How can I stop firefox to automatically back up

I want to stop Firefox update automatically, I don't want to upgrade my version


To stop your browser up to date automatically, follow these steps:
At the top right of your browser click the menu button, it is characterized by three horizontal lines. Click this button and find the menu options, it will look like a gear or a wheel. Once you have selected 'options' a series of menus will appear on the left side of your screen, you should see an entitles "general" and so on. Click on the "Advanced" menu At the top, you will see several options of "general" for "certificates". You want to select the option "update." There will be a section devoted to the update of Firefox. You probably have the automatic update box checked, uncheck this and select "check for updates but let me choose whether to install them. Close your browser to save your changes and reopen. Automatic updates should now be disabled.

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  • Hello, my name is Haysly Wells. I am buying a new comouter, and I intend to give the one I currently use for my little brother. How can I stop Firefox from automatically using my usernames and passwords on websites such as Yahoo?

    Firefox remembers my logins and passwords for some sites like Yahoo. How can I disable it, so that other users cannot access my emails?

    To clear your saved passwords, go to the Options of Firefox dialog box, click Security in the top and you will see the options about your saved passwords. You can click on the button 'saved passwords... '. "to manage and delete them.

    You can also clear your cookies and other data with the dialog clear recent history, using the drop-down menu to select the entire document and do not forget to click the details arrow to choose exactly what you want deleted.

    If it is not obvious how to find the Options dialog box and the dialog clear recent history, they are both under the Tools menu, if you showed your menu bar, or are in the main menu of Firefox as Options or history > clear recent history.

    Edit: well, I did not notice first that your operating system is Linux Mint 10. Your Options dialog is actually in Edition > Preferences.

  • How can I stop Firefox open automatically at startup since the last update on the Macintosh under Tiger?

    Firefox will automatically launch at startup every time. I don't want it. If I want, I'll click. I'm not on the internet every time I start my computer and do not have to wait FOR it to start so I can leave. I don't know why she does - never done before - and it's EXTREMELY annoying! Help! I'm on a Macintosh running with Tiger OS.

    It is a setting of Mac.

    1. Click accounts (in the line of the System Preferences window system)
    2. Click the login items tab
    3. Click on Firefox in the list of applications
    4. Click on the "-" symbol
  • How can I stop firefox from automatically suggest popular searches when I type in the url bar?

    When I start typing in the url for that bar he used to AutoComplete my most used address. Now, the first thing it comes up with is a list of popular searches. for example, I type "tw" and he used to AutoComplete to "" now the first thing that comes up is twitter. How stop these search suggestions and return to the AutoComplete method?

    I should mention that this only started happening with the latest update of Firefox. It seems that this would not likely to solve the problem and that it is quite dramatic in a first time...

  • How can I stop Firefox update automatically?

    When FF starts, I get a popup permissions administrator asking me to run Firefox Software Updater - every time. This, despite the fact that I have all the updates turned off under Tools > Options > advanced > update. Execution of Win8 FF28 with no. DIDN'T go to FF30 while being fully aware of the potential security risks.

    Thank you. But this option will not prevent the problem from happening... as I said before, I've tried. Thanks anyway. Suspect that it is because it has already downloaded update and it fires to be there. Looked inside the FF updates folder and discovered a folder with the alphanumeric name, "E7CF176E110C211B." Concluded that, by removing this entire folder (all of the content of the update folder), the problem has been resolved. c:/users / < username > / AppData/Local/Mozilla/updates

  • I don't want to upgrade to 7.0, I attend college online, and the update version does not work with my school. How can I stop Firefox upgrade? I have to keep uninstalling the upgrade and install the old.

    How can I stop Firefox automatically upgrade? My college online is not compatible with the upgraded version. I have to keep a new uninstall and reinstall the old.

    Tools > Options > advanced > update

    Uncheck the box automatically updates to Firefox.

  • How can I stop FireFox update?

    I'm a web developer. I need to keep several versions of the major browsers to test against. I maintain Mozilla 6 on my desk, but I intend to keep Mozilla 5 on my laptop and version 4 on a virtual computer. This morning Firefox on mt laptop computer updated itself, and I have to through the process of reinstalling version 5 everywhere again. While I appreciate your efforts to maintain a version, make my job easier, I still need to test against older versions. How can I stop Firefox update?

