How can I pay my toolbar always being on the bottom of my screen when I optimize a program such as video games?

I want my taskbar to be always at the bottom of the page every time I have to maximize a video game.

Each video game have their own display settings, so there is really no general solution.

Most of the games generally take control of the video card and then open the game mode "full screen".  You will need to 'play' in the display of the game configuration and see if there is a framework that gives you a 'windows' to the game display.

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    Just reinstalled 27 after a crash of my PC. I imported my favorites from my HTML code, but cannot get the bookmarks toolbar to return at the top of the list of bookmarks, above Menu bookmarks.

    Also, how can I get my bookmarks toolbar folder bookmarks will appear at the top of my screen again? Thank you!-Liz

    Looks like you have two folders that are labeled Bookmarks Toolbar, what happens when you 'import' a bookmarks.html file. "Import" adds existing bookmarks located in Firefox; do a "restore" a json backup would have replaced all existing bookmarks by those that are in the backup backup json file.

    You need to "reorganize" the bookmarks that are located in the Bookmarks Toolbar folder lower (bookmarks that you have any) and enter these bookmarks in the current folder to the Favorites bar, which is at the top of the list.

  • How can I talk to a HUMAN being on the upgrade from Design Standard CS6

    How can I talk to a HUMAN being on the upgrade from Design Standard CS6?

    See my response to your other thread and provide more information. Adobe does not propose to hold your hand, especially on weekends, but you can always try to chat with one of the guys Indian support via the support pages...


  • I have a toolbar additional bookmarks at the bottom of my screen. How can I remove it?

    I had to reinstall Firefox after restore Windows 10-7 and almost all lose. When I opened Firefox, there was an additional bookmarks toolbar into the bottom of my screen. Don't know how it appeared, but I can't remove it from my screen. I tried to remove it section personalize, but everything what is remove one at the top, which I want to keep. I tried to right-click on it, but nothing happens, and there is no menu or 'x' to close out of it. I can reduce the size, but still, it resets when I open a new window and crashes my screen. Any ideas how to permanently remove this toolbar of my screen?

    This looks like a problem with an extension.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
  • How can I add custom toolbar buttons to load the different TOCs?

    In my outings WebHelp, I want to have some custom buttons on the toolbar that when clicked load a table of specific contents in the left navigation pane. For example, when the user clicks the button on PC, the table of contents PC load in the left pane. When the user clicks the button on the virtual machine, TOC VM load in the left pane. All help files are managed in a single project and some files will appear in both tables of contents.

    I think that this should be possible, but do not know how to get there. Is it JavaScript that I should add to the element of custom toolbar to the table of contents of load on a click? How can I specify the table of contents I want to display for each button?

    BTW - I use RoboHelp 8 (version 8.0.2) to generate WebHelp output. Thank you in advance for your help!


    If you were to upgrade to RoboHelp 9 it would simplify your question. Version 9 offers a new feature called content dynamic (DUCC) user-centric and offers a nice little drop-down selector in the mini-bar of Navigation Tools.

    As you are in version 8, the only way I can understand you it would handle is by generating two different outputs. Each output would use his respective OCD. In each project toolbar button can be configured to open the other project.

    You could report first having to manage two exits and all files. But if you take part DUCC and the way in which it is set by Adobe, it works the same way. It's just hidden from your initial view.

    See you soon... Rick

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    Wish to RoboHelp form/Bug report form

    Begin to learn RoboHelp HTML 7, 8 or 9 in the day!

    Adobe Certified RoboHelp HTML Training

    SorcerStone blog

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  • I have favorite Personas, how can I keep my tool bar open to the size of his is when the option of customization?

    I like to see more of the image of the character, by right-clicking the (added) trailed Fox in the toolbar that is located on the right side of my favorites, the customization option appears, and the toolbar drops aprx. 1/4 "more reveling of my characters that I love. How can I keep the best overview of my character... Please...

    A character consists of two images.

    One large image (lightweighttheme-head, 3000 x 200) for the toolbars at the top and a smaller (lightweighttheme-foot, 3000 x 100) to the footer that are stored in the Firefox profile folder.

    A light theme (Persona) covers the part of the user interface of Firefox (the toolbar area) and not the window of the browser with the internet pages.

    You can create additional toolbars to get extra space via "view > toolbars > customize" to see more of the Persona.

    You need to put something on a toolbar (drag an item of top space) before closing the window customize because empty toolbars are automatically deleted.


  • How can I move my iPad back keyboard to the bottom of the screen?

    My keyboard has suddenly moved in the middle of my screen. Don't know what I did. How can I move this back down?

    Hold down the button of the globe at the bottom right of the keyboard, and after a second or so you should get a popup - drag your finger up option Dock Popup and then release the screen

  • How can I get my taskbar to get to the bottom of my page?

    some how my taskbar came on the right side of my page, and I don't know how to get it back to the bottom of my page where it surpose to be. Please help me!


