How can I remove the cover protectsmart to change a hard drive damaged in a HP Pavilion dv5-2132dx?

I have a HP Pavilion dv5-2132dx laptop. The hard drive has completely failed and needs to be replaced, but I can't understand how to access the hard drive. There is no screws on the Panel, and he said HP Protectsmart on the back. I need a video on how to do it.



The following guide will show you how (#59 page):

Several manuals for your machine are available on the following link: & LC = in & Product = 4317216

Kind regards.

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  • How can I remove the recovery partition from a corrupt HARD drive that I replaced in a laptop?

    I replaced a HDD corrupted in the laptop of a friend and you want to reuse. How can I delete the recovery partition? When I try to use my Windows 7 computer management tool, it will not access? I did a complete player wipe (twice) what the partition is still there and I can't remove it. It's 14 GB of space I want to retrieve and use the HARD drive in another system at a later date.

    Thank you

    Try the command line option:

    Start cmd.exe as an administrator, then inside the window cmd, type


    then, type diskpart

    list disk

    take note of the correct disc ID to clear


    Select disk x

    (where x is the ID of your disk to erase)



    your HARD drive will be erased completely

    or you can try the magic of partition:

    or if it does not work:

    Hiren's boot cd and gparted tool available.

    You must create a bootable CD or USB pen as media.

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    I tried to use before Disk Cleanup and it worked, and I haven't run a complete installation.

    I'm having a problem now, this time, and I did a full install.  Disk Cleanup doesn't show any options to remove an old Windows as it did before.

    How can I remove the old Windows folder to a different drive?  I also try to remove the Program Files folder, as well as with an implementation since.

    It is showing an error message "I need to be in the Administrators group ~", and that TrustedInstaller is owner of the present.

    I have a question that "TrustedInstaller" has full authority on the file system, and 'Administrators' has limited access.

    I noticed that there are other three to make a total of four names of users who have all or nearly full access to the file system.

    Can it be fixed... it's pretty annoying to see this continue..., strictly through Windows Update.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Hi Morgan,.

    I suggest you check out the link to delete the Windows.old folder.

    Note: Applies to Windows 7.

    For more information on granting permissions and the taking of property, see the links.

    What are the permissions?

    "Access denied" or other errors in the access to or work with files and folders in Windows

    Ownership of a file from command line:

    To do:

    a. go in > start > all programs > Accessories
    b. right click on prompt and then click Run as administrator.
    c. type the following command and press ENTER:

    takeown /f r d y

    d. to assign administrators group full control to the folder permissions, use the following syntax:

    ICACLS /grant administrators: F/t

    The /T parameter is added so that the operation is performed through all subdirectories and the files in this folder.

    For more information on the above commands, run these commands from a command prompt window.

    takeown /?
    ICACLS /?

    Please post back with the results and we will be happy to help you further.

  • How can I move the Virtual Mode of Windows XP hard drive to another drive

    How can I move the Virtual Mode of Windows XP hard drive to another drive?


    Hi Benyl,

    The vhd in programfiles basis cannot be moved or renamed, if done, xp mode stops at the start.

    To move the files under c, first to boot xp, instead of save mode the machine virtual., turn it off. (settings to prompt the user for action narrow close). Close the machine virtual., and then choose stop. This will remove the vsv file. Do not delete the .vsv file because it contains data if you have not registered in the virtual machine.

    Now, move it "C:\Users\CHRIS.domainname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows virtual PC\Virtual Machines\Windows XP Mode.vhd" to a desired location.

    Parameters of xp mode open, go to the hard drive 1 setting and reposition the hard drive to the new location of the vhd. You should now be able to start the virtual machine.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shalini Surana - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forumand let us know what you think.

  • How can I remove the cover for the printing of books


    I just bought a 5510e Photosmart aio, B111a. It says in the manual that it is possible to print or scan books by unscrewing the lid. But how do you go? Seems I have to resort to violence!

