How can I remove ink jets if my all-in-one is broken and does not light?

My hp officejet pro8600 than n911g was struck by lightning.  It will turn is no longer.  I used a new cord without result.  I need to remove the ink jets, I recently installed.  How can I access them without power?

It is possible that the printer was not fried, but the power may need to be reset.  Watch this video for sure:

If the printer is really fried, remove the front panel to access the cartridge Board and force it to the left.  Since you printer is not repairable, you lose nothing.

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  • PhotoSmart 3210 All In One wireless network and does not know how to connect now lost.

    Hi, I have a 3210 all in one Photosmart, and I can't find it on the network more.

    I know that I've done worse of unistalling, reinstallation of the driver HP software and change the IP address of the printer. So I hope that someone can help me with this problem and return to the place where its still visible.

    I have a PC with XP and a Mac with OS 10

    Computers are both connected to the modem wireless cable router.

    The printer is connected to the router via ethernet.

    I can see the printer using a browser and entering the IP address of the printer. I can ping its IP address. The Mac can see the printer, but have installed the correct drivers to see (I think I can handle this, no need to worry about this yet).

    The problem is that I can't see it in the "Add a printer" Wizard on the PC. So I can't add it to the PC.

    I looked around the support of HP and they told me to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them. There was also mention of changing the IP address of the printer to a larger number, but that no longer works. So I went to the automatic assignment of an IP address to the address of the printer. And finally, I've seen mention to unplug the printer and by pressing 'ok' and 'Cancel' all plugging back in. He did a very long installation, but does not solve the problem.

    I searched the forums for a solution and can not find one - so I've exhausted all help (Ive been on the forums enough to know to search before posting a question).

    If Im not sure what to do next. Someone at - it suggestions? I don't really know what I can do to fix this problem: I'm sure it is just a corrupted file or bad setting somewhere I just do not know where he is.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    For your Mac:

    If you're running Snow Leopard, the driver for the 3210 is compiled.  Open the applet Print & Fax under system preferences, then press [+] to add the printer.  For other versions of Mac OS, download the driver from here and run the installer.
    If you continue to have problems with the Mac, reset the printing system Mac and repeat the instructions above.  Information about resetting your Mac printing system can be found here (

    For the PC:

    The 3210 is on the network, we will try to add the printer manually. First verify that you can access the printer's internal web page by accessing its IP address or host name.  You can find the IP address and the host name by printing the network configuration page.

    Here is the sequence of manual installation of the printer driver for XP:

    1. click on the 'Start' button--> printers and fax machines.
    2. under print jobs, click on "add a printer".
    3. click on 'Next' on the Add Printer Wizard window.
    4. Select "local printer attached to this computer. Deselect "automatically detect and install my Plug and play printer." Click "next".
    5 under, select a Printer Port option, select "Create a new port" and choose "Standard TCP/IP Port" and click "Next".
    6. in the "Welcome to the Add Standard TCP/IP printer port Wizard" make sure that the printer is turned on and connected to the same network that your computer is connected to. click on the button "next".
    7. under "Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port" enter the host name of the printer. You can also use the IP address of the printer if it is static. Click 'Next' and then click 'Finish '.
    8. now select HP in the manufacturers list, select your printer in the list of the models of printers and click the button "next".

    9. If you can't find your printer, you will need to find the installation CD and use the 'Disc' option to select one of the files hp*.ini. You can also select another model of the same type HP printer.
    10. Add the name of print spooler, and then click "next".
    11. click on "next".
    12. click on "Next" and "Finish."

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    Hi, the reset #9 should be enough

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    Try the following and see if it helps.

    I suggest you perform a disk check and check if it helps.

    See the following steps:

    a. open the computer by clicking the Start button, click computer.

    b. click the drive you want to check, and then click Properties.

    c. click on the Tools tab and then, under error-checking, click Find now.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    d. to automatically repair problems with files and folders that the scan detects, select automatically fix file system errors. Otherwise, the disk check will be a problem, but not to fix them.

    e. to carry out a thorough, check select search for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. This analysis tries to find and repair physical errors on the disk itself, and it may take much longer to complete.

    f. to check for errors file and the physical errors, select both automatically fix errors in file system and search for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

    g. click on start.

    Note: When running chkdsk on the drive hard if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data can be lost.

    Note: Make sure also that you have disconnected all external devices except the keyboard and mouse.

