How can I simulate the NI 9265 virtually


How can I simulate or see the output of my generation of current 0-20 currnet my VI virtually. i.e. as explore or express signal.

Thank you


There is no way to update outputs in LabVIEW code and monitor these changes in the Automation Explorer.  It's no different than using real hardware.  The main goal to add the virtual hardware is so you can test your code without errors.  If you need monitor values that you export, there are tools for debugging embedded LabVIEW - the faster would be to simply add a probe where you write a value to the device.  If the writing DAQmx VI does not report errors, you can assume that the actual hardware correctly displays the value you requested.

As for the screen that you see in Explorer automation, it is normal for USB devices.  All the buttons at the top of the screen can still be used (Self-Test, Test panels, Reset Device, etc.) and you can always get to the other pages of this device with the different tabs at the bottom of the page.  Since it's just a simulated output device, you probably won't find much useful in Automation Explorer.  The real advantage of a simulated device is just for running and debugging code in LabVIEW.

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    It's very strange.  I used this command on dozens of computers (at least) and never have it back empty.  I don't know what to do. Here's a typical result.

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    Time Machine by Solution-Soft (Time Machine® |) Virtual clock for Time Shift and Application tests) provides a solution to this problem by using virtual clocks to specified users or PIDs and intercepts calls to the OS providing system clock is the case of a virtual clock.  So if a virtual clock set for 022823592016 for Oracle user, this OS user would see this date in every process owned and all connections to a DB owned instance would return a date and time just before the leap day of "systimestamp select from dual;"  There is a framework of Time Machine for Oracle on the market of the Oracle Cloud which is much more granular than this example and allows the travel time of the specific Oracle connections per user, host, or the name of the JDBC program.   Check here:

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    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ucm="">
    <GenericRequest xmlns="" webKey="cs">
    <Service IdcService="FLD_CREATE_FOLDER">
    <Field name="fParentGUID">C976021E28DD8B26FB2D437B5BF56B7F</Field>
    <Field name="fPath">/RAFT/Appraisals/</Field>
    <Field name="fFolderName">0111234567</Field>
    <Field name="fSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</Field>

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    The GUID for this folder is CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399

    I see the reference to xCollectionID when I look for answers, but the data is not available for me (see the output below)

    When I run this it stores the file but the file does not appear in the folder.

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ucm="">
    <GenericRequest xmlns="" webKey="cs">
    <Service IdcService="CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL">
    <Field name="fFolderGUID">CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399</Field>
    <Field name="dDocType">Document</Field>
    <Field name="dSecurityGroup">Public</Field>
    <Field name="dDocAccount"/>
    <Field name="dSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</Field>
    <Field name="xFHACaseNumber">0111234567</Field>
    <Field name="xFHADocumentType">Appraisal</Field>
    <Field name="dDocTitle">tuesday2document.txt</Field>
    <File name="primaryFile" href="whereami.txt">


    <env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
          <ns2:GenericResponse xmlns:ns2="">
             <ns2:Service IdcService="CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL">
                   <ns2:Field name="reserveLocation">false</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="IdcService">CHECKIN_UNIVERSAL</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dSecurityGroup">RAFT_ADMINGrp</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpTriggerField">xIdcProfile</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocType">Document</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionErr"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xPartitionId:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWebFlag"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocCreator">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocAccount"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xClbraUserList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dLocation"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCPageId:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWebExtension">txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isNew">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="IsQueryObjectPersistent"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCTags"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="LockedContents1">dDocName:WCC_Cluster-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dClbraName"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dCreateDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xClbraAliasList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dActionMillis">72487502</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusMessage">Successfully checked in content item 'WCC_CLUSTER-001208'.</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dIsPrimary">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isInfoOnly"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dActionDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCPageId"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xLibraryGUID:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocID">1216</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dPublishState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xFHACaseNumber">0111234567</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="doSorting">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="primaryFile">whereami.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevisionID">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xExternalDataSet"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionFunction">determineCheckin</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="UseForwardOnlyCursor"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="noDocLock">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dID">1208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCTags:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xPartitionId"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xComments:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dInDate">10/7/14 8:58 AM</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocOwner">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dUser">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isDocProfileUsed">true</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionParams"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpEvent">OnImport</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xExternalDataSet:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocLastModifier">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="DocExists"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dConversion">PassThru</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusCode">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xStorageRule:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dStatus">DONE</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dOriginalName">whereami.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevClassID">1208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="idcToken"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevLabel">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocName">WCC_CLUSTER-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowApproverUserList:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xStorageRule">webasset</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="localizedForResponse">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dPublishType"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="fFolderGUID">CBF8EF9C59F8A6C84EB31C68F0903399</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dFormat">text/plain</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionType">3</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocTitle">tuesday2document.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dpAction">CheckinNew</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="primaryFile:path">/opt/oracle/work/wcc_cluster/ucm/cs/vault/~temp/1963032402.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="refreshMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowAssignment"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="isEditMode">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="refreshSubMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xFHADocumentType">Appraisal</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="changedMonikers"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRevRank">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="StorageRule">webasset</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowApproverUserList"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="xComments"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dAction">Checkin</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isDocProfileDone">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWebFlag:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dRawDocID">1215</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xLibraryGUID"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="StatusMessageKey">!csServiceStatusMessage_checkin,WCC_CLUSTER-001208</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xIdcProfile:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWorkflowState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dProcessingState">Y</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocCreatedDate">{ts '2014-10-07 08:58:07.482'}</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocAuthor">C03999</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dOutDate"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="dIsWebFormat">0</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="scriptableActionFlags">12</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="isCheckin">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="RenditionId">webViewableFile</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dExtension">txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="VaultfilePath">/opt/oracle/work/wcc_cluster/ucm/cs/vault/~temp/1963032402.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="prevReleaseState"/>
                   <ns2:Field name="isStatusChanged">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dReleaseState">N</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dWebOriginalName">WCC_CLUSTER-001208~1.txt</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xWCWorkflowAssignment:isSetDefault">1</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dDocLastModifiedDate">{ts '2014-10-07 08:58:07.482'}</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="dFileSize">19</ns2:Field>
                   <ns2:Field name="xIdcProfile"/>


    Replace fFolderGUID by fParentGUID

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