How can I reset using windows XP digital rights management when an error message appears as 0xC00D2782

I used my MP3 player to download digital books from the library using Overdirve Media Console.  Recently, I received a message indicating that an error has occurred.  He said that I had problems of digital rights management.  The error was 0xC00D2782.  I was not able to fix this problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I use Windows XP

You will need to contact Overdrive for assistance.

You can try to reset the DRM store, but you will lose the license for any protected media you have, and may not be able to access. Unfortunately, this may be required if Overdrive is unable to help.

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    ISTT, make sure that WMP is closed, start Internet Explorer as an administrator (click right- run as administrator ), and then go to .

    If the button is always grayed out, you will probably have to reset the DRM system, by following the instructions at (article mainly mentions the Zune software, but can also be applied in general).

    Tim Baets

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    If I'm not famiar with the widget that uses this client I'd be on the same side of the fence.

    The anemometers of company XXX to run without error is like trying to get an RP06 disk to run without error. Both are a "futile exercise". (Memorex Drisk drive repair to 1976). I developed an application that uses the same anemometers used above. The only way have to run without error is to forget the serial interface, buy the analog output option and connect to a NOR-DAQ. If used in election mode, you will need to pass a byte at a time. They use an 'Q' to get them in the mode of setting, BUT 'Q' is also a valid unit ID and request a survey form the unit with this ID I was constantly having to turn on them to make them work again.

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    Background. :

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    In fact, internet explore is limited to 10 tabs that can be open at the same time. To change, you could probably change the registry, but doing so will be catastrophic for your system if you choose the wrong somewhere.

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    Permissions and security issues with Vista/Win7?

    Check the following settings.

    All the users who are allowed to share need to have an account on all computers that they are allowed to connect to.

    Everyone is an account, that means a group of all users who already have an account now as users.

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    Were there any changes (hardware or software) to the computer before the show?

    Windows 7 contains several troubleshooting programs can automatically fix some common problems with your computer. One of them is Windows media player settings troubleshooter.

    Method 1: Problems running Windows Media Player settings

    Method 2: Reset the Digital Rights Management (DRM) file

    Note: The steps are also applicable to Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7.

    Hope this information helps.

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    Basically, I want to have Media Player external drive for all the songs from research and build his library on this disc instead of on the C:\ drive.
    My problem is that the songs are hogging too much space on my hard drive, so I want to move to my external drive to backup instead, but Media Player will not access it.  I saw an option in Media Player to add a song to a different drive to the library whenever I play a song of this player, but that would require me to play all the songs moved one at a time, which is not practical, and which would not solve my problem because Media Player could still be maintaining the library on my HDD to say.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you.


    See the steps in the following article on how to manage the music library.

    Add items to the Windows Media Player library.

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