How can I save and synchronize Windows 8 startup screens

I have two desktops Windows Pro 8, with two different copies of Windows 8 Pro on each machine.  I connect both machines using the same account Hotmail from Microsoft.  Of course, the start screen a metro looks different than the other Metro Screen start, because they are two different and two different Windows 8 Pro activations or facilities computers.  There is a handy tool to help me quickly and effectively synchronize two different splash screens so that in the end, the two look alike?  Is there a tool to maintain the provisions of start screen and groups synchronized in the future?  If not, is it possible to copy groups and page of the start screen of 'Favorites' on the first machine to the second machine, forcing start screen of the second machine to look exactly like the 'Favorites' splash screen on the first machine of tiles?  Then all I have to do is to get a screen begin to look the way I want it, and then periodically copy this splash screen "Favorite" for the second machine for the same look, so not having to build and maintain two completely different search screens starting on two completely different machines.  Is it possible to sync up to the tile of the Office on both machines so that the Office looks the same on both machines?  I guess I want to synchronize all of the loading, instead of synchronizing individual files.  Is it possible to do?


I would like to start on the dual core to look like and receive the screen start I built on the old machine of single base.

I thought that was why we were using Live ID.

(BING search engine for)
LiveID start form site:

Saved settings are available when you connect to your account on any PC in Windows 8. Your PC will be set up just the way you are used to!

Splash screen was not explicitly mentioned in the blog post, but surely "set up just the way we used to" it implies?

In any case, I think you can use desktop remote for your problem scenario.

(BING search engine for)
remote desktop "windows 8" site: touch

Good luck

Robert Aldwinckle

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    Palm support: Palm TX - HotSync troubleshooting: start here

    Palm support: Palm TX - HotSync under Windows XP (part one) (See also part 2 and 3 at the end of this article)

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