How can I recover my lost toolbars?

On web pages, I accidentally did the Web page full screen. This means that I lost the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and tool bars and the bar of menus etc. at the top. The page is seen is lying. The address bar is accessible by drawing down temporartily by taking the cursor to the top edge of the screen. How to restore my screen to the normal display.

Press F11.

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    I was checking my emails as usual and after trying to open a message not read all emails have been deleted from my Inbox. At the end of this process, about 300 folders with names like "QxxzBx z.html.pX10aRdGp.html.part" were placed on my desk. How can I recover my mails and make sure that this problem does not happen?

    I use Thunderbird version with Mac OS X 10.9.2 24.4.0

    I hope that this does not happen again. Perhaps as a test, you can select some messages and drag them to your desktop, to see if this occurs behavior. Of course, that we do not know why it happened, but it might help to understand if this is actually what happened.

    I'm glad you could at least undelete them, Adam!

  • How can I recover my lost after updating to Firefox v33 tabs?

    Problem: After updated to v33, I am unable to restore my lost tabs and GROUP the tabs in my previous session, which was last night at 23:38 UTC

    Here are the steps I took:

    (1) history > restore previous session is grayed out.

    (2) I checked to make sure that I had configured session restore by going to Options > general Panel > when Firefox starts: show my windows and tabs from last time.

    (3) I clicked on Firefox > properties > Previous Versions. But since I have never set up any kind of restore configuration, there is no earlier versions available.

    (4) I tried to search the sessionstore.js file in my profile folder and replace it with my sessionstore.bak file because this file date has changed to 14/10/2014 18:38. However, I can't find the session.js file and the files only related to sessionstore I see are: session.rdf, sessionCheckpoints.json, sessionstore.bak, sessionstore.bak - 20140923175406.

    Help, please! I had a lot of tabs. I don't want to go to history to find my tabs one by one, because I also had groups of tabs that I didn't open in a month or more and each group of tabs have several tabs in them also.

    First of all, very important, please make a backup of all files that begin with sessionstore in a safe place, such as your Documents folder.

    If the .js extension does not appear on your file sessionstore.js (the session.js file), you can stop hiding file extensions windows, at least temporarily. See:

    If sessionstore.js is completely absent, it's very strange. In this case, I suggest to leave Firefox and then rename sessionstore.js sessionstore.bak to see if Firefox can read this file when it starts again.

    There are a few techniques to extract the URL of sessionstore.* files which can be useful if sessionstore.bak is not useful.

  • How can I recover a lost file bookmark and content and add to my current boolmarks?

    I tried to access a folder with several subfolders with important favorite Web sites. It's not in my favorites and I searched the entire library. I need to recover this file and add it to my folders of bookmarks existing without change or disrupt the rest of the structure of Web sites or bookmarks. I guess I can get bookmarked all the value of an earlier date, but I need just to this folder. I unfortunately did not a recent backup so I don't have the ability to recover from my backup. In that case, might do the same to my backup copy of my favorites?

    If you did a lot of re-organization of your files since your last backup, then you could try the following steps to restore only the missing folder you need (providing that it existed at your last backup).

    1. Save what you have now in a new format JSON backup file;
    2. Restore the previous backup;
    3. Turn off everything except the missing records;
    4. Export to a HTML file.
    5. Restore the backup that you created in step #1; then finally
    6. Import the HTML file created in step #4.

    It is not the most elegant solution, but it will accomplish I hope that what you need, if I understand you correctly.

  • How can I recover a lost product key?

    I have forget my license of Vista and I want to re install on my computer but I knead the license and I lost

    I want just the original key to activate my Vista Business SP1

    No, the thing is the License Key is written @ the back of my PC but the sticker is gone and I need... can I communicate with any body or do something to get it again

    If you reinstall the operating system or restore factory initially provided for the computer disks or if you use on the computer factory restore partition you need not the key product on the sticker of the computer (COA SLP below.)  That is only used when you upgrade the bios of the computer, or another problem it happens that the installer cannot self turn on the computer.

    The following text was published previously in another forum by Darin Smith MS (MSFT) and can probably answer better I could question:

    "Computers, which are built by the large manufacturers come with Windows pre-installed, come with 2 two product keys:

    (A) OEM SLP: this key comes pre-installed in Windows, when it comes to the factory. This key is designed to work with Bios OEM flag only on the hardware of this manufacturer. Then, when Windows was installed using the OEM SLP (in factory) Windows key leans on the motherboard and he sees the flag proper Bios OEM (for the manufacturer and the version of Windows) and activates. (that's why you had no need to turn on your computer after you brought it home)

    (B) SLP COA: it's the product key that you see on the sticker on the side (bottom or sometimes a laptop battery) of your computer. It's a valid product key, but it should be used only in certain situations (for example, this case when OEM SLP key ceases to be activated for some reason any). The key must be activated by phone.

    As long as the installation of Vista came on the computer you won't need the product key.

  • How can I recover a lost Windows 7 product key?


