How can I stop auto-updates and keep UserAccounts asking if I was the same update

User accounts in W7 has no option to not be reminded about the same updates again [I won't need not and cannot use] every thirty minutes or more for a few days. If I click on Yes, I get a message saying that I don't need but 30 minutes later AU wonder again. I am a research student and I can't have important experiences, interrupted by updates in XP, I turned off and then automatic update make the updates when it is safe for me to do, but I can't find a way to do this in W7. I unchecked automatically updated in Java, Windows, Office and these programs I could access, but I still get notified.


Welcome to the Microsoft answers site.
You can try to disable automatic updates, the folloe as follows:
1. open Windows Update by clicking the Start button, all programs and then click Windows Update.
2. in the left pane, click on change settings.
3. Select the desired option.
Under recommended updates, select the include updates in downloading, installing or informs me of the box updated recommended, and then click OK.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
Please see the link below:

Activate the update or disable automatic
About user accounts, please visit this link:

You can also disable the notification from the center of the action, follow these steps:

1. click on the Start button to display the Start Menu. Then select Control Panel.
2. the Control Panel window opens now.

Click on system and security of the Control Panel window.

3. the system and security of control panel section opens. Here you can see the center of the Action link.

4. click on the link the Action Center to open the Action Center window.
You can finish the first malware scan of this screen.

5. click on the button scan now to open the window of Windows Defender scan
Enable / disable Notifications

Now to change the behavior of notification and enable or disable messages, the Action Center settings edit link can be used from the left pane of the window for Action Center.

From this window, change the checkboxes for messages from Action Center notification like Windows Update, Windows Firewall, Virus Protection etc. Click OK to save the settings.

Thank you and best regards,
Azam - Microsoft technical support.

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