How can I prevent files are deleted from others?

I have a Mac computer that is used in public, but I'm trying to secure a file to prevent others to remove it. And, if possible, I don't want anyone to open the files. I looked online for solutions; I looked on that you are supposed to put a password on it with a .dmg file using disk utility. I don't want to create a .dmg file, I want the folder itself must be blocked because it is used by other applications. How can I do?

Hi, a useful recommendation is to make all of these invisible files, for that you will need to use the Terminal.

Here are the instructions:

Launch Terminal from/applications/utilities/and use the following command syntax:

chflags nohidden /path/to/hide/file.txt

If you know the path to the file just type yourself. If you do not, follow it drag & drop methodto automatically enter the full path in the Terminal, just be sure to file in after the original order and then press the return key:

chflags hidden [DRAG FILE HERE]

This will hide your folders or files.

To view these files do:

At any time you can view the file with the following chflags command:

chflags nohidden /path/to/hide/file.txt

This means that after the stop at using the computer enter these commands on the terminal and hide them. The user after that you won't be able to see them (unless he knows how to view the files, but in this case, it must be specifically looking for your files). And when you return simply enter the command to the unhide them.

If there is a lot of files trying to group them all on a folder, and this folder hiding, which will automatically hide all content

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