How can I prevent word from opening when I boot my Mac?

How can I prevent word from opening when I boot my Mac?

It may be something added to the login items in System Preferences > users and groups

When you shut down the computer, there is also a checkbox asking you if you want to keep the configuration of the application that you have at that time, in which case it will return all open applications.

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  • When I use dreamweaver cs6 browser Checker to find pages, it creates another page starting with the letter T. And he added this page to my folder. How can I prevent that from happening. I use a Mac.

    When I use Dreamweaver cs6 browser Checker to find pages, it creates another page starting with the letter T. And he added this page to my folder. How can I prevent that from happening. I use a Mac.

    Are you spotted with temporary files?  In Edition > Preferences > Preview in browser.

    Nancy O.

  • How can I prevent videos automatically start when I load a web site?

    Recently web sites have begun to show me not only the first shot a video, but from the video automatically when the page is loaded (or when I scroll down to the part of the page where the video). This happens on sites of news (, facebook and other places. How can I prevent Autostart from happening?

    I've got AdBlockPlus and NoScript activated, even though I have many sites NoScript whitelist. Videos to wait for me to click an arrow in the middle (like a "play" button) to start; some still do, but most don't. (I think an add-on is responsible for the play button, but I don't remember which).

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    Note that pages can also use the built-in player to HTML5 media instead of a plugin like Flash.

    You can see who is used by right-clicking on the drive to open the context menu.

  • How can I prevent updates from any application?

    How can I prevent updates from any application?

    In OS X goto System Preferences > > App Store and a tick "automatically check for updates.

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  • How can I prevent the default open tool pane?

    How can I prevent the default open tool pane?

    Hi sole2000,

    There is no way to hide the default tools Panel in the drive, but you can either click on the small triangle to show or hide the Panel of tools, or you can use the keys Ctrl + H to open the playback Mode.



  • How can I control which page opens when I open a new tab?

    Let, for example, I use a browser, Mozilla firefox. I want that when I open a new tab, it will open a site I choose, say, Google.How can I do this? How can I prevent all programs attempt to change my choice? Please, solve my problem by considering separately the "Mozilla firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer".

    Sure.  Go to Facebook and set it as your homepage.  Then create the bookmark that I described.  Hold down the Ctrl key when you click to open Google in a new tab.

    However, many browsers have a search box and you should be able to designate Google as default search provider therefore by entering a string in the search field, you will automatically use Google.

  • My computer has happened in a power safe mode and I cannot restore without rebooting. How can I prevent this from happening on the Vista operating system?

    My computer suddenly goes into safe mode of power and I am not able to restore in normal mode without rebooting the computer. How can I stop this from happening? My OS is Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

    Thank you

    JO Ann


    You should be able to solve this problem by activating the mode Hibernate in the command prompt. If she hibernates, it will save an image where you are on your hard drive and you will be in business once the power returns.
    You must also make sure that your power options would spend in hibernation mode when the power is lower at some point.
    1. Click Start and type 'CMD '.
    2. Right click on CMD and run as administrator.
    3. Click on continue when you are prompted.
    4. "Type in the command prompt" "" powercfg.exe /Hibernate on.
    5. Go to the options to be able to enter the control panel by typing in "Power Options."
    6. You will see the different power options. The one you have selected, that's what you are currently using. Click on "change plan settings".
    7. Click on "change power avancΘs."
    8. Scroll down to the battery and you will see the options of low battery and critical battery responses. Make sure they are set for the hibernation.
    I hope that after these steps, your problems. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • XP SP3, and Windows Live Mail, when I receive a file .htm as an attachment to an e-mail, it's a file 'blocked '. How can I prevent this from happening.

    Win XP SP3 and Windows Live Mail. I get emails from my office surveillance video. The e-mail has an attachment '.htm '. When I double click the file .htm in the email, it starts Internet Explorer 8 and must upload a short video clip and display it. The fly in the soup seems to be the fact that the .htm file is "locked".

    He can be unlocked by saving it to disk and using Windows Explorer to display its properties, and then click the button "Unblock" - but it's just a "work around".

