to create and delete profiles Firefox.

    You may also be able to find old favorites, but we will go back when Firefox is up and running in a fresh profile.

  • How can I develop a new version without changing the old?

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    And I don't want to start a new project for version 1.1, how guys do you deal with that? Export the fxp maybe?

    Version control.

    I suggest Git for a simple local set up. And if you want a nice graphical interface, or you can integrate directly into Eclipse (Flash Builder).

  • How can I create a new gradient based on the current fill color that I am applying it?

    I often need to add gradients to shapes that already exist and already have a fill color. I want to add a gradient that would be a mixture of the color that is already there and the black.  Gradients of new totally ignore what existed before. Is it possible to include the fill color that is already there in the slope?

    In fact, you can skip the step of swatch. You can drag the fill color directly from the toolbar at the appropriate end of the fitting band gradient in the gradient/panel palette; Then, apply the gradient. Be careful, though - you can end up creating a new unwanted color along the gradient stop.

  • How can I transfer pictures samsung phone computer when the phone has no memory card?

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    If the Samsung is a Windows Mobile phone, your question should be in one of these forums:

    If it is not a Windows phone, you will probably find an answer to by downloading the manual, by checking the frequently asked questions, or looking through the How to Guides...

    There are other support options listed such as Twitter, Facebook and live chat.


  • How can I activate google as search engine when the homepage change option refuses to accept a change?

    I have a PC brand new. For some strange reason in the development of my machine, google home page is disabled. Instead, I get a MSN/Bing combo that the machine won't let me change. My antivirus is not a virus so I guess that some can be given? How can I activate the "current page" button?

    Go to the Options menu by clicking on the tab of Firefox (upper-left).

    Firefox > Options > Options > general
    When Firefox starts-set it to "show my Home Page".
    Then type in your desired home page.
    Click Ok and everything is done.
  • How can I transfer pictures from SD card to the image library



    1. Insert the SD card in the SD slot on the device that you are using.

    2. If autorun fails to open the sheet, then open my computer and double-click the drive to the SD card

    3. open the folder containing the photos

    4. Select the photos you want to copy, and then right click the mouse and choose copy

    5 open your library of images and then right click the mouse and choose Paste to copy in the library.

  • How can I get MSE to activate automatically when the computer is turned on?

    How can I activate MSE automatically when the system is activated for the first time of the day.

    Go to settings | Real-time Protection and put a check to turn on real-time protection

    If it is not already make sure you have its icon set to display the icon and notifications
    (click on the small arrow near the clock icons, select Customize)

  • How can I change my CS6 Master Collection when the "Update" function is grayed out?

    I bought a used iMac (mid-2009) in 2012/13. It had pre-installed CS6 Master Collection. I thought I was getting updates for the software, but I'm wrong apparently. I have to update the applications to meet the requirements of security and anti-fraud PCI/DSS for my B & B business. If I don't respect I can't use my machine credit card to take payments from customers. In each application, the "Update" function is grayed out, then how can I update the software? Adobe support is the only place where I can get an answer on the Forums. I bought and for more than 20 years of Adobe products used but no serial number doesn't appear in my Adobe ID

    If the software is installed with an opportunity machine that was purchased, the software is not for you unless that seller officially transferred ownership of the procedure defined in the information below.

    Transfer an Adobe product license

    As far as updates go try direct updates

  • How can I get pictures of albums shared at the photo library?

    I thought that I could drag and drop items from a shared album in my photo library, but this doesn't seem to work.  So when I work on a project like a book of photo, I look back and forth between the pictures library and the shared (s) album for the photos I want to use - really a pain!

    Select them in the shared album, rich click and import into the library of Photos - then you can use


  • How can I make my new Iphone 4 download the old Iphone 4 up to my new phone

    I just bought a new Iphone 4 and would lovve to know how to use my old back to the top of my old Iphone 4 and install on my new Iphone 4 Please answer me quickly because I had a lot of important points and messages on my old?

    PS you can send me an answer on this Email [email protected].

    Hey! Follow these instructions:

    Restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

  • How can we add a new menu item in the file Menu?


    I want to create the menu item on the file Menu, I want to create a new menu item, just after the item "save under...". ». Is this possible with SDK?

    Thanks in advance

    Farida kaid

    You can file a new menuitem in any "menu group" defined by the Illustrator. If you look at AIMenuGroups.h, you will find the names of various groups of menuitems. There are two that might be what you want: kSaveForMenuGroup & kSaveMenuGroup. I can't remember how much control you have within a group, but it would at least allow you to get close enough.

Maybe you are looking for

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