How can I reinstall the demand for 'People' in windows 8, which has been accidentally uninstalled by me?

How can I reinstall the demand for 'People' in windows 8, which has been accidentally uninstalled by me?

You can reinstall it from the following link:

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    I need to reinstall Lexmark X 422 for imaging devices, as is show a yellow mark and when I click on its properties, it says cannot start code 10

    You can download the driver from the following link:

    Universal Lexmark driver - Microsoft WHQL certified Windows XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / driver PCL XL emulation of Windows 7

    Unplug the printer first, install the driver, it restarts the computer, then connect the printer and see if t is detected.

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    Where are the toolbars on Mozilla for Windows 8? There is no navigation, print, save as options. Having read several articles online, but when I right click on an empty space on a tab bar - no toolbar no options see the.

    OK, so it seems that you are using the full screen without trying - press F11 to leave and return to the normal interface.

  • I can't install the driver for my Canon iP2702 printer, which has stopped working.

    I bought a new one, same model, same problem. It works on another pc, but I can't just install the driver of any method. I also tried a different model (Epson C86), same problem. I restarted the print spooler, delete the registry files before reinstalling, tried to use the disk, using the latest version of the following driver from Windows Update Wizard "add a printer" - nothing works. Can someone please suggest a solution? I can not "add a printer", who immediately said "not responding". If I restart the spooler, it progresses to the next page, where I can choose only "use an existing port", but having said "Operation could not be completed.

    Have you tried to download and install the latest Vista driver on the Canon site (instead of using the CD or Windows Update) here: ?

  • How can I find the number of times that my volume license has been activated?

    Volume license activations.

    Try to contact Adobe support to see if they can help.

    Here are some links to help get in touch:

  • How can I get the Basic for Windows Media Player codec pack?

    original title: green screen recently started in windows media player for Vista 64-bit.

    It works very well for some videos (like those recorded uncompressed, or some codecs) but a single codec that I save it as coming out of Sony Vegas (Windows Media video V11) goes green screen with playback of the sound. How can I get the basic for 64-bit Windows Media Player codec pack? It worked perfectly for several years now on this machine. Suddenly, it does not work. Last time that I used it very well if a few months ago.

    Hi, MisterMark67,

    What changes have been made recently to the computer?

    Have you tried a system restore to a time before this problem?

    Here are answers to some common questions about codecs.

    Windows Vista Codecs Pack base 10.04 (32-bit & 64-bit codecs)

  • How can I reinstall the audio drivers for my motherboard d845egb2 intel

    I received a 2nd hand computer and had to wipe all of its information. and lost the ethernet drivers and audio. So how can I reinstall the audio drivers for my motherboard d845egb2 intel

    Hi samshepherd,

    To check if an updated audio driver is available for your sound card, you can use Microsoft Update to help you determine your current sound driver and if an update is available.

    You can also contact the sound driver hardware or the computer manufacturer for an updated audio driver.

    See the link below for more details:

    How to update a sound card driver in Windows Vista and Windows XP

    Additional reference on:

    How to troubleshoot sound problems in Windows XP

  • I had to rebuild my computer after a hard disk failure. How can I reinstall the CC that I already paid for?

    I had to rebuild my computer after a hard disk failure. How can I reinstall the CC that I already paid for on my new drive?

    Install the application of cc on your new hard drive desktop, and use it to install your programs of cc.

    [moved from the download, installation, commissioning creative cloud download &install]

  • The HD of my Mac crashed and I have no back up, how can I reinstall the creative Cloude? I am a member, I already paid for 3

    The HD of my Mac crashed and I have no back up, how can I reinstall the creative cloud? I am a member, I've already paid for 3 months and I don't have the number of rescue.

    You must download and install the desktop application creative Cloud to aid you can install apps CC:


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    The latest version of Firefox just downloaded 17.0 prevents Norton Identity safe to fill my usernames and passwords. Identity Safe still appears in the menu bar and will continue as an add-on, but it does not fill in the usernames and passwords. How can I reinstall the previous version of Firefox that worked well?

    Hello george, symantec has released a corrected version of its toolbar:

  • How can I email a card for people who use my SkyDrive?

    How can I email a card for people who use my SkyDrive?

    How can I email a Christmas card to people who use my SkyDrive?

    It has nothing to do with Word, but you either put the Christmas card in the Public folder and send link to this folder for people who want to 'receipt' card, or create a new folder and invite these people to access this folder in which you put the Christmas card.

    Should ask questions about SkyDrive in

  • How can I reinstall the RTL 120 BPL file?

    Original title: rtl 120 bpl

    How can I reinstall the RTL 120 BPL file

    Rtl120.bpl file has Nothing to do with Microsoft Windows.

    It's just a B orland Precompiled Llibrary file with a third party software provider.

    File rtl120.bpl Embarcadero Technologies and is installed on your system to third party such as software packages:

    AVG (their component PC Analyzer)
    TuneUp Utilities
    Advanced System Care (ASC)
    IOBit Malware Fighter Pro

    For example, if you have installed Advanced System Care and rtl120.bpl file that is installed with it goes missing, the message may look like this:

    ASC.exe - Unable to locate component
    This application has failed to start because rtl120.bpl not found.  Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    There may be other third-party applications that installs the file, but if you do not provide the exact error message in its entirety person aren't going to be able to help.  And given that the file has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft Windows, maybe nobody in the Microsoft community will be able to help you without more complete information - like the error message and that if one of these third-party applications (or those like him) you have installed.