    Hello I am

    I rechecked everything on the device. As in the image, press the left side of the back cover with your thumb. The lid should unclip. The first time the cover can be a little stubborn. After that the left side is out you can push the cover to remove the cover on the right side.

  • How can I remove the cover of my Photosmart HP 5510 printer

    I am told that the printer cover comes off.  I tried everything, except her tearing.  Can you explain it to me.

    Hi DickTurner,

    Sorry to hear the call of support did not help to resolve this problem. The lid should break pretty easily. Please refer to the screenshot below. I hope this helps you remove the scanner cover.

  • How can I reinstall the operating system on a new hard drive?

    I strongly suspect failure of hard drive on my old computer XPS 420. Data recovery isn't a problem. However, because the way I too lazy to buy a whole new operating system, is possible that I can transfer the installation of Windows Vista on a new hard drive? I told me that Dell will send me an installation disc to do, but how to make a record like this, and is there another way?

    I'm thinking of ghosting the HDD on another and the use of the recovery for nuke partition in a new facility, but it would even work?

    Thank you


    The simplest method, I prefer to install a replacement hard drive, is to clone the existing hard drive to the new, that will also transfer all applications and programs.

    You need an imaging utility, similar to True Image Home 2015.

    Acronis resize partitions transferred to match the size of the new hard drive.

    Hard drive manufacturers, also have their own free cloning software available, but it can be used only with their hard drives.

    First, install the new drive as the secondary and the image of the main hard drive in it.

    Immediately after the cloning, shut down the system, switch the data cable [SATA port 0] to the new disk, making the new master hard drive and see if the system boots properly.

    Start the system with only the new hard drive connected.

    Be sure to leave the original drive disconnected, until the new hard drive is working to your satisfaction.

    Before cloning a hard drive, make sure that the existing drive has no corruption or virus on it, because they will be transferred to the new hard drive.

    It will take a second SATA data cable, there should be a spare connector to SATA power inside the housing.

    What is obtaining a disc from the Dell operating system Vista OEM [If Dell still copies of this available media], but you can be out of luck unless you have a warranty from Dell, but it's worth a try to see what is happening.

    If you reside in the United States, or the Canada and are the registered owner of the computer, with an active warranty, a disk that contains the operating system specific to your system factory installed can be requested HERE.

    Note: Dell may impose a charge for the disc.

    If you do not live in the United States, contact the Support from Dell, which is located in your country.


  • How can I move the main library of FCPX sys HARD drive to another HARD drive

    I am a beginner FCPX...

    I use an SSD as diss system. I n ' love to load this SSD with such a library. Is it possible to move the main library on another hard drive?

    A big thank you to you all


    Assuming that the middle is inside the library, just copy it to another disk and remove it from the SSD. It must be a Mac disk in format.

  • How can I reinstall the window 8 for a new hard drive?

    I just got a new hard drive for Dell to replace the old, which is at the top and about to fail (according to the Dell diagnostic tool).

    Reference Dell included a record called 'Restoration of Windows 8 for Windows 8 64-bit products Support'

    I'm a layman, but can certainly replace the hard drive. What exactly should I do it (step by step, if possible) when I turn on the computer for the first time with the new hard drive in place. The disc should already be in the optical drive?

    Thanks, Alex

    There is not much to be done in any real particular order really.  It won't hurt to have the disc in the drive the first time that you start with the new player connected, but even if are not the worst case, you get a "no OS on this disc, press ctrl + Alt + Del to restart".

    When start you, you may need to press a special sequence on the keyboard like F2 or DEL or Escape to boot from the CD. He can say so on the screen, or it can just try first default (likely) CD.

    In any case, once you start from the CD, it is a wizard from there. Simply press 'next' and 'agree' and all that jazz to what Windows 8 is installed back. Then search for updates & restart for the next 4 days :)

  • Satellite A60-106: How can I remove the old CD/DVD player

    I have a Satellite SA60-106 and want to date my DVD/RW X 1 on a 8 X DVD/RW.
    How can I remove the old DVD to replace with a new one.

