How can I remove my name from the top right of the screen. I have a 2015 13 "MacBook Pro running 10.11.4

How can I remove my name from the top right of the screen. I have a 2015 13 "MacBook Pro running 10.11.4


At the top right of the menu bar shows the current user who is logged in and allows quick change of user accounts.

You can disable the display of menu bar in system preferences > users and groups. Or order just drag it out of the bar.

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    Hi all

    My husband gave me a PC and himself added the admin on the PC. He gave it to me and we split, so I deleted her user account and all files

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    I don't want to have to change it every time I start my computer! Help! Windows 8 and Microsoft are less friendly, most of the frustrating platforms, I've never used.

    Hi Narayani,

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    I'm sorry to know that you are facing the issue with the account setting.

    Please go to control panel and then click on user account. Check if the account is set as an administrator.

    I suggest to create and open a session using a Microsoft account and check if it helps.

    Reference: Create a user account.

    For any Windows help in the future, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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    You can not delete Apps from the update tab. It's just a list

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    I see you have a problem down the fax header the page or change.

    What kind of printer you have?

    Go to your settings on your printer. Go to fax settings. There should be option header of FAX under this menu.

    '"Click the WHITE STAR if you want to say thank YOU" '

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Envy 7640: How can I remove a computer from the list "Scan to" on HP Envy 7640?

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    With the help of Apple / Mac OS X Yosemite

    Thank you!

    I can't help but wonder if the computer is still on the same network as the printer. Even if you have no more than the computer, you may give it to someone else who uses the same network as you? I think it's weird that the printer is always to see the computer. If this computer and the printer are not on the same network, perhaps to restore the printer to the factory settings would help. To do this test, please complete the following steps;

    1. On the front panel of the printer, scroll down to the second main menu screen by sliding your finger to the right of the screen to the left
    2. Choose settings, or Setup
    3. Select printer maintenance
    4. Go to restoration
    5. Choose both restore factory default settings

    Once this operation is completed, you will need to reconfigure the printer to your wireless network. Please let me know if this is the case. Thank you.

  • How can I remove an app from the iPad?

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    Press and hold on the application until all applications start jiggling. Then press the x in the upper corner of the (s) you want to delete. Press the Home button to stop the jiggling. Notice that a lot of these pre-installed applications (clock, Messages, etc.) will not have an x when jiggling and they cannot be deleted.

  • How can I remove frequent tiles on the screen.

    Separated from this thread.

    How can I get rid of frequent tiles that are on my screen using the 8 system

    Hi John,.

    You will not be able to remove the tiles until and unless you uninstall the applications that you are not using, but here, you can try to remove the app from the modern user interface screen. You have just right click on the app and click on detach start. This will move the app to the application screen all. To see the app released, you can click on the arrow down on the screen of the modern user interface.

    For more information, you can consult the following Microsoft Help article.

    Here you can also try third-party registry patches, but we do not recommend that. Registry patches can affect the performance of your computer, it's maybe out of service at your own risk. To find the registry fix, you can search in your favorite search engine.

    Registry warning: Important this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs.

    Please answer if the information provided is not useful so that we can help you better.

  • How can I remove a shortcut from the dialog box 'Open with' in Windows 7?

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    I found a Microsoft article on this operation, but he says it's for Windows 8, tells me to click on the version for Windows 7, which brings me to a search page, and when I search for it, it shows links that take back me to the original page, so I'm going in circles.

    How can I do this?

    Hello Dave!

    Have a look here:

    (When you scroll down on this page, you will find many more related tutorials)

    This link might be interesting, too:

  • How can I remove an item from the death of the select icons and notifications appear in the taskbar?

    When I open "Select icons and notifications appear in the task bar" one of the things it lists is "GLBD565.tmp" which seems to be left by the installation of a software product.  The icon is not active and I doubt if it still exists, but it appears in the list.  That list is maintained and how to remove the dead of her spots?

    The entries to Customize Notifications cannot be removed selectively. You can, however, clear the set lists by using the following registry change.

