How can I stop firefox from blocking websites?

Almost everytime I open a new window, a small toolbar appears that says, "Firefox" has blocked this site! It gives me the option to "ALLOW". When I click on 'ALLOW', the site will open. I have the pop-up Blocker is turned off, then why keep Firefox crashes? It's very frustrating!


Options > Advanced - General - accessibility

[] Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page.

If it is selected, click it to remove the check mark.

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  • How can I stop Firefox from blocking a Java applet on a website that I trust?

    I'm trying to run an application that displays the competing routes during an orienteering event. My problem is that Firefox is blocking the Java applet. I get a window saying "blocked by security settings Application. Your security settings have blocked an app to run with a precarious jre or has expired. »

    I tried to look at the Firefox Help on "How to enable Java if it's been blocked", but it does not help. He's talking about by clicking on the Red plugin icon in the address bar, but it is not a plugin red icon in the address bar.

    The application is It worked when I used it last Sunday.

    Help, please!

    Hello, this warning does not firefox but the java plugin itself - please update your plugins.

    more information about the java security settings are also available to oracle support:

  • How can I stop firefox from auto registration of nicknames for various websites? I don't want them not to remember for reseasons of security

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    Article control if Firefox automatically fills in forms information on deleting saved entries and prevent the browser from remembering the form entries in the future.

  • How can I stop firefox from the offer to remember my passwords?

    I don't want ANY program to offer to remember my password. Ask Firefox several TIMES to remember this information anywhere, anytime, that I connect to work or personal sites. I'm quite capable of remembering my own passwords, and the pop up key icon is really very annoying. How can I stop this feature?

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  • Hello, my name is Haysly Wells. I am buying a new comouter, and I intend to give the one I currently use for my little brother. How can I stop Firefox from automatically using my usernames and passwords on websites such as Yahoo?

    Firefox remembers my logins and passwords for some sites like Yahoo. How can I disable it, so that other users cannot access my emails?

    To clear your saved passwords, go to the Options of Firefox dialog box, click Security in the top and you will see the options about your saved passwords. You can click on the button 'saved passwords... '. "to manage and delete them.

    You can also clear your cookies and other data with the dialog clear recent history, using the drop-down menu to select the entire document and do not forget to click the details arrow to choose exactly what you want deleted.

    If it is not obvious how to find the Options dialog box and the dialog clear recent history, they are both under the Tools menu, if you showed your menu bar, or are in the main menu of Firefox as Options or history > clear recent history.

    Edit: well, I did not notice first that your operating system is Linux Mint 10. Your Options dialog is actually in Edition > Preferences.

  • How can I stop firefox from opening a tab in Tools/Options

    Firefox 38.0.1

    Suddenly instead of an open box now I have an open tab when I go in Tools/Options - how can I recover the box and the aperture stop tab, I'd rather be able to see my tab running below the box in Tools/Options, and now I can't. This makes things very difficult.

    Hi, FredMcD advice is what you need: you can return to the old window Options by: Type Subject: config in the address bar, press ENTER, accept the warning, scroll to browser.preferences.inContent and double-click on it to change the "value" from true to False, taking care to not to change what anyone else. You will then need to restart Firefox.

    If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

  • How can I stop Firefox from sinking my IP when I use the proxy settings?

    So basically I use settings from manual proxy on Firefox from time to time to be more anonymous. These proxies are normally rather slow (but hey, it's the price for you to pay for anonymity). Sometimes I'll see a sudden leap of speed. I suspected that the proxy may not work for some reason any. So, I use a website that tells you that your IP address is to see if the proxy settings are really working. Of course when I update the site it gives me my real IP. I have check the proxy settings and it turns out that the browser was restored to use the proxy settings of the system (for some reason that is the default instead of no proxy). This happens randomly and why not apparently when I use the Manual proxy settings and it flees my IP every time that happens (and I never know when it does, unless I am very attentive). Is it possible to prevent him from returning to the system without no reason proxy settings? BTW, I tested the proxy in question after what is happening so it still works which preclude the possibility of the proxy does not (even if that were the case, I'd rather my IP don't Connect at all that the leak). So yes, any help in getting it to stop doing that would be nice.

    Hi internetman, in your system more than details it shows as active. It may or may not be something, but try to disable in case it makes a difference.

  • How can I stop Firefox from Internet Explorer?