    If the system has worked very well and now the file seems to be missing for some reason, it was probably quarantined (effectively deleted) your antivirus/antimalware unspecified software applications.  Perhaps you can also find an updated file in quarantine and he unquarantine.

    With too little information provided, you can expect only theories and speculation about what the problem is and how to fix it.

    If you have one of these types of third party applications or where the product description includes descriptive as sentences:

    cleaner, mechanic, stop at the stand, detective, doctor, heal, optimize, Inspector, clean, tune up, speed up, fix up, compact, compress, faster, power, boost, boost, gum, muncher. Click fix, instant fix, new, intuitive, errors, stops freezes, stops crashing, stop crashes, stops errors, improves, saving you money, risk free, guaranteed or any third-party program that has an icon that looks like a gear, pinion, belt holders, key, key, screwdriver or plunging arrows?

    You may need to uninstall and reinstall these applications (do what the error message).

    If you have this error and none of these products have been installed and reinstall does not help, then you must go to the support page help because the file has nothing to do with Microsoft Windows.

    You might be able to solve the problem to simply uninstall and then reinstall the distressed product (do says what that error message).

  • How can I reinstall the dolby home theater?

    I had sound problems with my Aspire V3 (571 G). I heard a noise dry while listening to music and watching videos. It was really boring. I thought it was a problem with the Dolby Home Theater v4, so I went to the control panel > uninstall a program > cinema dolby Home > repair. It does not solve the problem, so I went to C:\ and copied the 'Dolby PCEE4' folder, then I uninstalled the thought of Dolby Home Theater v4 that I will reinstall it by putting the folder to the directory. While it has been uninstalled, I discovered that the problem was not the home Dolby cinema, instead, it was a kind of audio enhancement, so I disabled it by clicking on Audio > manage audio devices > Speakers > properties > improvements and I ticked the box: "turn off all sound effects. The sound is fine, it does not sound dry but now I can't reinstall Dolby Home Theater v4. I put the 'Dolby PCEE4' folder to the C:\ directory and it did not work. I opened the case and found a command called 'install' so I ran the command, but it created only 15000 + (3,79 GB) files in the folder and the home theater Dolby has not yet been installed. So I went to and I entered my name of the model and the OS (Windows 8), but it wasn't a "Home Cinema Dolby' application or a driver available for download. How can I reinstall the Dolby Home Theater v4?

    Think, it comes with the realtek drivers, cause after the failure of windows 8 and install the drivers for it on windows 7, it was the home theater dolby. And the realtek drivers

  • How can I reinstall the following deleted dll: "system32\wxvault.dll."

    I accidentally deleted the following dll: system32\wxvault.dll

    How can I reinstall the dll above.

    Thank you.

    How did you accidentally remove it and isn't in the trash for restore you?

    It seems that this file belongs to The Embassy Suite from Wave Systems Corp. and is shipped on some Dell computers.  It is not an XP file and has nothing to do with XP.  What a pity that it knows absolutely nothing about your system (thanks, MS Answers).

    I seriously doubt that the restoration of the system will help you, because this file has nothing to do with XP.  That looks like an engineer of 'expert' technical support which is retained by Microsoft wild goose chase.   Anything for a reply with a link to a KB article...

    I do not have this software, but it seems that you might be able to download and reinstall from the site WWW Dell here.

    If you are not sure and that the download is not look right, you could post a message in the forums of Dell support or wave of support.

  • I have Microsoft XP 3 package and some how I lost the ability to restore the system. How can I reinstall the system restore on my computer please?

    I have Microsoft XP Package3 and somehow, I lost the ability to restore the computer to an earlier date. How can I reinstall the system on my computer restore it please?

    Thank you.

    Santosh Mathur

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Help us understand what "I lost the ability to restore the system" actually mean for you...

    Are you unable to launch/open the system restore?
    Are you unable to create a new Restore Point manually?
    Your system restore calendar is empty dates?
    You preform a restore and get a message that has failed or nothing has changed?

    If the restore in safe mode will not do, keep reading:

    It would be useful to know a few things about your system:

    What is your system brand and model?

    Describe your current antivirus and software anti malware situation: McAfee, Symantec, Norton, Spybot, AVG, Avira!, MSE, Panda, Trend Micro, CA, Defender, ZoneAlarm, PC Tools, Comodo, etc..

    The question was preceded by a loss of power, aborted reboot or abnormal termination?  (this includes the plug pulling, buttons power, remove the battery, etc.)

    The afflicted system has a working CD/DVD (internal or external) drive?

    You have a genuine XP installation CD bootable, which is the same Service as your installed Service Pack (this is not the same as any recovery CD provided with your system)?

    What do you see (exactly) that you don't think you should see, and when you see it?

    What do not you think that you should see?

    If the system works, what do you think might have changed since the last time it did not work properly?

Maybe you are looking for