How can I recover my pc for the first time that I bought?

How can I recover my pc for the first time that I bought? because my pc is so slow... I have a compaq laptop cq61... and I want to set up the first time... How can I?  I don't have a recovery disk because when I bought it dosnt have a recovery in it disc. Please help me. Thank you



I'm happy to help you

Glancing at the screen shot you posted, your looks of partition fine recovery (recovery (D).

Save your files on an external hard drive or flash drive (depending on how many you have).

Once that is done, disconnect all connected to your PC, but the AC adapter.

Start the PC and the HP welcome screen, press the F11 key to start the Recovery dialog box and follow the prompts.

It should take 15 to 30 minutes and your PC needs to be restored to its factory settings.

Then just reinstall all programs and files that does not come with the PC.

You will need the files or the installation of program diskettes. You cannot back up installed programs and reinstall them using a backup.


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