    Please help if you can email [email protected]

    Hi, Malcolm

    For this model of laptop, it is quite complicated because the STRANGE is from both sides. First you must remove the small screw placed in the Middle near the coverage of memory in the lower corner of your laptop (also near the cooling rack). The STRANGE is also secured with small hook placed under the keyboard.

    At the right place of this small hook is not known but I know that it is placed somewhere under the keyboard. I don't really know what you need to do. Have you already tried to remove the keyboard?

    I have to be honest and it's not so easy to give instructions here because I don't know if you're familiar with the disassembly. I don't want damage you something on your laptop. Small error can ends with a broken plastic cover. Please be careful.

  • How can I remove the tones created in garageband that have been uninstalled? I also installed but I can't remove it either please help thanks

    How can I remove the tones created in garageband that have been uninstalled? I also installed but I can't remove it either please help thanks

    Hello Michael,

    Welcome to Apple Support communities.

    I see that you need assistance, removal of GarageBand ringtones that were uninstalled. I know it's nice to be able to properly manage your tones. I can help you with this.

    Use the article for iOS (iPad) 2.0.x GarageBand: GarageBand share songs, more precisely, this section:

    To remove the existing ringtones follow these steps:

    • Press to select, then press the button Delete for any ringtone you want to delete.

    • Drag a ringtone in the list, and then press delete.

    Have a great day!

  • How can I remove "the folder/Users/user/to/mygame doesn't exist." Terminal. Rises every time I launch Terminal.

    How can I remove "the folder/Users/user/to/mygame doesn't exist." Terminal. Rises every time I launch Terminal. I am a novice. Thank you very much.

    1. Please select from the menu bar Terminal

    ▹ terminal preferences... ▹ Profiles ▹ Shell

    If the run command box is checked, uncheck it or enter the command to run automatically (if any), each opening of a Terminal window. Note: this is not how you define a default shell.

    2. If step 1 does not resolve the problem, see below.

    Back up all data.


    New Shell command ▹

    in the Terminal menu bar. Uncheck the box marked

    Run the command inside a shell

    If it is enabled.

    Copy and paste the following line into the text box that appears, and then press return:

    /bin/mkdir disabled_shell_files

    Close the Terminal window that opens. Repeat with this line:

    /bin/mv .profile .bash_history .bash_profile .bashrc .inputrc disabled_shell_files

    History Shell and former initialization files will be saved in a directory named "disabled_shell_files" at the top level of your home directory. It is normal that some of these files do not exist, and therefore, you will get error "no file".

    Close the window and open a new test.

    You may already know that files with name starting in '. ' are not visible in the Finder by default. So, if you open the folder that you created in the Finder, it will appear as empty, even if it is not. If you need to recover a portion of the data in the files of the shell, use a shell such as nano-based text editor (1). Make sure that you're not recreating the problem. Otherwise, you can delete the folder.

  • How can I remove the button from menu? The custom option doesn't seem to work for this.

    How can I remove the button from menu? [This IChing looking for three line on the toolbar icon].

    The tool bar Customize option doesn't seem to work, and it seems a waste to have a button that duplicates the menus. I would trade on the NoScript icon.

    Hi, I can not recommend that you do, but if you are really determined, this article can help.

  • How can I remove the app 'Find friends' on my iPhone

    How can I remove the app 'Find friends' on my iPhone?

    From this moment, you can not.

    With the release of ios 10 in the fall, that apple allows most built in applications to remove (and power be redownloaded in the app store).

  • I imported my address books. How can I remove the default empty

    I imported my address from my old computer books in Thunderbird on my new computer. Empty default address books don't seem to be able to be deleted, so I have now two books personal address and two collected addresses, the first of all is the default value for empty one and the second is my populated version. Thunderbird seems to point to the default empty. How can I remove the empty for default Thunderbird to my places.

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    I don't think you can remove the default books. I open any personal book, select a contact, do a control + a to select all and drag in the personal address book by default. Then delete the empty book. Then do the same for the collected books.

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