    When I turn on my computer, first page Firefox starts. I would like to be able to start Firefox when I choose. How can I disable this feature.
    I use Microsoft with Internet Explorer.

    Start > programs > startup = Firefox right click on this file and select delete

  • How can I stop Firefox from closing of tabs or sessions automatically?

    If I have one session open Firefox invites you to recover the previous session but with 2 windows, which sometimes happens with some tabs from infinity that I don't care, the last window is saved (the one with 5 tabs instead of one with 165 tabs) and I lose my entire browsing history. This question actually forced me to swap browsers repeatedly by pure frustration about the loss of research. I use TooManyTabs to save some but it becomes so tedious to manage in this elsewhere, even with tab groups, my navigation is non-linear and does not always follow a set of rules, you can group easily to do its usually the pages more valuable I lose links to. He must really be a solution for this.

    ~ FireMonkey

    Good to hear you get this window.

    I do not envy the UI designers, trying to make things more and more visible with less space. And when they create Adaptive UIS that seems to read your mind, it's scary.

    It might be a good idea after the restoration of a session the first time to open a help page explaining how to use the history menu to restore more windows and tabs. The problem with single pages is that no one seems to remember them when they need it. Sigh.

  • How can I stop firefox from asking me to connect to sync

    I like to use sync but I want to only use it WHEN I want to use. I don't have Firefox ask me whenever I open it, to log synchronization (Sync met an error during the synchronization... will automatically try again...) "whenever I open Firefox.

    Is there a way to stop this annoying warning and return just signature when I want to?
    It becomes too much like Google Chrome - where they force you to do things their way instead of letting things like please.
    Using the latest Firefox.

    I have added that the preferences of Site to make you aware what is involved with this point in time.
    I don't think it applies to synchronization, but you shouldn't remove the passwords.
    Passwords would only be saved if you click the button in the doorhanger that appears if you enter a name and a password you asking if you want to remember the password.
    If you remove the tick on remember passwords in "tools > Options > Security" while Firefox will not be asked to register a new password, so you can try this setting to see if it works with synchronization.

  • How can I stop FireFox from running at startup?

    Need to stop to run at startup of FireFox. It slows down my computer starts.

    It works the same on the two operating systems, or you can use the Start Menu > windows Defender > Options > startup programs

  • How can I stop firefox from automatically suggest popular searches when I type in the url bar?

    When I start typing in the url for that bar he used to AutoComplete my most used address. Now, the first thing it comes up with is a list of popular searches. for example, I type "tw" and he used to AutoComplete to "" now the first thing that comes up is twitter. How stop these search suggestions and return to the AutoComplete method?

    I should mention that this only started happening with the latest update of Firefox. It seems that this would not likely to solve the problem and that it is quite dramatic in a first time...

  • How can I stop firefox from going derectly on the site? I want to go to google.

    Can someone please. Whenever I search it takes me on the site. I want to be able to search and go to google.

    I want to be able to search the Web directly from the address bar. Just type your search terms and press ENTER. Firefox will take you to the Google search results page.
    I want to be able to do this.

  • How can I stop Firefox from loading automatically when I start my computer?

    Some time ago I set up Windows for Outlook and Firefox open automatically when I connect. Now, I want to stop FF to open automatically. I went in the startup folder and deleted the shortcut to FF several times but he returns. I changed the name of Mozilla Firefox in Windows programs to xxMozilla Firefox directory and has no stop from loading. If necessary, I'll take off my computer completely FF, but I prefer not to do that.

    Hi burtw,

    This isn't really a Firefox problem per say, but more a question of Windows. You'll probably look at the research in places like:

    Hope this helps!

  • How can I stop Firefox from loading a page of Options?

    Starting in the past 2-3 days, whenever I start up Firefox as my default browser, with Google as my default search engine, I did for as long as I can remember, a second page load. It's called 'Options', and this is the URL:

    Subject: preferences #general

    It may be useful, but I don't want to see it every time I start Firefox.
    I tried the solution suggested by other users within the ' topic: config "but that has not worked.

    Thanks for your help. It's not life-changing, but it's boring.

    John Brougher

    Favorite and use this.
    Download the Mozilla search reset {web link}
    This module is very simple: when installing, it backs up
    and then resets your search and home page preferences
    at their default values and then to uninstall. This
    affects the search bar, search bar URL, and the home page.

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