How can I remove "bucksbee loyalty program?

Cabre loyalty bee program - UNINSTALL

How can I remove this from Firefox? Nothing WON'T find in anti-virus applications or malware.

Hi Mercts-T,

What is a toolbar, a pop-up window, or possible your homepage has been changed? More information will help us solve your problem.

I'll try from Firefox Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode. If you do not have the issue so that all your modules, extensions, and themes are disabled, you can try adding them in one by one until you find the culprit. You should look at the guide to troubleshooting Extensions and themes and article troubleshooting issues with plugins like Flash or Java to solve common Firefox problems as well.

You can also try to create a new profile.

If your home page has been changed, you should take a look at the Knowledge Base How to set the home pagearticle. Your home page might have been changed by a particular site. Sites like MSN, Yahoo, etc. have been ask to become your homepage.

There are the steps in this article to reset your preferences on the default home page. I would try everything first to clear all strangeness. If it works, you can try to set your homepage again to your personal preferences.

If this does not work, you should look the article How to fix preferences that will not save.

Finally, your problem may be because you have been hit by some malware.

Hope this helps!

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