    Note: If you are always faced with the question then I suggest you to upgrade on the spot and check if it helps.

    How to perform an upgrade in Place on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2:
    Note: Before you perform the upgrade on the spot, I would recommend you to back your files using windows backup.

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    This printer does not have a removable print head, so we wouldn't be able to remove the printhead to clean.  Here a link to a document that addresses the error message that you get on this printer.  It will show you how to reset that one can try to attempt to remove this error message.

    If you are still in warranty, HP can replace the printer without cost to you. I'll link the information to get in touch with them below. The link takes you to a form to fill out. Once you fill it and she is treated, it will give you the printers warranty information, a file number and the phone number to call. Technical Support case HP formula call:

  • How can I remove icons for programs unibstalled of the control panel "programs and features"?

    Icons FRO uninstalled programs still appear in "Programs and features" of the control panel. How can I remove them?


    Icon/program which you are referring?

    To work on the issue, refer to these methods.

    Method 1:

    Check out the following link to start your computer in safe mode
    Check if the problem persists in safe mode. Display the results.
    Restart the computer and boot to the desktop normally.

    Method 2:

    Run the fixit from following link to confirm if the program or the application has been uninstalled correctly.

    Solve problems with programs that cannot be installed or uninstalled
    See also:

    Check if it helps.
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    You can go to manage. Alerts and check the tab action alert to see if the filter has been created there?  If so, you can click on delete or maybe disable.



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    original title: duplicate images

    Duplicate file names are saying... "Copy Of"?

    If_Yes_just do a search for Copy Of and all delete them.

    Here's how the files "copy of" are accidentally created:

    Example: Copy of IMG_1455.JPG

    Hold down your CTRL key and select multiple files...

    Place your pointer over the selected group
    (holding the key ctrl) and left click / drag
    the group even just the slightest bit... now
    release the mouse button.

    Oooops... multiple copies...

    Maybe the following will help:

    Sometimes most of the person who
    trying to select multiple by holding the CTRL
    or the SHIFT key down while clicking on the left to select the
    image files.

    Copies are created when you are unable to
    completely release the mouse button before
    you move the pointer to another file. When a group
    the selected file is dragged... even the slightest
    release the mouse button will produce a bit...
    copies of all the files previously highlighted.

    It's a little easier if you have your folder
    Options set at single click... that way you can
    select/deselect a file with just a mouse more
    and you don't have to click. For multiples you
    I have to keep... CTRL or Shift.

    Do not click on... no slip... no copy... maybe that of
    your solution. To adjust the click...
    Open a folder and go... Tools / folder
    Options / General tab... Check... 'single click '.
    To open an item"/ apply / OK.

    If you want to delete all the files in a folder
    You can try the following:

    Reach... Edition / select all... or type... CTRL / has...

    With all of the files selected... go... Drop / delete...
    or press your delete key... or... click on the
    Group and choose 'delete '.

    How do I find and remove unwanted 'copies '.
    of your image files.

    Open the folder that the images are saved in and
    on the left, click on the button 'Search' in your toolbar.

    (If you view the files from a montage
    program and do not know where the record is... right
    Click on one of the image files and the menu...
    choose... Properties. The path to the folder will be
    in the tab 'General' to 'Place').

    In the research pane select... "All files and folders".

    In the "All or part of the file name" field. Come in...

    a copy of

    Now... on the left, click on the search"" button.

    When the search is complete... go to... Edition / select all...

    Then go to... Remove / delete.

    You will see a dialog box asking if you are sure
    you want to delete the files, click Yes.

    Now... on the left, click on the 'Back' button in your toolbar.

    Now the remaining files should be your originals.

    If you delete the wrong files... recover from
    your basket now.

    Also see the following article:

    Trouble fixing: stop Windows copy
    Files accidentally when Ctrl-click selecting

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    I've got SP3 now after 2-3 attempts.  (Just 'failed to install.")
    And for the status "the component you are trying to install is on a CD or another removable disk that is not available."
    "Insert the diskette in the State, and then click OK.   Use Source 1. "The next window"cannot find an installation package for the product status.  Again the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package "status.msi." "
    The link with Microsoft wasn't working, so I checked on Google and found this annoying file is a file of HP printer so I deleted the HP printer program, which got rid of the file.  It seems, I then have to re - install the program without checking the update box, I'll try it when I have the time.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

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