How can I save my work before I have my Tablet factory reset?

How can I save my work before I have my Tablet factory reset?


Use the export button and choose the option "upload to creative cloud."

This allows you to save your work as "editable PSDX files".

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  • How can I save my work which is inside my USB drive before formatting it?

    My USB does not open and when I try to open, the message appears telling me to format but I have important work inside my key USB so how can I save my work before formatting it? Please someone help me...

    I'll give advice to use this program Recuva BEFORE do you any formatting.

    Do NOT Format, then use it in your situation.

    If Recuva does not work for you to save your data, you may need to contact the data recovery experts.
    Be warned: they are very $$$

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • I filled out a form on the page 8 and he saved several times along the way, and now when I open this file, the form is empty?  How can I save my work so I can open the form later and it contains all my data?

    I filled out a form on the page 8 and he saved several times along the way, and now when I open this file, the form is empty?  How can I save my work so I can open the form later and it contains all my data?

    Hi Eileen97933052,

    The PDF form must be extended drive in order to have this feature to save & print the form data.

    Please confirm by the PDF Creator is the PDF reader or not extended.

    Otherwise, if you have Acrobat installed on your system, you can reader extend PDF form yourself.

    Kind regards


  • Firefox crashes without opening. How can I save my bookmarks before you uninstall?

    whenever I try to open, I get the notice of accident. This is a new issue. I would like to uninstall version 7, but first of all save the bookmarks. How can I save my bookmarks if it opens at all?

    I'm happy it's fixed. Thanks for posting back.

  • How can I stop updating works offered, I have no Office or Works

    I have windows vista but have no office or work, I receive an update that will not download. How can I remove it to be in my list of installed updates?


    Run the FixIt on this article:

    You receive the error code: 0 x 80070646, error code: 646 or error code: 1606 when using Windows Update or Microsoft Update:

    then download and install the update of


  • How can I save my browser? I have CS6 and use Chrome and Windows 7.

    When I search for it, always recording responses seem to be I record everything I plug into my computer. Well, the browser is already there!

    When I opened the hearing and go to hardware edition/preferences/audio, entry by default is labeled device not available (does not.). Output default and Master Clock are all two shown in hearing as "Realtek High Definition Audio".

    My Device Manager tells me that I have two "audio, video, and game controllers." Realtek High Definition Audio"is used for the output of the speaker and the microphone input etc. There are also some AMD high definition Audio Device. Info from the computer volume control shows the Realtek as being for the speakers and the AMD for a HDMI output. Both devices are "Location 0 (internal Bus High Definition Audio)". The Realtek also mic and Line In, and both are marked not plugged.

    How to connect the audio input (s) of hearing browser?

    Is this something as simple and silly as... I plug in a cable from the headphone output in the entry Line In?

    There are a few methods you can try.  The easiest way is to see if your audio drivers supports "what you hear" or "Stereo Mix" as input source.  In Windows, right click on the speaker next to your clock icon and choose recorders.  If you don't see something like that as a record source, right-click on the Panel and choose Show disabled devices to see if it's hidden.  If so, turn it on and use it as a source of input on a track of the hearing to capture any audio to your speakers.  (Don't enable input monitoring if you use the same audio device for playback of the hearing as this may cause feedback).

    If you don't see any options like what is likely that this support has especially been removed from generic audio device drivers, you will need to try another solution.  The obvious method, run a patch between your production and your entry ports, is a way.  Another would be to download an application called cable Audio virtual Virtual Audio Cable on home Page and to implement that.  It acts as a virtual audio device and you should be able to select as a source of entry to the hearing.

    The caveat may be that the standard Windows MME drivers really do support many audio devices as well.  CS6 hearing did not support the WASAPI driver model, which facilitates mixing devices and correspondents.  Workaround would also install an application called ASIO4ALL of ASIO4ALL - universal ASIO Driver and set it up to use the entries of your primary audio device, as well as a virtual Audio cable, then set up the hearing to use ASIO4ALL.

  • How can you save a photo once you have it cropped

    I have cultivated an image and there is no registration key so whenever I make a change, it comes back to original

    It depends on what photo editing program you use.  In many programs Alt F S give a backup dialog box.

  • On another PC I want to save my favorites, but my browser Firefox does not work how can I make the backup, before I reinstall Firefox

    On another PC I want to save my favorites, but my browser Firefox does not work how can I make the backup, before I reinstall Firefox.
    Firefox cannot renew its tabs and now won't run and let me do a backup

    This may be considered to be solve my problem.
    I decided to uninstall the rogue program Firefox download and reinstall the same version (No. 8). I used Windows XP Add Remove programs who asked if I wanted to save the settings of Firefox until I uninstalled Firefox. I said yes and operated with the uninstall. I couldn't find a Firefox 8 so I went for the 12 version and installed on the laptop. This version 12 now works with all the passwords one favorite of the uninstalled 8.
    Thank you for all your help and advice.

