How can I provide internet security for my 10.7.5 unsupported macbook?

How can I provide internet security for my 10.7.5 no support for operating system Macbook?


The best way is just to use your common sense and do not download third-party applications, don't use torrents. Except that you can install AdBlock for stop pop ups. If you happen to get malware, download and run MalwareBytes. Malwarebytes was developed by one of our colleagues here to ASC. He received rave reviews and is on the more proven anti-malware for Mac software.

EDIT: Do not use any type of security application Internet only these will create more problems than they solve.

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    First of all, please note that you mean a computer, not a cpu.  "CPU" means "Central processing unit". In modern personal computers, the CPU is a relatively small chip, an integrated circuit. It is located on the motherboard inside the computer case. It is not the case itself, nor is it the total computer, which includes the case and what it contains.

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    Microsoft prohibits any help given in these Forums for you help bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    Either you knew the password and have forgotten (in which case we cannot help you), or ask the person who set up the assistance network

    See you soon.

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    You can not. You must have Acrobat and the file password - change for this.

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    Hi Dave Tavres

    I'm afraid to say that you would not be able to change this icon.
    This icon is provided by the hardware manufacturer, and is included in the drivers and architecture has no Windows allows to change this information.
    However, you can use the third party applications to change. Use your favorite search engine to find on the Internet.

    Important note: This response contains a reference to third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft provides this information as a convenience to you. Microsoft does not control these sites and no has not tested any software or information found on these sites; Therefore, Microsoft cannot make any approach to quality, security or the ability of a software or information that are there. There are the dangers inherent in the use of any software found on the Internet, and Microsoft cautions you to make sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any software from the Internet.

    It will be useful.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    If you forgot your Apple ID security questions answered -

    Frequently asked questions about Apple ID - -> Can I change the answers to security questions of my Apple ID?  -> Yes. You can change responses to security issues that are provided when you initially enroll in your Apple ID go to my Apple ( ID and click on manage your account.

    Advice to the user to alarm: some Solutions for forgot security reset issues -

    KingPenguin 02/2015 post -

    Rescue email address and how to reset Apple ID security issues - - "If you don't remember your Apple ID security and answers questions, email backup option provides a way to reset the.» In addition, all future emails related to safety of your Apple ID will send to the email address of relief. »

    January 2014 post about to contact Apple to reset security - and and other related expenses issues, February 2016 -

    If none of the above works, contact the support of iTunes at and follow the instructions to report the problem to the iTunes Store.

  • How can I get a security code on my wifi neighbors are tapping into my use

    the neighbors are tappin celine my wifi how can I put the security on my computer setting to stop it.


    Hi Becc,

    Essentially, the procedure is to configure the router for the specific appropriate for your router, and your ISP and your computers and intranet security settings.  You do not block your computers, you encode router transmissions so that others cannot use it without the username and password.  Then you configure your computers (or other devices connected) so that they know the appropriate codes and can communicate with the router.

    When I came across this myself, I discovered that the manufacturer of the router charged; However, I discovered that my ISP supports this particular router and they helped me as well with the router and my computer for free as part of their service - so I'd personally start with your ISP to see if they will help you.

    The following article gives the basic instructions for the router (and a few different), but it only covers the router (and not your connected devices) and it indicates the options to use but sometimes 'the best' is not appropriate or accessible with your ISP or router and the computers (which means that it's OK to learn about it in a general sense (, but you need to communicate with people to get the correct settings).  For example I would use WPA2 but my ISP doesn't support WPA is what I use (and if I tried the other it wouldn't work and I would have had no. clue what I was doing wrong and be stuck and confused).  So think of this as simply a presentation guide but use the following instead.

    In short, to access the router, go to any computer connected and click on start / all programs / accessories / right-click on command prompt, and then click Run as administrator.  Then type IPCONFIG/all.  For your first login, you should see a group of settings as a gateway by default (and possible other inputs) referring to a TCP/IP address (usually or something similar to that).  This is the address of your router.

    Open now IE (or your browser) and in the address field where you can type, sometimes rather type the address of the router (for example, and enter.  This should connect to the router where it will ask for a user name and password (almost certainly).  If you know, very well.  If this is not the case, the access provider manufacturer or router can help.  Many use default common (which you should change once get you it, but remember).  Certain combinations of username/password common name include admin/admin, admin/password, administrator/administrator/admin password, simply administrator or with any other admin for the password.

    There must be a security section.  Need you probably to get a security Type (WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal,...), a Type of encryption (for example, TKIP, AES,...) and a security network (password thinking) key.  The first two depend too much from your ISP and the installation program to help me (and you may have different options or more also)-they need to tell you what to use.  The manufacturer of the router can probably help with this - but the ISP knows and can tell you.  Use a key strong you want it is hard to break.  Here is an article on the creation of strong passwords - for this and especially since you know that you used, I would out max and go even a little further than they suggest:  I would choose one with 12 numbers which is a random set of letters lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and symbols - but also one you won't forget but that is anyone's guess (that you don't really want to not have to reset it).

    Once set, so even if not recommended by the router or the people of the ISP because if you forgot your password again, they will not be able to help the router becomes a paperweight (but it prevents a person to reset the router using the same stuff, I suggested above to find one that works - if they were not working and you don't need help to identify it) I would consider changing the default user name and password reset so no one can use this method ignores everything and get (even if you notice that and eventually be locked out yourself - and quite well, they will have to have physical access to the router to reset it because I don't think that this can be done remotely).  I did it with mine.  Others choose not to bother because they assume that nobody's going to such extremes and it would make things easier if you needed help more later and I forgot the password.  It's your choice.  I did it because I'm a little paranoid and know that I forget - but for the most part, I suggest they leave alone that can be a bit going overboard.

