How can I prevent my child from historical erasure?

I would like to prevent my child to erase history. I would check their web browsing
Thanks for helping me

Block / unblock websites with parental control on Firefox can help, honestly invest in content of third-party monitoring system.

Also, I found this amazing addon that disables the suppression of history and private browsing.
It can be downloaded from here.

It can still be disabled from the Add-ons Manager by anyone, so you should install This addon and protect your password manager and any addons: configuration settings.

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  • How can I prevent windows messenger from Yahoo from loading when I turn on my computer

    How can I prevent windows messenger from Yahoo from loading when I turn on my computer

    Yahoo Messenger is not a native application of any edition or version of Windows.  If you do not, in view of your operating system (Windows XP) - uninstall via Control Panel Add / Remove programs.

    How to change or remove a program in Windows XP

    If you use it and do not want to go to the top when you sign - set up is not to do...  Yes - Yahoo is a company with their support.  :-)

    How to enable or disable the automatic startup of Yahoo! Messenger

    Hope that helps.

  • How can I prevent the computer from the buffering every few seconds on the site Web of NHL when you watch the games?



    1. what web browser is installed on your computer? (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)

    2 are you facing this problem with any particular Web site?

    Buffering or Streaming media is multimedia that are constantly received by, and normally, an end-user while being delivered by a streaming provider (the term "present" is used in this article in a general sense that includes audio or video.

    A media stream can be broadcast live or on demand. Live stream is generally provided by a device called true streaming. True streaming sends the information directly to the computer or device without saving the file on a hard drive.

    To stop the buffering or to increase the speed of buffering, there is no option within the operating system. Only way to stop or to increase the speed of buffering in some measure is to have a connection with a higher bandwidth. But note that as does you not an option of continuous play in CD or DVD.

    Another work about that I do personally is to pause the video at the full buffering and watch the video once the buffering is completed.

    For more information, see the following Microsoft articles and check if that helps.

    Hope the information is useful.

  • How can I prevent my computer from auto lock?

    I think that my settings were part of a group security policy (laptop).  I have administrative rights on the laptop, and in the past, I have simply outweigh the policy setting "on RESUME, password screen" (or changed the deadline to 24 hours).

    However, this time it seems to be different.  I tried to change the registry settings, scoured the internet and I can't find a solution to the problem.  I edited each registry setting, I can think of to prevent this from happening, but it does not simply block a closure, after only 5 or 10 minutes (I've never actually timed).  I even tried to set the number of seconds in the registry, it's okay that I put, it hangs still after 5-10 minutes.

    Then I discovered that if I connect an external monitor, the computer will randomly not, after a period of time.  But as soon as the external display is disconnected, it crashes again after 5-10 minutes.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, it's extremely annoying.

    I have Windows 7, which is said by the way.


    Thanks for choosing Microsoft Community.

    I understand from the information you have provided to us, you are facing problem with automatic locking in Windows 7.

    I will certainly help you to this information.

    1. when the computer auto locks is the computer idle or work?

    2 you get the login screen when the computer auto crashes?

    Please follow the methods.

    Method 1:

    Follow the steps.

    a. right click on the desktop.

    b. click on customize.

    c. click on screen saver.

    d. Please uncheck this option on the resume, the logon screen

    e. click OK.

    Method 2:

    Follow the steps.

    a. click the Start button.

    (b) in the search box to start, type Power Options and press ENTER.

    c. click on change plan settings.

    d. Select the never option from the drop down menu to turn the screen and put the computer to sleep.

    e. click on save changes.

    Using the windows-related issues feel free to post on the Microsoft Community Forum.

  • How can I prevent a website from the removal of the Favorites toolbar in my browser?

    Is there a site that I need to visit for work reasons. Unfortunately the site deletes my favorite tools of Firefox and my menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc...). Is there a way to prevent this site to change my browser like that?

    A Web site should not be able to change the interface of the browser. Is the change just in pop up windows? You can prevent those with dom... settings in topic: config.
    DOM.disable_window_open_feature. Rental-> true (address)
    DOM.disable_window_open_feature. MenuBar-> true (menu bar)
    DOM.disable_window_open_feature.personalbar-> true (bookmarks bar)
    DOM.disable_window_open_feature. ScrollBars-> true
    DOM.disable_window_open_feature. TitleBar-> true
    DOM.disable_window_open_feature. ToolBar-> true (navigation bar)

  • How can I prevent my computer from freezing?

    while I'm still working, the computer crashes. This difficult problem is - say?

    You can clean clean boot
    Follow these steps to exclude material failures.
    Type of memory in the start search box, and choose Diagnostic memory. This will
    take a few minutes.
    In computer discs right click and choose Properties, then the Tools tab.
    then click on check now. Check the TWO boxes and then click Ok. Reset. This will take
    from one day to the next.
    After running chkdsk (which did above) click on start - all the
    Programs - Accessories - right on command prompt and choose Run as
    Administrator. Type
    "Woke from Chekole-Yagersew" wrote in message
    News: 572c4f77-ff0e-4f96-94e5-4b1f7bd9d78e...
    > while I'm still working, the computer crashes. This difficult problem is - say?
  • How can I prevent windows 7 from auto-detect my monitors?

