The error message itself will remain but will continue to print. This message will remain until the cartridge is replaced. Substitution is the printer printing always regardless of the error message on the display screen.

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  • printer 6510: can I use 934 ink cartridge in my printer all-in-one 6510?

    Can I use 934 ink cartridge in my printer of 6510 all-in-one?

    The cartridge HP black 934 works with these printers:

    HP Officejet printer, 6220
    E-all-in-one printer, HP Officejet 6812 range
    E-all-in-one printer, HP Officejet 6815 range
    Printer HP Officejet Pro 6230
    Printer HP Officejet Pro 6230
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  • How to install a PHOTO HP 564XL ink cartridge in the printer all-in-one HP Photosmart 6525?

    I have a HP Photosmart 6525 all-in-one printer.  I buy original HP 564XL ink for my printer in a color combo-pack at my local Costco.  The package includes 3 color cartridges as well as a 4th label "Photo".  My printer has only the slots 3 color + a location for a larger black cartridge. I would use the photo cartridge, but my question is:

    How to install the Photo cartridge?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Hi l_john,

    I understand that, with the combo, pack of ink you bought came with a Photo black cartridge, and you're wanting to use it in your printer. In regards to your printer, it is not compatible with the black cartridge Photo, both black and Photo black cartridges are not interchangeable. I have included a document here for you that explains this in detail.

    Thank you.



    Hi @jfinny,

    I am able to provide you with more information about your printer model 8600 and its ink delivery system.

    Only some models of HP printers supports a substitution.

    If supported by your printer, when you print, you should be prompted to press OK on the printer to continue.

    If you do not get the prompt to click OK, your printer will deal with the similarly outdated cartridge as it does a cartridge missing or empty. It is designed to protect the entire printhead inside the unit.

    You can view more information about these resources:
    Consumable inkjet HP - ink Expiration

    Cannot print when one of the HP ink cartridges is empty

    You can also take a look at the limited warranty for print HP ink and print heads replaceable by the customer of consumables HP inkjet cartridges.

    I found this information in the HP Officejet Pro 8600 - User Guide, but I don't know if it helps at all;

    Used with this printer HP cartridges contain a memory chip that helps with the use of the printer. More, this memory chip collects a limited set of information about the use of the printer, which may include the following: the date when the cartridge has been installed, the date where the cartridge of the last use, the number of pages printed using the cartridge, coverage of the page printing modes used, any printing error that occurred and model of printer. This information helps HP design future printers to meet the printing of our customers needs.

    To disable the collection of usage information:
    1. on the printer control panel, press the arrow to the rightand then press Setup.
    2. Select Preferences, and then on cartridge chip information.
    3. press OK to disable the collection of usage information.

    NOTE: If you disable the memory chip's ability to collect information on the use of the printer, you can still continue to use the cartridge in the printer HP.

    I would like to know if there is anything else I can do to help.

    I look forward to hear from you!

    Thank you

  • I replaced the ink cartridges, but the printer still shows empty black cartridge. How can I reset?

    I have a HP Deskjet 3050 a - J611j all-in-one printer.  I use Mac OS 10.7 Lion.   I replaced the empty ink cartridges.  Now it shows the color cartridge is full, but still shows black cartridge empty.  Is it possible to reset it?

    Hi Shanmarie1103,

    If the cartridges are rebuilt you will not get a read out on the ink levels. You will need to use a new OEM cartridge with a new chip for the ink levels. Click on the links below for more information.

    The truth about remanufactured ink and toner cartridges

    Price of ink

  • How can I make my ink cartridges last longer?

    We have a Photosmart Premium printer.  We do not a lot of printing, less than once a week.  In a very short period of time, although we've printed little, the cartridge reports as dry.

    What can we do to extend the life of a cartridge?  More moisture in the House?  Remove whenever we fill a print job and wrap them tightly?  We have a machine which empty things, really empty, not just suck some air.  That would help?

    Also, should I expect if I specify black and white, or print project, if only the color cartridge is dry to the printer?

    Thank you


    @ PeggyJane - to add to what banhien provided, to answer your last question about the color of inks and settings; It depends on the printer. Some printers take individual ink cartridges, which means a cartridge cyan, magenta and yellow. These printers print when one of the cartridges may work to dry that can damage the printhead to the inside of the printer. There are other printers that take a black and then a tricolor cartridge where yellow, cyan and magenta all come in a cartridge and print head is integrated in the 2 cartridges that you buy for this ink delivery system. Some of these printers have the ability to print reserve mode. This is where you can remove the empty cartridge and continue printing. It is noted also that the ink is used in the printer by other means beyond just printing. The printer will also ink for maintenance purposes. Here a link to another document which explains the use of ink and the release of other factors that can affect a printer. I hope this helps.

  • 3520 Deskject HP all-in-one: newly replaced black ink cartridge does not print

    My ink level is full.  I just replaced my black cartridge (with genuine HP cartridges). No black is printing.  I tried all the troubleshooting tips including the alignment of the printer, clean the print head. Remove and reinsert the cartridges.  I replaced the cartridge several times during the past year is nothing new.  Can't understand why black will not only be printed.

    This is your last hope.

    Watch the videos and if you can remove the printhead and clean, it might work.

    Let us know...

  • Printer ink cartridge problem e-all-in-one-HP Officejet Pro 8620

    Previously an 8500 a, nothing but problems. When a cartridge has failed, had to replace all 4 cartridges.

    Is the new 8620A best and HP didn't solved the problem.

    Would like to know before you buy.