    You can find the settings of update here:

    • Tools > Options > advanced > update: "automatically check updates":
    • Press F10, or press the Alt key to bring up the 'Menu Bar' temporarily if the menu bar is hidden.
    • Use "Firefox > Options" instead of "tools > Options" If the menu bar is hidden.
  • How can I stop Firefox asking me to share my position whenever I visit a new page, after I repeatedly answered never share my position?

    How can I stop Firefox asking me to share my position whenever I visit a new page, after I repeatedly answered never share my position?

    Hello mick99, you can disable the feature of geo-location in general: enter Subject: config in the address bar of firefox (confirmed the message information where it appears), search for the preference named geo.enabled and double click on & change its value to false.

  • Firefox continues to try to update each time I open the browser, and it then puts a message saying update failed. It does this on both of my computers. The most recent version, the other does not. How can I stop Firefox to do this?

    Firefox continues to try to update each time I open the browser, and it then puts a message saying update failed. It does this on both of my computers. We already have the latest version, the other does not. How can I stop Firefox to do this?

    If there are problems with the implementation at day then best is to download the full version and uninstall the currently installed version and remove the Firefox program folder to remove all remaining files.

    Download a new copy of Firefox and save the file to the desktop.

    Uninstall your current version of Firefox, if possible.

    • Do NOT remove the data of a personal nature when you uninstall the current version or you lose your bookmarks and other data, because all profile files will be deleted.

    Delete the program folder Firefox before installing newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.

    Your bookmarks and other profile data stored in the Firefox profile folder and will not be affected by a relocation, but make sure that you do not select delete data of a personal nature if you uninstall Firefox.

  • How can I stop firefox keep my email and facebook online password?

    How can I stop firefox keep my email and facebook online password?

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    is last week

    Tools > Options > Security > then remove the check mark next to «do not forget passwords for sites»

  • Media Player Windows XP automatically wrong info for my titles. How can I stop all the automatic update of news media?

    Windows XP Media Player is automatically putting the wrong info for my pieces for example the name of the album and the cover.

    How can I stop all the automatic update of news media?

    Windows XP, the version of Windows Media player to date. ' Retrieve additional information on the internet "is not checked.

    "Rearrange music in rip music folder, using rip music settings" is not checked

    "Keep my ratings stars as global ratings in files" is unchecked

    "Maintaining the codecs automatically" is unchecked.

    Under Privacy Options, everything is disabled except "set clock on devices automatically.

    Thank you for your help in this endevor.


    1 how long have you been faced with this problem?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?
    3. what version of windows media player do you use?

    Try the fix tool in the following article and verify.
    Solve the problems of Windows Media Player video and other media or library

    See also:
    Resources for the resolution of problems in Windows Media Player

  • How can I stop firefox new tab switching when opening bookmarks in a new tab

    When I open a link in a new tab, that it does not automatically to it. I had to reinstall firefox to prevent switch to new tabs automatically be checked because it didn't happen in any case. Now that when I open a bookmard in a new tab it always switches to the new tab, and I don't want it. Why is he doing this with the option off and a new facility with no. Add ons any? And how can I stop?

    Try to set the Boolean pref browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground true on the topic: config page.

  • How can I stop Firefox telling me to update?

    I keep getting pop up windows to update Firefox 3.6.18 for mac os x. The problem is that the new version does not open when I try to get a glimpse of a web page in Dreamweaver. Firefox has not always have this problem. The latest version of Firefox work properly was 3.5.16 which I still use only because it works. How can I stop popups of update of Firefox because since Firefox seems to have no intention to deal with or solve the problem of Dreamweaver, I have no intend to upgrade.

    See Update Firefox to the latest version. Section How to configure update options? explains how to disable the automatic update checking.

  • How can I stop Firefox ask for my password all the time?

    Each time my computer (Windows 10) passes to the screensaver, and I go back to him, but my password. How can I stop this?

    It's the computer asking password. No Firefox. You can set the screen saver to ask for your ID or not.

  • How can I stop Firefox change my title bar?

    It's frustrating and time - there must be something I've missed to make it stop. With each and every update - Firefox decides I want really different buttons in my bar tools/title bar. It's just crazy, if I wanted the Hello button I would add it. Even with all the other buttons it think I want. How can I stop?

    The title bar is disabled by default. Please provide a screenshot of [with an arrow to] that you refer.

    It is best to use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot and make sure that you do not exceed a maximum file size of 1 MB.
    Then use the Browse .... button below the Post a Reply text box to upload the screenshot.

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