How can I record audio programs that run through Windows 7 on the sound recorder? Where is the master volume.

How to record audio programs in windows 7? -in previous versions of windows, I could use the main volume control to select "wave" and that way save audio playing on other programs playing through windows and using windows as a simple sampling devicem - I have a relatek 11 hd audio device/card's directx - in audio devices ControlPanel / / / / material/sound/manage / I see only selection of recording for the microphone or line - how can - record sound through windows 7 - can I buy a cable and put it in the headphone and microphone - I'm trying to address the problem in a way that is now not in windows - I want to play things and recording in a small way - could you provide an answer on how audio intgrates of hardware and software with windows - I can't believe really wanting I could do on the previous windows versions - please help


Start - All Programs - Accessories - Sound Recorder will launch the utility. You can easily find it by running aid and entering "sound recording."

Right click the speaker icon in the system tray, select recording devices and set the desired default entry.

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