How can I see all the missing files in the 12 elements?

I have a very large catalog and there are now a few hundred missing files because of me, moving or deleting them out of the elements.

Is there a way to display only the missing files in the elements in order to be able to work through them and decide to search manually or remove them from my catalog?

Thanks for any help



If you are in items Organizer12, will find > all missing files

It will show you all the missing files in your catalog.

Thank you

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    [email protected]

    You can (and should) get the free mp3tag:

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    You can now right click on an album folder and see mp3tag as an option to open it. When you click mp3tag, you'll see the files listed. Put them in order from top to bottom - you can try clicking on the header of the track-number or the name of the header file if they are 01-Track 1. If you can align them up and down, highlight all the and click Dial automatic tools Wizard with the option of leading zeros. Bingo: Track numbers 01, 02, 03, and they will play in the order.

    Sometimes people put numbers to track on the file names and they list in alphabetical order by song title - not good. If the "rocket" Impossible to find track numbers and the name of the file is FirstSongTitle-01 (rather than 01-FirstSongTitle), the "rocket" will play them in alphabetical order by name of file: FirstSong, FifthSong, FourthSong, SecondSong, SixthSong, ThirdSong. Then you will have to put in one of the track numbers.

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    Hello Funny78, type Subject: addons in the address bar and then select plugins, add-ons manager opens and you can see the last version of the plugins (and other info), now click on the click to see if your plugins are up to date and see if it is.

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