    I have a multi-screen with two computers and two monitors Setup. My main screen is shared between 2 computers on a KVM switch and my secondary display is connected directly to my win7 box. When I switch the KVM away from the area of win7, windows detects that there is more connected to my main screen and flies all my windows open to the secondary display, hide the Windows I wanted to see. How to disable this behavior?

    I've seen messages on the deactivation of TMM in vista, but TMM does not appear in the Task Scheduler in windows 7.

    What makes this even worse, is that when I flip the switch KVM back (so my first is now connected to win7 box once again), about 10% of the time windows does not automatically detect the screen and I have to open the screen resolution settings and click on the button find.

    Maybe this thread will help you:
    I have yet to try myself.

    If this is not the case, this discussion has people with similar problems.

  • How can I prevent the world from particles to animate it manually?

    Hello, I wanted to animate a parametter of my particles manually (Particle World) but I need to know how to make them stop because by default, they are moving already, automatically.

    If you know please tell me, I will be really grateful to this topic. Or in the other hand, make the animation more slower but smoother.

    Particle world is a physical simulation so you can adjust the physics to change the way in which the particles. If you have the look you want, but need to change or freeze particles then you can before you compose your World Particle layer and use the time remapping effect to adjust the speed. If you want to animate individual particles, this is not possible with any particle generator.

  • How can I remove a child from the scene with a click of a button?

    I have a movieclip which requires playback buttons, Pause, forward and backward. The movieclip has actionscript to different images to load the library movieclips and repeat.

    I tried to use a progress bar, but it does not raise the actionscript during purification, only when the film plays normally.

    My solution is to create your and button back which can go up to specific frames where the key animation will start.

    I need to develop the actionscript code that will remove the children when the user clicks Back.

    That's how I'm loading movieclips several along the timeline of my library:

    var shpA1:arSHPp1;

    function attachAR1 () {}

    shpA1 = new arSHPp1 ();

    shpA1.x = - 30;

    shpA1.y = 18;

    addChild (shpA1);


    the interval is used to repeat the animation to represent the stream on a diagram

    var myInterval1:uint = setInterval (attachAR1, 500);

    What I've tried so far (does not at all - no error or trace):

    function remChild1(event:MouseEvent): void {}

    If (shpA1.stage)


    trace ("arSHPp1 is in the display list");

    shpA1.parent.removeChild (shpA1);

    shpA1 = null


    on the other


    trace ("arSHPp1 is not in the display list");


    var removeTimer;

    clearInterval (myInterval1);

    shpA1.parent.removeChild (shpA1);

  • Whenever I hit the "home" button, two more open tabs. I tried troubleshooting tips and nothing helped. How can I prevent new tabs from opening whenever I hit the button "home"?

    Click 'home', two more empty tabs open.

    Open firefox, click Tools, click options, select 'Général' and then check the box to the URL of your home page. Make sure that the URL of your home page not intervened twice.

  • How can I prevent the password window open when I do not use a password

    How can I prevent the window from opening at startup password when I don't use the password system

    Look in the general tab of the preferences system - security & Privacy - and see if the box named disable auto login is enabled. In this case please uncheck it.

  • How can I keep WIndows 7 from sleeping in the middle of a backup?

    If I have correctly start a backup from the console and leave the room, when I return from the computer is in standby.  When I wake up the computer, the backup will fail eventually.

    I know that it is possible for an application to inhibit sleep system; iTunes seems to do that when I'm streaming internet radio.  I looked at the controls associated with the backup and I don't see anything wrong.

    How can I prevent the system from falling asleep during a backup?

    Looks like a Microsoft Developer, David Anson, has a work around:

    Looks like there are a number of utilities that missing calls to SetThreadExecutionState() not sure if the backup is always broken, or HP broke.

  • How can I prevent updates from any application?

    How can I prevent updates from any application?

    In OS X goto System Preferences > > App Store and a tick "automatically check for updates.

    < image edited by host to remove personal information >

  • How can I prevent word from opening when I boot my Mac?

    How can I prevent word from opening when I boot my Mac?

    It may be something added to the login items in System Preferences > users and groups

    When you shut down the computer, there is also a checkbox asking you if you want to keep the configuration of the application that you have at that time, in which case it will return all open applications.

  • How can I prevent my itouch 32G to appear on my Iphone6 child photos? If I give him his own apple ID then she loses all his music already purchased.

    How can I prevent pictures of my itouch 32G to appear on my ios Iphone6 9.2 child? If I give him his own apple ID then she loses all his music already purchased.

    Is his pictures are showing on your phone, then that implies that she (and you) use the same account iCloud on your devices and are both using photo stream. She could use have and use his account for the parameters > iCloud or that she could not use Photo Stream (settings > Photos & camera on the device)

    Or you can configure the family sharing (if she is under 13 years old you need a credit card to create an account due to the child online protection Act), she should still be able to share purchases that you have made on your account, but future purchases, she would be linked to his account

    Family sharing:

    Child accounts: family sharing and Apple ID for your child - Support Apple

    Shareable shopping: What are the types of content can I share with sharing family?-Apple Support

    Family sharing 'request to buy': ask and make purchases with Ask to buy - Apple Support

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    Hello I did a vi in which I customize Boolean indicator and programtically that I move left (using the property node) his works well but whenever I use the vi as a Subvi, which personalize dosent Boolean indicator move on the Panel before main VI, bu