How can I play audio books and music to the same list of reading, in the same app on my iPhone?

I don't really know where posting this because it applies to music and audiobooks and iTunes, but this corner of the support community seems most likely to be read by people with similar problems.

I've got playlists in iTunes that are a mixture of Media type = Audiobook and Media type = music. In iTunes, they are in the same playlist, and I want to stay in the same playlist - they are language courses. But on my iPhone, digital audio books disappear from music and appear in iBooks (and in a book audio browser, the app I use audio books). It's the same playlist is now not only in two different playlists, but in totally different applications.

Is there a way to play these files from the same application on my iPhone, rather than having spread them over two applications? I guess the most likely option is an application that includes all the audio files on the iPhone, not only music and audio books not only. Such an application exist?

(Yes, I could theoretically change all in the music, or any audio book, but many of them have four-digit numbers, and if I change those files the track numbers will disappear and the playlists will be totally screwed.)

Thanks in advance.


Want very it is a third party application that can play audio books and music - particularly iTunes purchases items. You can certainly check the app store.

But yes, the unit and the apps work as expected.

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    Hello!! :) Yes! :) Click Start, and then click documents. in the left pane, click libraries. Then up, click New library. An icon appears and it automatically allows you to type the name. Enter the audio books.

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    in this way, you don't remove them completely. Then, right click on audio books and remove it. I hope this helps! :)

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    Hi mike827,

    The pictures in Windows Media Player folder is the same folder of images in the Windows libraries. If you click on the file icon in the taskbar and select pictures, your images should be there.

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    Thank you


    You can configure objects that are associated with each signature collections. Go to object > palette of Signature where you can add and manage collections.

    There is an example here: This has three signature fields.

    Hope that helps,


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    Farida kaid

    You can call Save in a few ways - through the Action Manager (AIActionManager.h) & PlayAction() for one. There is a call from WriteDocument() on these forums who would also do the trick (I think AIDocumentList.h, of AIDocument.h if not there).

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    To get the path after a backup, AIDocument.h has a method for this: GetDocumentFileSpecification().

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    DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.set_module (USER, "Initialized");



    Your information is good enough about the use of roles. This is the model of security that our customers use. Only assign us a password for roles and issues of connection of users shape the grant sql role using the password is used since in the form.

    However, I agree with Andreas on the hard coding schema owner. We have several clients, and each of them has a different name for the owner of the schema. By creating a public synonym for access to our forms tables, our forms work well at all sites.

    And after 325 posts, why don't give you yourself a real name on the forum?

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