How can I remove Windows Live Mail? while I can re - download.

Windows Live Mail has a mistake in my registry so I can't send email using it. I can not re - download because it is still on my computer. Can you help me please

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  • How to upgrade to Windows Live Mail 2012 (Windows 8 machine)?

    Original title: windows live mail 2012

    How to upgrade to Windows Live Mail 2012 (Windows 8 machine)?  My Windows 7 computer is Windows Live Mail 2011, which is much better than 2012.  Is there a Windows Live Mail 2013 - 2014 that I can upgrade to?  I hope the update will have more options to setup email (ie: showing "sender" before "subject".)

    No, unfortunately Windows Live 2012 is the latest version of Windows Live.

    See you soon!

  • How do I change Windows Live Mail to get mail in HTML?

    How do I change Windows Live Mail to get mail in HTML?


    The question you posted would be better suited in Windows Live Mail forums. View the query in instances of Windows Live Mail for better assistance.

    Hope this information helps.

  • How to remove windows live mail error ID 0x80048820__windows live mail how to clear 0x80048820___windows live error mail how do I clear the error ox80048820___

    Windows live mail how do I clear the error ID ox80048820

    All 'Live' programs have their own forums. The experts he can better help you.

    Windows Live Mail Forum
    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

  • How to set up windows live mail as html at all times

    How can I configure my e-mail messages in Windows Live Mail appears in html whenever I log on.  I'm tired of clicking on display and saying the message in html.      I would like to keep it in html the value.

    How can I configure my e-mail messages in Windows Live Mail appears in html whenever I log on.  I'm tired of clicking on display and saying the message in html.      I would like to keep it in html the value.


    You must go to Tools/Options/Playback tab.

    Remove the check mark to read all text messages crude option.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for using Windows 7

    Ronnie Vernon MVP
  • How are updates to Windows Live Mail generated?

    I downloaded Windows Live Mail shortly before I upgraded to Windows 7.  This has worked like a charm and copied on everything from Windows Mail.
    Now I wonder how updates are handled.   My Windows Update is configured to do the Windows updates only.  If there is an update for Windows Live Mail, I will get it with this setting?
    I don't want to change my settings, if I can avoid it because I not updated from Microsoft products, I do not use.
    Thank you.

    If you are using Win7, Microsoft Update is your source of default update. As long as give me updates in the same way I receive important recommended updates is enabled, you will be offered updates for Windows Live Mail Security and others installed Windows Live applications.

    If a version update of Windows Live Mail or any other installation Windows Live application is available, you will need to update manually via or application-specific page.

    You will find support for Windows Live Mail (WLMail) in this focus group public:


    That being said, you can find a specific Windows Live Mail forum here in the not-distant future:

    Other references:

    Update your computer:

    Change how Windows installs or notifies you of updates:

    Understand the Windows automatic update:

    Updates: frequently asked questions:

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  • How to fix the windows live mail has stopped working a problem caused the program to stop working correctly windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available

    In the Middle looking emails from this error appears.  Windows live mail has stopped working a problem caused the program blocking works windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available


    1. do you remember make changes to your computer before this problem?

    Try to start the computer in a clean boot and check if it helps: How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean Windows Vista or Windows 7 boot

    Note: when you are finished troubleshooting, follow step 7 to start the computer in normal startup.

    If the boot fails, you can post your questions about Windows Live Solution Center by clicking on this link:

  • How to import my Windows Live Mail email messages in mail for Windows 8?

    Before that I have upgraded Vista to Windows 8 I exported my (a few thousand) e-mail messages to save them in a folder.   Now I would like to import to Windows 8 mail.    How do I do that?

    I had the same problem, although in my case, I was trying to transfer data to a new computer of Win8 from Win7.  I wanted to just transfer my files, e-mail and contact groups, as I did with previous updates.  According to technology Microsoft Office response that I talked for about an hour, Microsoft does NOT provide a way to import data from Microsoft previous E-mail programs (windows live mail) to any application of Win8, and you can't do that with either.  Basically, Win8 with all tiles or such is not really a basic messaging application yet.  She told me that I have to do is to get a copy of Outlook or windows live mail on the Win8 Office part, then run as a Win7 machine.  This seems to be the best answer, until Win8 is more mature.

  • How to set up windows live mail and transfer between hotmail accounts

    Hi, I use hot accts mail to send and receive e-mail how I put some stuff to use the new program instead of hotmail thank you


    get an answer from the link that I have attached here.

  • How to set up windows live mail for a yahoo account

    I followed the direction and I get this error message account: 'Yahoo', server: '', Protocol: POP3, server response: '-ERR popgate unknown command', Port: 110, secure (SSL): no, Server error: 0x800CCC90, error number: 0x800CCC18 what I am doing wrong

  • How to DELETE Windows Live Mail on my computer!

    original title: Please, please, tell me how to REMOVE Windows Live Mail from my computer! I hate this program!