    From what I read on Microsoft sites, the .htm files are not considered to be dangerous - or are? So why are they blocked? And how do I prevent it?

    I listen carefully!

    Thank you very much Halima, maybe you helped me to focus, in any case I eventually find a switch in Windows Live Mail, which was causing my pain.

    In Windows Live Mail, go to TOOLS-online the SECURITY OPTIONS-online SECURITY => and UNCHECK the line "do not allow opening or saving attachments that could contain a virus.

    Problem solved - thank you for your time and effort.

  • How can I stop firefox from opening a tab in Tools/Options

    Firefox 38.0.1

    Suddenly instead of an open box now I have an open tab when I go in Tools/Options - how can I recover the box and the aperture stop tab, I'd rather be able to see my tab running below the box in Tools/Options, and now I can't. This makes things very difficult.

    Hi, FredMcD advice is what you need: you can return to the old window Options by: Type Subject: config in the address bar, press ENTER, accept the warning, scroll to browser.preferences.inContent and double-click on it to change the "value" from true to False, taking care to not to change what anyone else. You will then need to restart Firefox.

    If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

  • How can I prevent subfolders are deleted when I try to delete the parent folder which I did not have permission to delete?

    There is folder (I have a total control except "delete")

    There are some folders and files in A folder.
    When I try to delete the folder it said "access denied." That's what I wanted.
    But after having done this, when I check inside the notebook has, I saw subfolders and files have been deleted.
    How can I set the permissions to prevent this?
    (I also want to have the permission to delete subfolders or files in folder A when I'm in it. I just want to avoid file one himself from deletion)
    Thanks in advance...

    Hi fenarena,

    Your question is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the TechNet forum.

  • My newly installed TB has disappeared from my computer portable 64-bit Windows 8.1. How can I prevent this from happening again?

    When I installed new cases of tuberculosis 'portable' a few minutes ago, all seemed well unfold. I downloaded an accumulation of messages from my server and started the implementation of filters and the archive folders. Suddenly, TB froze and then disappeared! When I clicked on the icon, I was presented with a blank, new, TB and asked if I wanted a new email address, etc., as I had been before (and refused). I went ahead and download my messages in the 'empty' TB, but how can I keep the content to disappear again?
    I wonder if this is a problem with the wrong Windows 8.1. Any ideas?
    Thank you
    MaxineKL to the Canada that prefer Tbird to Outlook

    The examples I have seen are Windows 8 back to a previous state when something goes wrong with the boot and Thunderbirds gets cancelled out of existence. Creating a restore point in Windows after you install Thunderbird could help.

  • How can I stop acrobat automatically opens when I download a pdf file?

    Acrobat Reader opens automatically when I download a pdf file. How can I change this?

    Assuming you are using Safari, in the General preferences, you have "Open 'safe' after files have downloaded" checked? If so, uncheck the box.

  • How can I prevent the launch Photos when I plug my SD card

    Whenever I plug in my SD card, Photos launches and interferes. How can I stop pictures to do this? I tried the preferences, but the option was not there.

    It's pretty simple, when you plug your sd card just to check the box that says "open photos for this device". It's in the section import the photos app.

    After that it should fix your problem.

  • How can I prevent people from seeing where the email has passed since?

    How can I stop showing where email is transmitted from

    How can I stop showing where email is transmitted from

    Select and then delete the addresses in the e-mail message.

    And when you send an email if you do not want your visible list of recipients used the bcc function.

  • How can I remove programs from starting when the system boots.


    Whenever I start my computer, it opens and begins to operate more than one program automatically. One is pinned to the taskbar, but others are not. How can I tell the computer which I do not wish for the programs at startup? Any help you might be able to give is gratefully received. Thank you.

    Download Autoruns

    Start the program and click the Connect tab uncheck the entries that you do not want to start.

    Not uncheck anything that you are not sure you know what it is. Your computer may not work correctly or may not even start.

    You can also look at the options of programs that start automatically. It may be possible to disable them.

    Look in the startup folder in the start all programs Menu. Right click and delete any entries that you don't want.

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