How can I remove the Control Panel details at the bottom of windows?

OK 21:00 tonight my keyboard fell from my bed and seems he has done something because it is now showing a panel at the bottom of all the folders on my computer, send me details about the drives, folders and so on, for example if I click on an image file it will tell me the name of the file , size, dimensions but also let me specify an taken date if no date is there, as well as let give me it tags, an author, a title, and the choice of 0 to 5 stars. I don't know what it is called or how to remove it, but for me it wasn't there until I use the classic windows shell btw, so it may be something in this but I have no idea.

This is a picture I took showing what I mean:


One way is to point your cruiser of mouse on the top line above the pane and drag it to normal size, because it is of size much.

Click on organize in the upper left corner and the layout and uncheck the list in the Details pane

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    Defender of the system is malware

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    Go to Windows updates | View the update history | Installed updates. KB3035583 (you can use the search box) to find and uninstall. Restart and then back to WU and hide the update.

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    Windows Photo Viewer is not listed in uninstall a program or windows updates or turn on or off windows features.

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    Try this:

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    That's how it worked in OE (see and it should work this way in WinMail.


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    Hello, Rick,

    Have you installed dropinsavings coupon toolbar?

    Open Control Panel > uninstall programs and search for additional toolbars.

    Try to opt out the savings Drop - it will be possible to uninstall the toolbar

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    Start > Type msconfig

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    Don't forget to check the "do not display this message" restart now or the screen utility horse msconfig will appear at each reboot.

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    Hello NV1975,

    Thanks for your post.  What operating system are you currently using?  If it's Vista or Windows 7, go to control panel > system and security > Windows updates.  From there, you should be able to find available update, right click and select "Hide update".  This will prevent the update of continually offered.

    I hope this helps.

    See you soon

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    Two ways to select a different desktop background:

    1. Go in Control Panel > personalization > desktop wallpaper .
    2. Navigate to any image on your computer, right click and click set as wallpaper .

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    If you connect with a Microsoft account then no, you cannot remove the password (AFAIK)

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    You need to consider the security implications and weigh those against the two or three seconds, to enter a password...

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    In the original version (traditional uninstall), you are given a screen that lets you choose what to uninstall, and then you clear again (if there). If you do not have this option, and then try to uninstall in Windows via Control Panel.

    I just tested and it gives you the screen.

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    You must open the Windows Control Panel and use the option '' programs. '' Can find Adobe Reader in the list of installed programs, high brightness, the entry and select "Uninstall" and follow the prompts.

    If that has not run Adobe and very powerful uninstall program that will remove Reader and Acrobat.

    You may need to restart your computer after uninstalling.

    This will not delete and a PDF file that you downloaded or supplements you or others added to the reader.

  • How can I remove the list of creative cloud apps

    I get reminders of old CC apps that I have installed att my mac.

    Older programs CC that I deleted from my mac.

    How can I remove the list of apps CC?

    I found the solution in the community

    Solution 1

    • Mac OS: Launch the uninstaller in the folder Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers to remove the program listed as up-to-date.
    • Windows: Programs and features in Control Panel to remove the program listed as up-to-date.
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    Run the unsinstaller in your systems Control Panel Add / Remove (Windows) or alias in the application (Mac) folder. Otherwise, run the Creative Suite cleanup tool and trash the remains of the deceased manually.


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    I don't think you can remove the default books. I open any personal book, select a contact, do a control + a to select all and drag in the personal address book by default. Then delete the empty book. Then do the same for the collected books.

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    You can right click and delete, select and use the key "Delete", or remove
    multiple bookmark click to the left of the favorite icon, and then add more with "Ctrl + click"
    or spread with "Shift + click" then delete.

    You can remove bookmarks as described for the deletion of history in

    The reference to bookmarks won't in the details, because it is in the article above.

    You will be perhaps easier to delete bookmarks you don't want in the list of the bookmarks library. As noted in the article to bookmark sorting you can view and sort by additional columns, I recommend installing the extension "Show Parent Folder" link is in the article to bookmark, unfortunately that you can add the column is not sortable, but it provides valuable information.

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