How can I recover my files from hard drive on a clean hard disk, Diskpart

I tried to install Windows 8 Preview, however, I kept getting a message saying that Windows is to not install the disk hard because it was in the GPT format or something. When this happened, a forum on the internet suggested that I use DiskPart to clean the disc. I did as he said, not realizing that it would literally clean off my hard drive. I am trying to use another hard disk and install a (overview of Win8) OS on it so that I can access the old hard drive and retrieve it using a program called TestDisk

I hope that it will work, but I would like to comment on this and maybe some VIP tips.
At this point, any advice is good advice.
Thank you

First of all, I would highly recommend NOT to use Windows 8 for your recovery efforts.  New systems of operating have incompatibilities with the generation previous tools and utilities - witness to the fact that all of the major anti-virus companies update their products to Windows 8.  Stay with a published known operating system.

Then, realizing that what you do for the old hard disk decreases the chance that you will be able to recover the files.  You would ideally take the disc, put it in an antistatic bag and ship it to a recovery company data that you would charge probably hundreds of thousands of dollars to recover your data, but was probably a chance of recovering 100% as long as the player has not been written to since the diskpart session.

Having never been in the position that you are in because my computer gets backed up every night, I can't recommend a recovery product based on personal use. I've seen a good many people recommend Recuva ( and it would probably do the work for you... but remember once again, play you with the reader, becomes it is likely that you will not be able to recover at all.

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    This message looks like a warning of S.M.A.R.T. notification
    This means that your HARD disk will eventually fail.
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    The file would be very likely in $ directory ORACLE_HOME/mobile_oc4j/j2ee/mobileserver/applications/mobileserver/devmgr. I think that the name of the directory would be identical to the device id.

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    Don't know what your problem is - log on to Skydrive and recover the files that you need them, or download the app to Skydrive and they will all be uploaded at the same time.

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    Sally in Georgia

    Looks like you did a system rather than a system restore recovery.  If you have inserted a disc supplied with your machine and booted from it, you probably erased the disc and installed the original operating system provided with your computer.  Usually, a step in this recovery is to do a full format or quick of your drive.  If you did a full format, your data is permanently lost.  With a quick format, your data may still be there, somewhere but inaccessible by normal means.  Applications must generally be installed, in order to recover the files probably will not help unless you have the original installation media.  Your other data files (images, videos, financial data) may be salvageable, but at this point, it would be advisable to take your computer or your disk to a business/professional who is experienced with data disc recovery.  It will be cheap and there is no guarantee.

    Impatient, remember investigate you a backup strategy for your computer and critical data.  Hard drives can go wrong with little or no warning.


  • How can I recover deleted files?


    Yesterday, I deleted the 2 files form the office. I think they were "desktop.ini" file or similar. I deleted them because I thought that some programs created to do something not important.
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    Thank you very much


    Diego_21, thanks for posting on the Microsoft forums.

    Desktop.ini is a file of parameters for your desktop, if it is deleted it will be recreated automatically the next time you start upward. If you choose however to try to recover a file of permanent deletion there are many applications of freeware that you can use. Just use your favorite search engine.

    If you need help please reply.
    Kind regards
    Aaron Barth

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    Thank you

    I had this prob and Movie Maker did not. I tried Ctrl Alt Del and went to the Task Manager, and then went further with this. I did the backup file. Then I rebooted the computer, I think. When I open Movie Maker again once he said that Movie Maker is not shut down properly you want to restore from where you left off. So I did and it restored! I got about 10 hours of work.

Maybe you are looking for