    It is not working properly and did not work properly, because it has been downloaded and installed.  I trieed to locate in "Add or remove programs" but I can't find it to remove it.  If this program worked properly, I love her, but she leads me into the wall.  For example, each as it was on my computer whenever I have remove messages that I have none like want to any folder they reappear automatically in 1-2 seconds, and not only that they reappear with what seems to be hundreds and hundreds more that are added to one or several same files every time.  I can't stand this program.  This is the only mail client, I have, but I had so many problems with it that I want on my computer.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  I have Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit).  Thank you!

    I think that my account has been hacked.  I want to delete windows live.

    How to do that with success?

    My hotmail account is the only one I use.

    It seems that has been hacked.

    I'm getting strange answers on my email

    Please ask people in the Hotmail forum.
    Windows Live Solution Center Hotmail Forum
  • How to export my contacts from Windows Live Mail on XP

    I searched for this answer for the last 2 hours.  All the answers are for Vista & Windows 7.   How to export my Windows Live Mail addresses so that I can use in Thunderbird?  I'm moving to Thunderbird because quick view is off & on display unread messages.  They watch for a few days, then stop broadcasting.  Then repeat for a few days, then stop again.  This is happening for more than a month because there was an update of the first part of the last month.
    But back to my original question.  How to export my contacts from Windows Live Mail.  When I click on the file to export and then export, there is nothing highlighted.   So, how can I get my contacts?  Or is there another way to do otherwise than through WLM >

    Thank you

    This is happening for more than a month because there was an update of the first part of the last month.

    There has been no update for WLMail 2009 since April 2010. Update do you think has affected your quick view?

    How to export my contacts from Windows Live Mail.

    Open the contacts window by clicking the address book at the foot of the folders pane. On the file menu, click export , and then select comma separated (CSV) values. If you don't see the menu bar, press ALT.

    Note that the last statement on the help page (Export contacts) is wrong: by dragging the window contacts contacts on the desktop doesn't create any kind of file. In version 12 and 15, this produces a vCard (.vcf) file for each contact, but not in the version 14 (WLMail) 2009.

    Windows Live Mail has its own support at the Windows Live Solution Centerforums. Please address any other question you may have on one of the forums on the right side of this page. You are probably asked to give your version of WLMail and Windows so that the answer may be more accurate. In WLMail to find your version of the software, a press on ALT - H. If it doesn't show you the version and the build number, press on escape to two times, and then Alt - F B.


  • Can't send or receive messages Windows Live Mail 2012 / Cogeco account

    Until yesterday, my Cogeco email account worked well within Windows Live Mail 2012. Bought a laptop and I tried to add this account to it.

    The following message appears when I try to send/receive:

    and then the following error message appears:

    Can't send or receive messages on behalf of Cogeco (wliber). An incorrect password was entered. The next time that you send or receive messages, you will be asked to enter your user name and password for this account.

    Server error: 0x800CCC90

    Server response:-ERR [AUTH] failed authentication

    Server: ' '.

    Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x800CCC92

    Protocol: POP3

    Port: 110

    Secure (SSL): No.

    Went in properties and changed the password to what I think it should be and also changed the secure (SSL) to Yes for incoming and outgoing messages, but still can not send/receive, keep coming back that my password is incorrect.

    Tried to create another account of cogeco, but who also do not send/receive.

    MICROSOFT DOES NOT SUPPORT FOR WINDOWS LIVE MAIL. NEED HELP!  and thank all who respond in advance.


  • Windows Live Mail - which is a good, simple explanation of how this works?

    I have Windows 7 Professional upward and running and to have good luck with the drivers and applications I have loaded on.  However, I feel a lot of teething problems with Windows Live Mail.

    (1) it download my e-mail to the computer but still leaves the mail on the server.  It's embarrassing for my iPhone and other electronic formats.  Is there a way of really downloading from the server, such as Windows Mail?  Something that can be checked somewhere?

    (2) what about all my archived email Windows Mail and Outlook Express email?  I had assumed that, as with Windows Mail, I would be able to import these old archives.  Suggestions how to proceed?

    (3) contacts?  They're not going on where they should.

    I don't know that I could understand that, if I could find a guide of good help, but Windows Live Mail tips seems scattered in all directions.

    You are welcome.

    Here's how I'd get contacts from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail:

    1 export Windows Mail contacts to CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format.  Select only the fields that you really need.  For me, it's just first name , last name , name , and e-mail address .  Clear the check boxes for all other fields.

    2 copy the CSV file on Windows 7 computer.

    3 import the CSV file into Windows Live Mail.

  • Windows live mail not stop 'download' of new messages.

    Hello, I am running windows 7 on a samsumg RC512. I use windows live mail to check the corporate e-mail. The e-mail account is a pop account. Any time that I start direct mail it will download new messages and send those coming out. Then it starts to 'download' an infinite number of new messages that actually do not exist. It does not overload the machine or anything like that. Just like that until I hit the stop button. Problem is that if I do not have this message that I need to send will not be delivered, because it keeps doing this download new message loop. I tried unistalling the AVG antivirus and backup program (11 Cobian), nothing works. The account settings are ok and I don't know what to do here. I appreciate anyhelp thanks!

    You can back up your messages and contacts before you uninstall / remove Windows Live Mail. Refer to the post of Raphael_S of this link.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Thank you.

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