    1. Click Start, type regedit in the Search box and press ENTER.

    2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
      Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify HKEY_CURRENT_USER
    3. In the Details pane, click the IconStreams registry entry.
    4. On the Edit menu, click delete, and then click Yes.
    5. In the Details pane, click the PastIconsStream registry entry.
    6. On the Edit menu, click delete, and then click Yes.
    7. Exit Registry Editor.
    8. Restart the Explorer.exe process. To do this, follow these steps:
    9. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.
    10. On the process in the Task Manager tab, click the process explorer.exe and then double click on end process .
    11. On the file menu, click new task (run), type Explorer and click OK.
    12. Exit Task Manager.

    (c) Microsoft Corporation


    Download and run a VBScript script that automates the steps above.
    How to delete items from the Notification area in Windows 7/Vista/XP

    Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

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    Hi when I type in hudsocat on search engines my username shows how can I make this stop happening Bravo dave

    You used this name (or someone) to write on various public websites, so there is no way you can stop the search engines to find out who.  Stop display using this name, delete current jobs if you can, etc. and over time, that he will fall in search listings, and may disappear with time.  Basically, everything you post publicly on the web is indexed and is available for as long there.

    And, on the other hand, you posted this in the MSE forum... an anti-virus forum which does not apply to your question.
  • How can I remove an entry from the configuration section?

    There is an entrance to the left of virus removal reruning does not remove it. I disabled it from starting,

    To identify what loads when you start using Autoruns (freeware from Microsoft).

    With Autoruns, you can deselect an item which disables startup, or you can click with the right button on an item, then remove it. If you clear the check box that you can check back for re - activate the element. It is an approach much safer than editing the registry and better than using msconfig.

    Another useful feature of the program is that you can click with the right button on an item and select search online to get information about the selected item.

  • How can I remove a document from the convert program?

    I would like to remove some documents from PDF export program that I converted PDF to Word and saved now.  Any suggestions?

    Go to

    Click the link show all:

    On the next screen, select the files to delete by checking the box to the left of their name, then click on remove:

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    I have a movieclip which requires playback buttons, Pause, forward and backward. The movieclip has actionscript to different images to load the library movieclips and repeat.

    I tried to use a progress bar, but it does not raise the actionscript during purification, only when the film plays normally.

    My solution is to create your and button back which can go up to specific frames where the key animation will start.

    I need to develop the actionscript code that will remove the children when the user clicks Back.

    That's how I'm loading movieclips several along the timeline of my library:

    var shpA1:arSHPp1;

    function attachAR1 () {}

    shpA1 = new arSHPp1 ();

    shpA1.x = - 30;

    shpA1.y = 18;

    addChild (shpA1);


    the interval is used to repeat the animation to represent the stream on a diagram

    var myInterval1:uint = setInterval (attachAR1, 500);

    What I've tried so far (does not at all - no error or trace):

    function remChild1(event:MouseEvent): void {}

    If (shpA1.stage)


    trace ("arSHPp1 is in the display list");

    shpA1.parent.removeChild (shpA1);

    shpA1 = null


    on the other


    trace ("arSHPp1 is not in the display list");


    var removeTimer;

    clearInterval (myInterval1);

    shpA1.parent.removeChild (shpA1);

  • How can I get my name from the access point?

    Since I bought a modem Arris 228 G and spent my 2 wireless, printers Canon WIFI unable to connect at Optimum!

    Canon said to contact my router creator (Apple Airport Extreme) for the name of the access point get return wireless, WI - FI printers.

    Help, please.


    (Mac Pro 10.6.8)

    The name of the access point is simply the name of the wireless network that provides AirPort Extreme.

    You can see the name of your wireless network by clicking on the WiFi icon at the top of the screen of your Mac and by checking that the name appears.

    There will be a check mark next to your wireless network name.. which is also known as a wireless access point.

    It would be the same name that you had before... unless you have changed some settings on the AirPort Extreme.

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