    Thank you

    I have an Officejet Pro 8600 Plus (the predecessor of 8620 Offciejet) and it is not necessary to replace all cartridges at the same time.  Unlike the Officejet 8500 series there is no "expiration of the ink" in the 8600 Pro Officejet or 8620 models.  I replaced the cyan cartridges and black months apart in the 8600.

    I was very happy with my Offciejet Pro 8600 Plus *, currently replaced by the 8610/8620/8630. 8610/8620/8630 using the same cartrdiges and print like the Officejet Pro 8600 series heads.

    * Also and Expert HP, HP made products available to me on the basis of a loan for the assessment.  I liked the Officejet Pro 8600 Plus enough that when the loan period is on the rise, I bought a to replace.

  • Fill new used ink cartridges refilled HP 1510xi all-in-one.

    I have 5 HP printers and still actively using 3 models of all-in-One: 1510xi; 5610xi; and J6480.  Reloaded 1510xi black cartridges (6) 92 (1) color cartridge 93 and 92 all will not work after update to install HP all-in-One. HP updates may have put an end to refill these cartridges. I had no problem before and refills limited to 4 or 5 max before you buy new cartridges.

    All cartridges except for the color display the error and won't print.  I replaced these cartridges with those who have not refilled and error warning does not, so it seems to be updated.

    Has anyone encounter this type of problem? Or know a solution apart from buying new in the use of reloaded cartridges?

    The only solution I know is using new genuine HP ink cartridges. Using ink filled or rebuilt is bad for the printer. If you have printers that are still under warranty, filled or rebuilt ink using the warranty of ink systems. The rest of the printer is still under warranty, but the print head and of any other part of the system of ink will not.

  • Photosmart 8250 not recognized by my iMAC... How can I get my iMAC to 'see' the printer?

    I'm trying to connect my HP Photosmart 8250 printer to my iMAC (under Snow Leopard 10.6.4) via the USB cable. I downloaded and installed the drivers for HP printers on Apple's site, but when I go through the "Print & Fax' tile instead of '+' and then 'add printer' is not in the list of printers as if the iMAC does not see the printer...» Help please.

    Thanks for the help... Initially, I tried reseting the printing system, but has not helped.

    Ultimately after some trial and error, it seems the HP Photosmart printer is somehow 'paired' / 'connected' with my MacBook Pro. So he can register on my iMAC, you must remove first of the queue on the MBP and then it appears on the iMAC and may be included in the queue on the iMAC... even if it's just through a USB cable.

    Thank you.

  • How can I insert my information customized for the printing process in order to have my printed document these

    Hi all

    In the 'Print' dialog box, we "brand and bleed section where a user can . selected brands such as Color Bars etc. information page
    After that, we will send you the document for printing and gots, a document that contains the page number and bars of color etc.
    Now in a similar fashion, I need to insert my custom information such as Author Name, Date to the printing job so that my printed document contain all my custom information
    If anyone has any idea on this so please help me
    Thank you

    The easiest way is to add a slug area to the document and put this information in the slug. It is possible to make a customization of brands printers, but I've never had much success. See pdf

  • How can I perform a partial reset on a 6500 all-in-one

    OfficeJet 6500 E710n-z (2A98C5), 10.8.2 - OS Maac, my printer don't always work after he falls asleep. I have to turn it off and then turn it back on again. I was told at one point to perform a partial reset, but I forgot how to do this.

    Thanks, I perform operations that you mentioned, but the problem kept recurring. I finally didi contact an HP technician who was extremely friendly and helpful, even though my printer is no longer under warranty. {technical info removed for security}

  • OfficejeetPro HP 6830: I can't conect a printer range e-all-in-one-hp officejet pro 6830 in my lap top.

    I tried to install hp officejet 6830 in my laptop with windows 7, and it fails.  I always get the printer icons and my laptop with a red 'X' and it says printer installs on the net-work.  It's been about 2 weeks in train to install the printer, and I don't know what to do now.  I hope someone help me.  Thank you.

    It worked THANKS!  I did the "clean boot", and finally I connected my printer of 6830 officepro. I have dealt with this on more than one month.  Thank you very much.

  • Advantage of ink HP deskjet 5525: I can't find the ink cartridge for my printer

    I bought a printer HP deskjet ink advantage 5525 in Saudi Arabia, then I brought it to the Philippines, I found the same ink cartridge for the printer here (655 in Saudi Arabia, in the Philippines, it is 685) but the problem is my printer rpet ink, I bought is not compatible. What should I do? Thank you


    You must contact HP Office in your country now and ask them how to reset the printer to allow to use inks in the new country. Please read:

    Kind regards.

  • Problem - has ink cartridge but no printing appears on the paper

    I have a printer of HP Deskjet 4200 all-in-one with a relatively new ink cartridge.  The printer prints white - nothing appears on my paper.  The last time I used the printer (with the same cartridges) was four months ago, and he was fine.  To my knowledge, nothing has changed (parameters, etc.).  I can't figure out how to get the printer to print anything.  I could go out and buy new cartridges, but ones I have is barely used, although only around the age of 6 months.  And the problem seems to be both color and black print (printer has two cartridges) - so I made me think that it would not be a cartridge problem.  Any suggestions on what I might try?  Thank you.

    It is possible that the print heads have become clogged due to sitting for so long unused.  Try to run the three cycles of cleaning of the Toolbox.  If it does not recover the printhead, then place 1 "of very hot water in a cup and watch the nozzles of cartridge in hot water for about five minutes.  When it comes gently dry the printhead on a wet cloth dry contacts of the cartridge, then reinstall the cartridges in the printer, and try another cleaning cycle.

Maybe you are looking for


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