How can I remove a program is located in administrative tools: Services? I uninstalled the program, but it still appears in 'Services '.

In order to install a new version of the Anti trend anti-virus software, I have to make sure that another program is completely uninstalled.  The trend stops when if is the program still in 'services.  How can I remove it?

Out of curiosity, what would the other program that does not properly uninstall?

If it were other software AV (McAfee, Norton, Symantec, NOD32, Avira, Avast, etc.), many of them require their own special to make them correctly and completely uninstalled uninstall tool/program.  If you do not uninstall program, you will end up with pieces of the old program left on your system.  Just by using Add/Remove programs no longer cuts on some of these things.  These uninstaller programs are generally on the Support page for the AV program, you need to uninstall.

In any case (what 3.5%?), here's a good guide that explains how to remove a Service from your system.

I would manually create a System Restore Point before making any changes in case something goes wrong and you need to back off the adjustment.

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