How can I reset? search for Chrome settings (and other applications)?


In Chrome, my search parameters are all disorder, I don't see the usual Favorites list on the left and some files are missing from the view.

I also have this problem in other applications. After all, there are no settings or personalization framework Chrome for customization of view viewfinder (Save dialog).

How can I reset the finder for some applications, so that I get a similar opinion when I opened a new folder?

Thanks for any help,



Try to restart in Mode safe mode, and then restart normally.

OS X El Capitan: start in safe mode

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    Hello angustiap,

    If you can't have your administrative user account, then you will need to use a Live CD to start the computer with and reset the password.

    I use this program because its easy to use and it's free.
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    Run Lazesoft and follow the instructions to create the Live CD
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    I don't know where these settings are stored, but before digging in the files or uninstalling/reinstalling, you can see the 'thin' on the vertical borders grippy? You should be able to restore the layout by clicking or dragging these grippy to re - open the missing components.

  • 6.0.1: play store blocks - can not update Google Services to play and other applications (and phone is hot!)


    I've updated to Android 6.0.1 (23.5.A.0.575) on my Z3 Compact (D5803) and I have a problem: I can't update the services Google Play or any application.

    What took place and what I've done:

    Step 1: Just after the update: random crashes

    Just after the update, notification Services play Google occurs as it is necessary to update. But when you tapoterez on it it opens stores Play, which closes immediately... If I open the game manually store, I have the same behavior (between 2 and 10 seconds before the accident). The accident leaves no message, it goes back only to "desktop".

    Step 2: Remove the cache, data, and updates

    I tried to delete the cache (step 1), data (step 2) and updates (3rd step) on Google Store with reboot, and each time had no effect on my problem: I have always had the same behavior.

    Step 3: Uninstall of updates of Google play Services

    I removed the updates of Google Services to play. Now, play store not crushed, but I can't update any app, I get the error "* App name * cannot be downloaded." Try again and if the problem persists, download help troubleshooting. (Error during extraction of the information from the server. ([DF-DLA-15]) »

    (or, in french: "Can't download the update of xxx, because an error has occurred (error when retrieving information from the server ([DF-DLA-15]).).")

    Could you help me please? How can I reinstall the Store and Services play?

    And another question: my phone is very hot! Is this normal with this update?

    Thank you.

    Hi Ze_Bast,

    You can try the following.

    1 uninstall the updates of Google Play Store

    2 clear data Google play Services

    3. clear the data from Google Services Framework

    4 restart handset

    5. try to access the Play store.

  • How can I reset optimize for quick removal on USB that I don't see any more?

    I installed a Drobo on my Vista 64 SP1 and became only on transer 12 MB/s on USB 2.0 speeds.  I went into policies and changed the setting on the drive to optimize Performance.  Come find out who is a no no with a Drobo.  Is no longer, I can start or stop the computer with the Drobo connected via USB.  If I connect it runs that the drive is not recognized in Device Manager or any where.  The only change before and after, it's changing the Optimize setting.  Yes, is there a reg edit I can do to get the back of the car, or all USB drives, to optimize for a quick deletion since I can't access the drive at all now?  Any other ideas?

    Also, I tried to do a system restore, but for some reason any Vista shows only a restore point of yesterday and today.  He has no points for any time before that.

    Thank you


    Oops... Press the wrong button

    (1) go into your registry with regedit... the registry entry for your drobo will remain even when you are offline.


    now searching: UserRemovalPolicy

    make sure that 'look' VALUES is verified

    keep hitting "Next" until it looks like you're in the tree of your drobo (have not installed on this PC so I can't find the exact key for you)

    The value is probably '2 '... Change it to 3 (no matter if hexadecimal or decimal).


    connect drobo when you get back into windows.

    .. Lister other possibilities:

    (2) would work... connect a USB 1 or 1.1 hub to PC and connect drobo to hub...

    (3) go in the BIOS of the PC and USB set 1 or 1.1... might work... maybe not...

    ~ kev

  • How can I reset the default display settings

    I just bought a Dell Studio with Windows Vista and had to reload in order to install a program.  When the screen came back to top all my programs show so big that I have to use two scroll bars to see the entire screen. I have a 17 inch moniter and the only way I can see my internet explore is with the option full screen, even in this case, I have to use the scroll bars.

    I was able to customize and view the settings, but can't seem to get what he looked like.

    The black border appears around the outside edge of the wallpapers (but not under the taskbar), with the image in the Center?

    If so, it may be simply that you must change the way windows displays the desktop background.
    To do this:
    1. right click on the desktop and choose "Customize" from the menu that appears.
    2. click on "desktop background".
    3. Select the desired background.
    4. at the bottom of the window, just above the "ok" button, there will be several sizing options. You want to probably the first one that is "Fit to screen" (place your cursor over each option to see a ToolTip describing). It will extend on your screen to complete the office. Click the scaling option you want.
    5. click 'OK' to apply the changes.
    If, on the other hand, the black border appears around the funds screen and also under the taskbar, then it is most likely a problem resolution or driver. In this case, the above suggestions of Marilyn I hope it will help you solve the problem.
    Best wishes
  • How can I reset vista to factory settings

    I ams sales comp want clan it completely

    Hi Baird1111,

    You must contact the computer manufacturer to obtain the computer restored to factory settings.

    Note: Make sure that you have your data backed up and secured prior to this.

  • How can I reset a default (empty) table call other than nodes?

    I used the reset all failing to invoke the node and the specific call node in order to reset the two tables in my Subvi each time the Subvi is run in my program (main VI). I use the Subvi perform steps, but the steps I take continually stack on the other. I have these as outputs wired berries so I don't think I can grab an empty array and call her nodes are enabled (and no code return error!) whenever the Subvi is executed, but these two paintings is not reset to their default value, empty values at the beginning of each passage. All ideas are welcome; I appreciate your help. Thank you!

    I managed to get almost what I wanted by replacing the nodes of comments that I used (to build the two tables), with offset, and then initializing registers Maj records at the beginning of the program. The problem there was that the encoder I used for the measurement of the angle would start up where it left off (at 400 degrees rather than 0, even if it was a new set of data). On the other hand, he deleted the previous data set, which is what I wanted. I think I'm able to work with it; The first measure can be 0, so I just need to use the last measure known as an offset or something... Suggestions are always welcome; Thank you all for your time!

    Edit: For the sake of simplicity I just moved initializers of the nodes of the property to the farthest loop and it does the same thing.

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