    Then go to all devices connected wireless or another for the router and configuration, security codes to enable this device (your computers and perhaps a printer or other devices) to access the router and don't not blocked everything as your neighbors now will be.  Go to network connections and sharing, then the list of wireless connections and select the connection of your router and right click and click Properties.  Click Security and three above options should appear.  Change them to match what you used for the router and save the settings.  Now close the connection to the router (if it doesn't what shouldn't be) and re-establish a connection and you may in.  Do same for all devices (printers and other devices probably have special methods to change these settings and you may need help with these providers to find a way to review the security settings to connect to the router - but usually it's really not hard and you can probably work yourself or using self-help on the Web site of the device or the manual if you still have it).

    That's all.  You have now completed and you are sure.  Again, you will need help from the ISP with the parameters (and they can also help you with everything if you ask and you need), but with this exception, most of the time I think that you can usually do it on your own.  Go into the router manufacturer only if absolutely necessary and the ISP will not or can not help and you can't find try it yourself since many of them charge for this kind of thing (unless it is brand new and some even then) and you need information from the ISP in any case as the router manufacturer probably does not know the right settings for each provider (even if they do for many is not reasonable to assume that they know not just less likely to the ISP).

    I hope this helps.  Assuming that this has not already been moved on Windows Networking Forum, and if that didn't do the trick and you need more assistance, please repost it here:

    Good luck!

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    Adobe Flash player is already on my computer from IE 8. How can I get Firefox to see that it is already on my PC and use it so I don't have to download it again and possibly create other problems. Also, in my efforts to download Flash, active Firefox IE that made me concerned that would cause problems that our just leave me where I am now, instance where IE can use a bottle but Firefox cannot.

    Internet Explorer uses a version of the Flash player ActiveX plugin as it does not work with other browsers.

    Download the version of the Plugin-based browsers and make sure Firefox is closed when you install it.

  • How can I change my password for connection of Firefox? (Not the master password for the Firefox links saves itself)

    (1) how can I change my password for connection of Firefox? (Not my main password for things Firefox stores)
    (2) how can I change my password for connection of Thunderbird? (Not my master
    password for things Thunderbird stores)
    Just answer (Email removed by mod)

    You don't have to log in to Firefox. Firefox is just a browser, such as Internet Explorer. Everything you have to do is double-click it and open it. It's like Internet Explorer. If you have some sort of password extension protecting your Firefox, it's different and you need to contact the developer of the extension.

  • How can I reset your security questions

    It shows me not "reset your security questions!

    How can I reset your security questions. Please?

    You have to ask Apple to reset your security questions. To do this, click here and choose a method; If this page does not list one for your country or if you are unable to call, complete and submit this form.


  • How can I change my password for purchases?

    How can I change my password for purchases?

    IF you are referring to your password for your AppleID, then you can go to this page;

    Once there, you want to go to the Security section. Then, you click on change password. Then enter your current password, and then enter a new password and confirm the new password. Then click on change password. We'll then spend your AppleID password. If it is the password you speak when you try to download apps.

    IF you are referring to him requesting a digital password or one that is your telephone access code, simpally change your password in the phone.

    I hope this has helped! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

    Have a great rest of your day!

  • How can I return the audio for my lap top.

    Original title: audio sound

    I inadvertently deleted something that gives me sound on my lap top. I think it is silverlight. How can I return the audio for my lap top. THX


    1 have had any changes made on the computer before the show?

    2. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    3. when exactly do you face the question?

    I suggest to return the item and try to run the fix it:

    No sound in Windows

    Please provide more information to help you best.

  • How can I activate the report for individule family members?

    How can I activate the report for individule family members?

    Hello Dan,.

    Activation of activity reports to the members of the family security is easier than the steps below.

    To activate the activity tracking

    1. on any computer, sign in to the Family Safety website with your Windows Live ID.

    2. on the family summary page, click view activity report next to the name of the child, you can turn on activity reports.

    3. Select turn on activity monitoring.

    4. click on Save.

    To learn more, follow this article to the solution and go to the section find out what your kids have been up to on their computer .

    Protect your kids with parental controls

    Note: Whenever changes are on our parental control settings, we need to update it so that the changes take effect. Click on the button Refresh (located on the left side of the ?) top right of parental control window (the client installed on your computer) to refresh and get the last parameters.

    Thank you and best regards.

  • How can I turn off DEP for something like facebook to add photos?

    Whenever I try to add pictures on facebook, I'm getting evicted due to the DEP, saying it is dangerous. It won't let me add the facebook upload photo. He throws me every time. How can I disable it specifically for this purpose so I can add photos?

    Try this solution:

    Click Start > Control Panel > performance and Maintenance > system
    or in Classic view:
    Click Start > Control Panel > system

    Click on the Advanced tab > close Performance, click Settings > Data Execution Prevention

    Try the programs (o) turn on DEP for Windows essential...

    Please try your download of Facebook.

    You have successfully updated your security programs: antivirus, firewall and other? Windows updates? Please
    cause here's the news on Facebook that could have an impact on you.

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