    Please make sure that the taskbar is unlocked before you try to move it anywhere

    Unlock and move the taskbar

    Once you unlock the taskbar, it is ready to move to any horizontal or vertical office edge.


    View all

    To unlock the taskbar
    • Right click on a space empty in the taskbar. If a checkmark beside him doesn't lock the taskbar, the taskbar is locked. You can unlock it by clicking on lock the taskbar, which removes the check mark.


      To lock the taskbar into place, right-click an empty space in the task bar, then click on lock the taskbar, so that the box is displayed.

    • Click on an empty space on the taskbar, and then hold down the mouse button, dragging the taskbar to one of the four sides of the office. Once the taskbar where you want, release the mouse button.

  • How can I get my site to automatically fill the browser on different screen sizes?

    I conceive on a Macbookpro 15'. and when I saw the site, everything looks good, but I've noticed that, in the view of my site on the other screen sizes, it doesn't look good. something always snaps out of the browser according to the computer I see it in. is there any option on muse to make the site look the same on all screen sizes?

    Advice to solve this problem?


    As muse are not sensitive sites, I'm afraid it is not possible to create the page that is compatible with the screen sizes but you can refer to the suggestions provided by Zak in the forum below to make sensitive post type.



  • How can I get rid of Thurderbird advertising at the bottom of the screen of my email?

    Two days ago, when I opened my e-mail, instead of my e-mail lists, fill my screen, I now a kind of advertising Thunderbird filling about 1/4 of my screen at the bottom of my emails. How to get rid of him? I have no use for it. Thank you

    In the menu bar, select Tools-Options_general

    Clear the check box to display the start page.

    No menu bar? Press the ALT key.

  • How can I lock down you an apdiv to the bottom of the Web page?

    I want to place a black box at the bottom of my Web page. Any suggestions on the easiest way to do this?

    You can not.

    APDivs allows to position a number of pixels between the edge of the browser window or, when properly used, a number of pixels from their position relatively positioned parent element: absolute in their css.

    What you're actually looking for is position: fixed in css. Something like that...


    position: fixed; / * Since APDivs use position: absolute, you can not use them for this * /.

    Bottom: 0px;

    Width: 100%;

    height: 100px;

    border: 1px solid black;


    Never really use APDivs for a layout of the Web site. They will break your design according to the settings of the browser of the viewer and as a result, they have been removed from the PCOC altogether. Position: absolute should never be used as a method of layout, the DW taken marketing department a bad decision all the time and they touted as the ideal tool for new designers while in reality, they were pretty much exactly the opposite.

  • How can I configure Firefox to always check if the Web page is the most recent version? Not cashed.

    I'll be updating one of my Web pages & telling someone to look at it, and they get the old version. Used to be a setting to always check the new page, but I can't find it in the options. Browser V3.6.x


    To open the topic: config page, type Subject: config in the address bar (address) and press the 'Enter' key, as you type the url of a Web site to open a Web site.

    If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access this page.

    • Use the filter at the top bar of the on: page config to more easily spot a preference.
    • Preferences that have changed see the bold (user set).
    • Preferences you can restore the default value or change via the context menu.
  • How can I get my toolbar to return to the top? I hid them and now I can ' seem to find them again, I need to the address bar.

     How do I get my browers back up after hiding them? back

    This has happened

    Just once or twice

    is tonight

    Press the Alt key to display the Menu bar, then open view > toolbars and select menu bar, so it has a check mark.

  • How can I get my toolbar to stay on the screen?

    Here's the problem:

    I was using internet when I could have pushed a button on my keyboard that could disappear the toolbar. My taskbar is visible when I'm at the office, but not when I use the internet and things like that. I made sure the taskbar are locked and the hide option automatically is not selected, and it is still not visible unless I'm at the office, or if I press the windows key (but that is only temporary, because as soon as I click on the internet page it disappears again). Please help me out here, it's what seems to be a simple problem but is very frustrating. If it helps, I am running windows 7 and I think that IE 9. Thanks to a bouquet.

    It seems that you can set your internet browser full screen. On a normal page without video content (use google unlike youtube, for example), press the f11 key.

    If it doesn't work, try this on internet explore: or simply press Alt + V, and then click full screen downstairs.

    and for Firefox: Alt + V, then F

    If that doesn't work, try and remember exactly what you used and also to describe what browser you have / Web site, you are on.

  • My VISA card has been cancelled. How can I pay Adobe and continue you use the software CC?

    Your credit card may be cancelled cause of lost or stolen?

    For me, it was just a mistake of my Bank... Well Yes, it can Alosso happen.

    Here's the point: my credit card is unsueable so Adobe can't receive money, and I need more two weeks to receive another card.

    So, is there a way I pay Adobe (maybe the transfer) and continue you use the software great CC?

    Thank you!



    I see that you have an adobe under the same email account as with the forums.

    I would go you through the link below for more information billing, please go through the last segment that reads: restart an inactive subscription

    Renew, restart, or extend your Adobe Creative Cloud membership

    Hope this helps!

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