  • How can you save dead MacBook using FireWire for iMac? I can view all the files on iMac, but don't know how to back up before, I reinstall MacBook.

    My MacBook Pro doesn't start then you want to erase and reinstall iOS. Before doing this I want to back up all my files. If I connect to imac via FireWire I can view all the files, but how can I save it it?

    If your MacBook will start in target disk Mode, follow the instructions on how to set up and use...

    Share files between two computers with target - Apple Support disk mode

    But you do not want to share files, just to save them. You can make a "clone", using disk utility. For cloning utility purposes use a program likeSuperDuper! or double clone.

  • How can I save iTunes before a hardware change?

    I bought a new computer and am transfer all my data to a new hard drive running Windows 10 pro.  Although a lot of my songs are contained in subdirectories of iTunes, I have a subdirectory that contains hundreds of individual MP3s that were migrated in iTunes, one at a time. How can I make sure that after you have installed iTunes on the new drive and transfer all the mp3, it will appear in iTunes [with their album covers, which were often imported after a search in Google images]?

    Migrate a library iTunes from one computer to another

    These are two approaches that work normally to move an existing library to a new computer.

    Method 1

    1. Save the library with this trick of the user.
    2. Remove the old computer if you no longer wish to access content protected on it.
    3. Restore the backup to your new computer by using the same tool used to back it up.
    4. Keep your current backup in the future.

    Method 2

    Connect the two computers on the same network. Share your old computer < user music > folder and copy the folder of library fulliTunes in the < user music > on the new folder. Yet once, remove the old computer so is no longer necessary.

    These two methods should give the new computer, a clone of the library work which was on the former. What about iTunes is it is still the 'home' for your devices library you should not have problems with iTunes will erase and reload.

    I recommend method 1 because it establishes a current backup for your library.

    Note If you have iOS devices and that you have not reached your contacts and calendar all in all items, then you need to create a dummy entry in your new profile and iTunes expected to merge existing data from the device.

    If your media folder has been separated in the main folder of iTunes, you may need to do some preparatory work to make it easier to move. See make a library of portable split.

    If you are in the unfortunate position where you're able to access your original library or a backup and then seerecover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device to get tips on how to configure your devices with a new library with the maximum preservation of data.


  • How can I open an attachment before you save it?

    I'm used to be able to open an attachment before you choose to save it. Now I can just save it. Then I have to locate where it is save and open. PDF is not always open in Adobe. I have the most recent Adobe. It is a new problem for me to use gmail and firefox.


    Please open settings and applications (optionally) see if the types of files (format pdf, jpeg, png) have a correct action. If they always ask they will be asked where to save the file or you want to open with application. If they are save, then they will be saved without asking.

    For more information, you can read the following:

    also read the following:

    More info

    It will be useful.

    You can return to your problem and we will try to help you.

  • How can I save the project?

    I asked before how I can create 3D canvas looking for image

    and Terri gave me this tutorial, which has worked very nice.

    Now my question is if and how can I save this project together in order to be

    power to apply it later to other images without going through the process with each image manually?

    You can do this is to aid. You can save a set of changes you apply to an image, save the action and play later by another image, or even apply it to a batch of images.

    Press F9 to open the Actions Panel.

    Then, create a new Action...

    Name it and change the settings. Here you can assign a keyboard shortcut for your new Action:

    Then, click record to begin recording.

    Follow all the steps in the tutorial, and then stop the Action:

    Now you can play the action again for any image!

    Find out about Actions : tml

    To learn how to use the commands for multiple images: Esser in photoshop.

    I hope this helps!


  • How can I save by iPad 3 when the screen is black and nothing appears?

    How can I save my iPad in ITunes or iCloud 3 when the screen is black and nothing appears?

    Is the empty screen, because just the screen is broken, or is the iPad just dead? Have you tried a soft-reset/reboot it?

    At least you can see what you touch on the screen of the iPad, you cannot force a backup to iCloud.

    If the iPad still works and is connected to wifi, a backup should automatically happen (if iCloud backups are enabled) if it is connected and the locked screen.

  • I finally got my toolbar in 4.0 as I want. How can I save it exactly as if it were? PS: I hate 4.0!

    My toolbars have been all screwed up, and when I asked for help the young man thought he was helping me, but it did not.
    I finally got their back as they were before the 4.0 and they don't take my whole screen.
    How can I save (or block in that position) them exactly as they are now?
    I would like to be able to back up and restore, so when Firefox messes with them I can get them to the top.
    Firefox was formally a perfect browser, now it's much better that I have Explorer... As my use of MOM to say, ' if it ain't broke, don't fix it! "
    Joyce Christopher

    Save a copy of the localstore.rdf file that is located in your profile folder.

  • How can I save my iphone to my computer Win10?

    I found a lot of so-called solutions to this, but none of them work. I ran out of space on iCloud and do not want to buy more. How can I save on my computer? All it will do (via iTunes) is sync. I want to make a backup. Also, if I make a backup, where can I find it?

    My iPhone is three years old and I have recently updated to 9.3.

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