    I recently updated my PC Windows 8 (via the upgrade not clean install). Is it possible to recover the key of Windows 7 I have used before? I have 2 uses remaining on this key and lost the disk / key. I have just built a new computer and have 4 days left until the end of the trail 30 days of Win7Pro. Any ideas?
    Thank you
    Aly =]
    Original title: recover Windows 7 key after upgrade to Windows 8?

    MS offers no support for the oem licenses

  • How can I recover photos lost in the conversion of Photos?

    Was > 90 k pictures and nearly 200 albums iPhoto library. Bought a new iMac with El Capitan and convert photo library. After conversion, most of the albums displayed holders place empty, some with title data, but more without. Saved and repair (command option, open Photos). Post a regeneration, it is now only display 8 k photos with about 10 albums. See no reason for what is successful and what was lost, even if the older DSLR photos seem to be most of what has disappeared. Any help would be appreciated.

    first thing I would do is the original library repeat migration - restore your backup of it and drag the backup restored to Photos icon in the Dock to migrate


  • How can I recover the lost password bit locker?

    Original title: I forget my bitlocker password and recovery key lost, please help me in any case ITI contain very important datda of my friends, pllzzz

    It contains very imp of mine data please tell me any method to unlock the drive

    It contains very imp of mine data please tell me any method to unlock the drive

    Why did you encrypt your files? You did it because you wanted to prevent anyone from reading your files, unless you have the password and the key.

    With BitLocker, you have selected a great tool. It does exactly what you wanted. There is no backdoor.
  • How can I recover a lost document published the catalyst for business?


    I accidentally delete my muse and I would like to know if I can get it back with the catalyst for business? It's temporary publsh on BusinessCatalyst...


    I'm afraid that you can retrieve only the Site (HTML, JS, CSS) files, etc. active business catalyst but not the .muse file. There is also no way to convert these files into a .muse file.

    It is recommended to always keep the backup of the file muse


  • My laptop crashed and I lost my recovery key. All my favorites always appear on my android samsung galaxy 4. How can I recover my recovery key?

    My laptop crashed and I lost my recovery key. All my favorites always appear on my android samsung galaxy 4. How can I recover my original recovery key? I tried to delete my account and create a new one, as suggested, but now I get a sync error saying do not match the recovery keys. Also is there a way to export my favorites from my mobile device?

    Try [947177/questions/947177]

  • How can I recover toolbar? I fall by chance

    How can I recover my toolbar? I fall by chance

    View > toolbars >...

    If the menu bar is not active, you can use the "Alt" key to make visible temporarily. The functionality of menu bar is replaced by the "Firefox" button red or orange, for most of the elements of Firefox that were in the choice of Firefox builtin to the menu bar.

  • lost all my photos from iCloud, after deleting the photos from my phone. How can I recover my photos?

    lost all my photos from iCloud, after deleting the photos from my phone. How can I recover my photos?

    Go to using a computer and then photos. Looking for an album recently deleted.

  • How can I recover my address bar and toolbar?

    How can I recover my address bar and toolbar? I is not a place to type the URL, or that you don't have the File, Edit, View, Options in the drop-down menus.

    Menu bar (File, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, help)

    Press Alt V T M on your keyboard. This should restore the menu bar (Firefox 3.6)

    Other toolbars

    View | Toolbars | Select the desired toolbar

    Other measures to try

    If you lack the specific icons (e.g.) the arrow back), try to restore the default value set by going to display. Toolbars | Customize | Restore the default set

    Safe mode

    You may need to reset toolbars and controls through Firefox in Safe Mode troubleshooting questions
    Make sure that completely close Firefox first. When you get to the Safe Mode window, select controls and then make changes and restart and reset toolbars.

    I hope this helps!

  • Lost Windows XP product key operating system but still have box with certificate and XP CD years ago. How can I recover my product key?

    Lost XP product but key BONES who still box with certificate and XP CD years ago. How can I recover my product key? Thank you

    Here are some utilities, which will display your product keys:

    Belarc Advisor:
    (He did a good job of providing a wealth of information.
    However may not detect a key to office, then try one of the other two below)


    J W Stuart:

  • We lost power at our Windows XP device received updates. How can I recover my machine?

    Last Thursday my Windows XP machine was receiving automatic updates when I closed the computer.  The screen says not to turn off our machine until updates were complete.  We lost power before the updates were complete.  The next time I logged on our 'User' account and it does not have our wallpaper can save anything.  Nothing was in 'My Documents'.

    It's looks like it has created a new account.  In Windows Explorer, I see that 'My Documents' was really under the account "user-B2760D6ACA".  This isn't an account that was there before.  There is always a 'User' account, but connect brings you this new account.  How can I recover my mahcine so that he can come back as it was before the automatic updates to occur?  I tried "System Restore" option, but the sooner I can get back to East after Thursday (when the crash occurred).

    Hi JatwellZZ,
    Start in safe mode and check if your user account has no problem.
    For more information, see:
    If the same problem persists, connect to the built-in Administrator account in safe mode and create a new user account.
    The default built in Safe Mode administrator account appears as administrator when you connect mode without failure.
    To create a new user account, see:

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