How can I retrieve my documents content that has been removed by a virus?





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How to recover a lost Word document

How to recover a lost in Word 2007 or Word 2003 file
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    Pinterest button was "disabled by the administrator" according to your page Add on. Given that I'm the only one using this PC and I have it has not disabled, how can I reinstall it? Several other modules have disappeared as well, so I think they are probably also disabled.

    Thanks for any help.

    I guess that you are referring to a message on the Mozilla Add-ons site.

    When the extension is no longer available because if was removed then you cannot install and must look for a replacement or try to find the developer's Web site to see if the extension is still available there.

  • How can I slow down a video that has been recorded too fast as well as audio, so it looks like a normal speed?


    So, I recorded about 40 slides of movie without realizing account than the speed needed adjustment on the projector. Then the audio sounds fast enough. I was wondering how can I slow down a bit without making a sound too slowly? I tried to adapt it to the FCP with the c case, but it make it too slow and makes it still the audio sound like chipmunks. I want to set the audio where it seems normal. I could get out of the video and adjust it in audacity, but I won't do that because then it will take me an eternity to align to the clip in FCP and even then it may not work right. I have attached a small clip for you all to see what I need assistance.

    Help, please! I thank in advance.

    FCP 10.2.3

    If you disable in the drop c, keep Pitch, you should lose the chipmunk effect.


  • How can I change my phone number that has been registered in iCloud?

    How can I change my phone number in iCloud?

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    I tried to connect my iPhone 6 with the latest iOS with the bluetooth in my car.

    Previously, he managed, but due to problems matching, I clicked on "forget this device" to try to solve this problem, but now my iPhone doesn't recognize my car bluetooth connection. My car well that still connects to devices of others, is not about my car, it's the phone.

    Please help me, it has been like that for months and I would like to plug not only for music, but if I can answer the phone calls safely while driving.

    Advice or tips would be great. I've tried almost everything!

    Much appreciated,

    Sarah M.

    HI Sarah...

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones how can I see a calendar item that has been in my backup

    I did a full backup at home of my 8330 with BB Desktop Software a week ago.
    But I accidentally left my phone in the office and may not recover until Monday.
    I need data in a diary entry in the backup. How can I see it? I do not have Outlook or Office.

    I don't know where to start.

    Set to false.

    There are tools for this on
    It was given to me here:

  • How can I retrieve the e-mails that have been deleted? I use vista. and are on bell sympatico.

    the system I use is vista. the internet is bell sympatico.

    Does that mean that you are using Windows Mail, which is the e-mail provided in Windows Vista program or you are using an e-mail program provided by your service provider Internet, Bell?

    If it is Windows Mail, try this:

  • How can I open a purchase order that has been closed for a reception

    have a couple IN. that tolerance was set to 100%, while they were closed for the reception following the approval.   How to open them again please.

    Thank you, Scott


    Please follow the steps below:

    1. go to the purchase of Super User RESP > orders > purchase order summary

    2 ask the PO you want to open

    3. click on tools > control and choose "Open to receive.

    This will open all the lines if you wanty to open a specific line press the button lines and click Tools > control

    You can also open by shipping as well by pressing the Send button by clicking Tools > control

    Hope this helps,

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  • How can I delete an e-mail that has been saved in the docs of Windows 7

    I save certain emails like "and now want to remove the files that they have been saved in. When I right click the deletion of the word is not highlighted. I can copy these files and move elsewhere just cannot them permanently delete the. My original post was corrected by those who knew her more, read the comments and correction of your files.

  • can I retrieve a text message that has been deleted and have not been saved by I the cloud?

    my phone is a phone 9.1.2.

    My husband also has an i phone and it plugged my iphone into his laptop computer to recharge. an update has started and delete a message that i really recover. where not saved messages and I can't get it back. I contacted my transported mobile and they are unable to help him.

    ecros03 wrote:

    my phone is a phone 9.1.2.

    My husband also has an i phone and it plugged my iphone into his laptop computer to recharge. an update has started and delete a message that i really recover. where not saved messages and I can't get it back. I contacted my transported mobile and they are unable to help him.

    No there is no way to recover data, if it has not been saved.

  • How can I know if an external drive has been used for Time Machine and what computer it came with too?

    How can I know if an external drive has been used for Time Machine and what computer it came with too?

    I have several laptops and iMacs. I spent the relocation of the year and only used the MacBook Pro.

    Now I'm trying to figure out which drive goes with which computer

    I connected just a disk seagate 1.5 t and the first thing he did was to ask if I wanted to use it as a Time Machine drive.

    (1) if it is the TM disk accompanying this computer don't would not it have just started upward automatically?

    (2) what happens if I would have said yes?

    (3) I don't even know if it's been activated for TM. Is there a way to tell? It may hold just for iMovie files and other programs associated with a computer from my past.

    All readers of backup Time Machine contains a folder named: Backups.backupdb. If you open this folder, you'll find another folder with the name of the computer that has been saved. If several computers have been saved on the same disk, you will have several folders.

  • How can I retrieve a document that I have not saved in a word document

    I created a word document, but dd will not record it. I need to get it back. How can I do

    If you have automatic recovery of game, you might find a part of the document here,

    C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\

    Otherwise, you must set AutoSave password / recover every two minutes.

    Windows logo at the top on the left,

    Word Options on the bottom,

    Save on the left column, select your preference and save.

    You must change your question and move it to word Office section and the version of the year your help to get the best results.

  • How can I retrieve the mail files that have disappeared.

    I had a few folders on the mail who disappeared recently. How can I get back them?

    The mailbox list is divided into categories with such topics on my Mac. When you position the cursor on one of these positions (with the exception of the mailboxes), you should see the Word display / hide it on the right. Click view. The category of mailboxes cannot be hidden.

    In each category, the mailboxes are arranged in groups, such as Inbox. To the left of each group is a small disclosure triangle. If the triangle pointing to the right, click it so that it points downwards.

    Also note that you may need to scroll the list of mailboxes upwards or downwards to see it all.

  • I accidentally deleted my documentys how can I retrieve my documents

    I accidentally deleted my documents, and they are not in my trash how can I keep this return

    You can try Recuva freeware software. You have a recent backup, where you can recover the files?

  • How can I start accessing a site that has a "remote XUL?

    My college gave me an e-mail account, but when I try to access it, the site says: remote XUL; This page uses unsupported technology that is no longer available by default in Firefox (please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem). However, when I try to access my account on my mother's computer, it works. How can I get on my computer?

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